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Happy Saturday: Lower Blood Sugar and Hockey Game

We went for a drive to Sauvie Island today -- Marilyn was hoping Kruger Farm would be open, but it's too soon. She's out of her Candied Jalapenos (it's Kruger's brand) and she was hoping to get more... I don't think they open again until April (but I could be wrong). There's no way to tell by going to their website, which hasn't been updated since November (!!!).

It was nice to have the ride, anyway!

We stopped briefly at Safeway and pick up a few things, including olives, Gouda cheese, peanuts in the shell and yogurt. We've given up sweets/carbs for Lent, so we're trying to keep healthy snacks around.

Today I took my first ever Levothyroxine (generic for Levothroid) to treat my Hypothyroidism. You take it on an empty stomach (no food for an hour afterward), so I took it first thing today when we got up.

By the way, we were up in the middle of the night for hours (!!!), then we went to bed and slept in late. So I didn't take the pill until 11:30.

We had bacon (no toast) for breakfast this morning -- but not until 12:30. (smile)

We took a nap when we got back from our ride to Sauvie Island. We wanted to get some rest before going out tonight. When Marilyn woke me up, I was pretty out of it. So I went upstairs and checked my blood. The result was 65!!! I haven't had a low result in just ages, so this must absolutely be a result of taking the new medication! Yes, we're eating better (and less), but I'd had plenty of food today. (We ate after getting home from our ride.)

This is a really good sign, considering I've been worried about high results for several months now. I had to drink some orange juice and eat something before we could leave, but it was okay.

Anyway, I got dressed in a hurry and we took off for the hockey game (seeing the Portland Winterhawks play at the Rose Garden -- now called Moda Center. We got there just before the game started, but were in line to get beer and popcorn as it did start. We actually missed the first goal! But beer was essential to this experience. (smile)

Our festival clowns were everywhere, representing us. Very cool!

We had great seats and many of our staff and their families were there. We drank our beer and snacked on our popcorn while watching. The Winterhawks are a really good team (the Champions last year), but Marilyn and I are really not hockey fans. Still, we stuck around for awhile and got to see them get another goal, which was cool.

After hearing them pimp out the festival, we stayed a bit longer, then headed for home. We were glad we'd gone, but happy to get home.

Tonight we watched the remake of "The Longest Yard." (We're huge fans of the original "The Longest Yard" with Burt Reynolds -- we were glad they included him in the cast of the remake.) For those who don't know, Adam Sandler played Paul Crewe in the remake, the role Burt Reynolds originally played. If you've never seen this movie, I highly recommend it. We enjoyed the remake quite a bit, but he original is still tops with us. (grin)

Well, there's more to share, but we're headed to bed soon. I'll try to post more tomorrow!


Really Tired.

I'm so tired tonight that I almost skipped blogging. But so much happened today that I wouldn't let myself do that...

We had our last Staff meeting until after the festival this morning.

I got a good start on the eNewsletter banner -- but not on the actual coding of the Copy! (sigh)

Noon-ish we went to Pioneer Courthouse Square where the Winterhawks (ice hockey team) was celebrating winning the championship this past Sunday. And where we announced (Jeff, Jeff and Todd on stage) that the Winterhawks will be the grand marshals of the Starlight Parade! Rich and I hung out together. He was working with the Winterhawks people to coordinate our participation -- and I was there to get some photos. I can't recall who all ended up there. But I do know Ashley, Megan and Christine were there, too. Marilyn had another appointment and couldn't make it.

Donn came in just past 9:00 -- he'd have been in earlier, but spent the night with Denise in the hospital (!!!). She had a serious bladder infection, poor thing -- and Donn was dragging from lack of sleep! But you really couldn't tell that -- he put in a long, hard day.

Basically with the juice not going on in the park for hours, it put the whole WiFi setup behind. Donn was there most of the day. He did go out and purchase security cables to lock down the two laptops for CityFair. And it was fortunate I brought another laptop from home in to the office, as Jeff came to me about a computer for on-site accounting (!!!).

I showed Caroll the interesting aspects of using Windows 8. She'll do fine. And got her a jump drive to use. I also got Shelley a jump drive to use and gave her the second computer.

I did some changes at the website and spoke with Mark (who works for Rick) about the phones. He's coming in first thing tomorrow to get things done and (hopefully!) finally solve the phone problem. It's close to THREE MONTHS now that we've had issues... (sigh)

By the way, Marilyn and I were at work just past 7:00 a.m. this morning. And left work around 8:00-ish. Early enough to stop on the way home and pick up my prescriptions (and Marilyn's). I had a total of EIGHT there. (yikes)

Dinner was refried bean tacos and celery.

Tomorrow sister Sue and I are going to Costco in the morning. Then I'll need to spend the rest of the day finishing up the eNewsletter...

I probably should go to work on Thursday -- so I can attend the photo meeting that morning. I wanted to go to sister Sue's and mess with her computers. I guess I'll have to think it over and decide which I'll do...

I'm sure there's more, but I'm too tired to remember right now. I must sleep, so I'll close for now...

Friday is the Expo and Sunday is the Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon -- so it all starts THIS WEEK (!!!). Yes, I'm in denial. There's so much to get done!!! And as I said, we took the park today. A good portion of the setup will be done by Friday (and finished up next week). The official opening night of CityFair is next Friday night (May 24).

I'll try to post more tomorrow...