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"Abduction" -- Saw It Again!

Wayne phoned today about going to see "Abduction" with him -- so Marilyn, Sue and I went to meet him and we four saw the movie (a second time for Marilyn, Sue and me).

Wayne, too, really enjoyed it, by the way!

We did go shopping today, but that's about it. We had a fairly quiet day.

The weather here was much better than predicted. We had a little rain, but not much.

Anyway, a nice Sunday!

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Festival Japan, the Chinook Canoe and Fun in Seaside, Oregon

Just a quick update -- this was an amazingly fun day!

Marilyn, sister Sue and I spent the day with friend Wayne. He and Sue meet us at our house, then we drove out to attend Festival Japan. I got a lot of great photos (but haven't downloaded them, yet).

Marilyn had heard that William Clark's descendants (as in Lewis and Clark) were going to replace a stolen tribal canoe today to the Chinook tribe. As I've mentioned before, our family is part Chinook on my father's side. Anyway, we really wanted to go and see the canoe, so we drove up to Cape Disappointment and ended up at Fort Columbia (in Washington state). It was an invitation-only event, but they kindly let us go over to see and photograph the canoe. We were all really moved!

Afterwards they even invited us to join their feast, but we declined to crash. It was enough to see the canoe!

From there we headed to Seaside, Oregon, where we had a lovely dinner on Marilyn at Norma's -- great food!

The entire drive both there and home again was a blast, by the way. We conversed and laughed so hard and just really enjoyed the company.

We did play a little bit of Fascination (Marilyn did the best, but we all ended up winning some). We were home by around 11:00 p.m.

Last night Marilyn, Sue and I went to see the movie "Abduction," with Taylor Lautner. Yes, I know it's been getting bad reviews, but we all loved it -- and highly recommend giving it a chance. If you like action/adventure films, or movies that focus on young people, you're going to love this movie. We told Wayne about it, and he now wants to go see it -- so we'll probably all go to see it. We think it's worth a second viewing, for sure.

Watching SNL and enjoying it, but certainly ready for bed soon. It's been a long, busy day!

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Website and Coding? All Day Long...

Yes, I did spend almost the entire day (until now) working on the new website.

I 'broke' it pretty bad at one point (sigh), and had a hell of a time getting it back to where it had been! That's what happens when you have multiple versions of a style sheet and webpage -- and you over-write your work. (yikes) Yes, I do know better, but after hours and hours (and hours) of coding, sometimes you get sloppy...

Happily, I got to tell Mike it went Live today -- and could be unveiled tomorrow night at the Alumni Dinner. He said I'd made his day (smile), so that's good enough for me. Of course, he hasn't seen it yet, so whether or not he'll like the final product is anybody's guess!

Determination (stubbornness?) won the day for me -- because I just kept plugging away. It's funny how you can write the style sheet and think you're happy with it, then decide to toss out large sections and re-write. When you tweak as you go (as I often do), this is how it works. I might think I know exactly what I want when I start a site, but I almost always make changes when I see the genuine article taking shape.

I did do some IT stuff, by the way -- so my entire day wasn't just web stuff. But close!

Sister Sue seemed a bit better today. Marilyn went with her to the doctor, who addressed some issues that Marilyn had researched and brought up to us last week! Sue was really impressed that Marilyn seemed to know what was what before the doctor did (!!!), anyway. You know what? I'm impressed, too!

Sue and I will go to the Dinner tomorrow evening together, as Marilyn has a meeting she can't miss (she'll join us late). Mike promised me he'd have a chair for Sue to sit down the minute we get there, thankfully. I'm sure he'll come through -- that's how he is.

I'm taking along a laptop and setting it up to display the website -- IF anyone really wants to see it, that is. Mike thinks they will, but who knows?

Social time starts at 5:00 and the dinner starts at 6:00. No, I don't know what I'm wearing yet... (big sigh)

Well, I need to finish up the garbage and recycling, so I'm off.

Marilyn and I are excited about Taylor Lautner's new movie -- and seeing him all over TV right now. Yes, we're big fans. But how can you not like the guy? He's so articulate and charming...

Guess where we'll be Friday night? (grin)

Levi did come and put our 'broken' cabinet back up again today. So I've put away some of the dishes that 'survived' the crash -- and it's nice getting them out of the way! He's such a nice young man -- a perfect match for the lovely Ashley! What wonderful people they are.

I'm loving working with my friend Donn. He sent such a thoughtful and well-written email to me today in preparation for the 2012 IT Budget. And he did the research while in pain from his recent surgery. Pretty impressive!

A final note: I HATE the changes at Facebook!!! And I do mean hate. I don't know what they were thinking. Frankly, this isn't about me. Yes, I'm able to reason out how these things work -- I mean, it's what I do, after all. But the same isn't true for many of my family, friends and associates! Why make it so hard for people? Not everyone wants to learn something new all the time. And a lot of people just aren't capable of doing so. Plus it's R-E-A-L-L-Y--S-L-O-W to use, which is no fun!

And as Marilyn and I discussed, if you have a lot of friends you want to follow (like me), it's not an easy thing to check on them! There also appear to be some bugs (if you removed your birthday from view, apparently you can't get it back up again...), surprise.

Well, on that note, good night all!