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August 8, Revenge Fans (Hahaha) -- Missed Mentioning Dad's Bday

Dad's birthday was August 6 (this past Sunday). Had he lived, he would have turned 97 this year. He actually passed back in 1998. You can read more about him HERE if you're interested...

For any "Revenge" fans, today was a big deal day in the fandom. Original it was the wedding of Emily and Daniel. Later it was the wedding of Amanda (Emily) and Jack. 8/8 -- get it? Infinity times infinity. Anyway...

I stayed home today -- Marilyn went back to work (of course). Hard to face coming back after vacation. She's always swamped with emails and meetings and people needing her time. It must be exhausting!!!

In the meantime, I was dealing with Donn's and my problem with Symantec -- the antivirus we've been using for long before I took over IT for the festival.

Donn finally talked to a couple of manager-level support people who basically told him they weren't really invested in keeping us as clients and would not offer us better support. We're too small a client and don't pay enough to matter to them. Are you kidding me???

Yes, we're a non-profit and a very small organization. But we're a festival known around the world! We're one of the top festivals in the world according to our peers. And we have the single largest one-day event in the entire Pacific Northwest annually. So it's not like people don't know us. And there are many who care what we have to say.

I feel this attitude should probably be taken online and shared. As should our recent issues with the service. We've had loads of trouble and they've been extremely remiss in helping us to fix the issue! It's been expensive and time-consuming. And we really can't afford the terrible cost.

Donn and I went back and forth about it for hours today. And then I brought Kris into the mix and he and I went back and forth, too.

More about it after Kris meets with me later this week...

But for the record, Symantec sucks. If you have a choice, I highly recommend you DO NOT select their service for your antivirus. And the sad part? Until recently I would have said exactly the opposite! I was especially impressed by this latest version of the software and service. But if you can't adequately support your product in a cost-effect fashion, then all the impressive bells and whistles in the world don't matter!

I've got TWO MACHINES sitting in the office that we CANNOT USE right now. And we're discussing whether or not they need to be reformatted and started up from scratch, which takes a lot of time and my limited IT budget to accomplish. Otherwise we need to find some way to make Symantec work that doesn't cost hours and hours (expensive hours) of my assistant's time! Screwed both directions, apparently.

Aside from this, Marilyn wanted me to give her Bill Zapp's phone number so Marcia could contact him. Well, good luck with that! When he and I last talked, he was getting ready to sell his house. He had retired from his business (which he owned). I don't know where he was moving to. Anyway, his phone has been disconnected. He never had a cell that I knew about previously. I have his address before the move and his name and the name of his wife and two of his grandkids. And I spent more than an hour trying to 'find' him again online, but it was impossible!

There doesn't seem to be any way to locate people anymore. You used to list your phone and it included your address and people looked in the phone book and found you. There is no modern equivalent. If you're worried about your privacy, you can stop. Seriously!

And I read a long article telling you to NEVER EVER pay for information online about anyone! I had several opportunities, but figured they would just give me the old phone number I have now, which doesn't work...

We dashed out tonight and got coffee -- it's terrible to be out of coffee!!! And a slice of cake and a big slice of cornbread. And kitty litter and a couple of big bottles of water. Plus paper towels. I use so many of those I'm always running out.

I did speak briefly to sister Sue. She had told us when we last talked that her phone wasn't working. So I didn't try calling her on it until today. Then when I didn't reach her, I sent a text to her son Larry, and she called me shortly after that. She had no clue what I meant about her phone -- but she's the one who told Marilyn and me that it wasn't working! Oh well.

She had asked Candy to take her back home, but Candy told her to wait a few more days. We're still having hot weather.

Oh!!! Marilyn said her office was actually COLD today! We had issues with the office AC recently. It totally froze -- and leaked into the women's bathroom! (That was last Friday.) But Toby fixed it. And now Marilyn's office is cold and not hot. Go figure...

Bedtime! Sleep well, friends!

Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 - Catching Up!

Hard to believe I haven't blogged since Wednesday! I've just been really, really TIRED each night since then. By the way, tonight is the same (I'm yawning as I type this)...

Thursday, July 27
I worked on Thursday. Marilyn and I got in to the office before 9:00, as we had a meeting at Starbucks with Rich at 9:00 a.m.

It was SO GOOD to see Rich! Gosh, I've missed him. Marilyn had hot tea and it caused another flare-up of her IBS, I'm afraid. After our meeting we two walked back to the office and Marilyn drove directly home to have a bath.

I had plenty to keep me busy! I was again having both Donn and Kris in the office. Prior to that, I needed to grant drive access to several people using QuickBooks. We keep QuickBooks on a locked drive, so most people in the office can't touch that drive.

I had thought I'd finished granting access, but it's two-fold. It's interesting how many times that's true! You think you've gone on the Server and done some task, but it's so complicated and convoluted that you haven't finished it. (sigh) Ignore me. I'm just annoyed that I didn't get it finished the first time around! But my notes were incomplete, apparently, so now those NOTES are in order -- and the issue is resolved.

So part of what I supposedly needed Kris to do I had done before he got there...

Meanwhile, Donn was in to work with Symantec. Here's my unhappiness with Symantec, by the way!!! They have pretty much the WORST support around. And I deal with a lot of bad support from a lot of companies, so that's saying something. We pay quite a bit for the software and service, so I expect to get the level support we need every single time we contact them! Donn is an extra expense, and he should be able to work through this stuff quickly. Can he? No, thanks to Symantec!!! He starts with level one people and has to go through the entire process of working to someone who can actually HELP HIM to resolve things. I'm so unhappy this time that I'm going to consider changing to a different antivirus -- even though we've been using them for ages... (sigh)

Donn had to come in specifically to deal with Symantec on BOTH Thursday AND Friday! That was hours of his time. Highly annoying. And even Kris was trying to assist him at one point!!! No, I'm not kidding!

Marilyn managed to make it to her doctor appointment on Thursday (it was at 11:00 a.m.). She had a good appointment and they dealt with a lot of things. She got an EKG while she was there and they really reviewed her charts. I'm so pleased to hear this! Her knee is finally improving. And her blood pressure is better, thankfully. (It was very high on Monday.)

She stayed home after that while I did my thing at the office. I had plenty to work on (as always!).

Kris did his thing and Donn quit around 4:30 (planning to finish on Friday, as I already mentioned). They both offered to drive me home so Marilyn wouldn't need to come back, but she did return in the afternoon, anyway.

My meeting with Megan (the new RHSAA webmaster) went extremely well!!! I really like her. And she knows her stuff, too. I was happy to pass on the entire website to her (via jump drive) and encourage her. And told her I'd be here for her if she needs any help.

Eventually Marilyn and I headed home. Traffic out of downtown Portland is AWFUL. Even late at night! I can't even express how bad it is. But we finally got home...

And Thursday was garbage night, so I took care of that, of course. Saw a raccoon when putting stuff out, so I gave him a can of sardines and a can of cat food. He was pretty hungry and ate it all. I was glad about having cleaned out the bowls, so I could have fresh water out there for him (raccoons love water!). All the birds and critters are thirsty in this heat.

Friday, July 28
I worked from home on Friday. I was wrapped up quite a bit in Donn's issue with Symantec. And doing some other stuff Remotely. It kept me busy, that's for sure!

Did some work in my bedroom...

Spent a bunch of time on Apps on my iPad. I was having issues with gmx and couldn't seem to resolve it. (sigh) It was working fine on my iPhone, though. Go figure.

I added the Google Docs App to my iPad. Not that long ago I added Google Calendar. I'm trying to get used to using them. The Docs App is missing some features you normally have when using it on a computer, which is annoying as all get out! (Like creating folders.) But I'll figure it out sooner or later, I'm sure.

We watched a bunch of Star Trek, as usual. (smile)

Oh! Spoke briefly with sister Sue -- she was at her cribbage tournament in Sunnyside.

Satuday, July 29
Slept in today.

I keep forgetting to mention that I'm having a bunch of blood sugar lows recently. Not sure why. Maybe I'm not eating enough, as I haven't been all that hungry for the most part.

Marilyn and I drove out for Starbucks. We were going to take a drive, but had second thoughts in light of her recent flare-up. So we came back home.

We spent a lot of time playing Solitaire on our iPads. (smile) Very challenging version we've both been doing, so we feel it requires a lot of concentration.

We needed to go shopping but didn't feel like it. Tomorrow is soon enough.

We did our usual METV watching in the evening. The Svengoolie movie was quite good -- and we'd never seen it before! I made popcorn. And Batman was good (a first season episode). That Adam West is so hot. (whew)

Forcing myself to catch up tonight. My eyes have been bothering me all day. Marilyn's, too. We both think we're 'cycling' (we would be having our monthly time if we were young enough, hahaha) -- and that always effects the actual SHAPE of a woman's eyes! Bet you didn't know that, right? Hahaha. (Well, what am I saying??? I suppose most women know it!)

I'm enough out of it to be making a bunch of typos and spelling things wrong. Good grief. It's clearly time for bed!

Good night!!!
autumn cobweb

Pioneer Bazaar and Cousin Linda

We had fog this morning and it was chilly again. But the days have been nice this week and quite warm. I've gone without a jacket most of the time.

Marilyn headed to work planning to come home around noon.

I did some things here at home. And I chatted with Adeena and caught her up on what's been going on lately.

Then I took my shower. I was just getting ready to dry my hair when Marilyn got home. So I continued getting ready, then we were off to the Pioneer Methodist bazaar. We stopped on the way so I could take out cash (nobody at this bazaar can take credit).

Cousin Linda was there and greeted us the minute we arrived. It had been months since we'd seen her, so it was nice to finally have the chance again. And Jim was there, too, working in the kitchen as he always does.

Linda had eaten, but joined us for coffee while we ate. We had their wonderful egg salad sandwiches and coffee and started visiting with people there (we've known many of them since childhood, as this was our church from the time we were born).

Oh! And when I saw they had homemade soup, I got a bowl and ate half of that, too. I love homemade soup!!!

I got up and started shopping, getting several autumn/Thanksgiving items for decorating. And I got some new potholders (which I really needed!). I kept going back to the table where Marilyn was talking to Linda and others and joining in the conversation.

There was an artist there who had items with the St. Johns bridge on them -- so I had Marilyn check it out. She liked the bags, so I bought her one. (She's always buying me things, so it was nice to get HER something for a change!)

We had to leave so she could get back to work, but we had Linda walk us out. We didn't see her for her birthday back in September, and we wanted to give her some cash as a gift. We took some pictures of each of us with her, then we drove home so Marilyn could drop me off.

Sister Sue called me in the afternoon. She had come by Pioneer to see if we were there, but too late.

I asked her about her appointment, and she said they hadn't been able to take her for the echocardiogram. But she was able to get her bloodwork done.

I told her I would call and find out WHY they hadn't been able to do it when she had an appointment. So I did, and was told she was a 'no show.' I don't know if she slept in and didn't get up in time, got confused about the time and missed it or what. The woman I spoke to was kind, saying these things happen -- and tried to set a new appointment. But as the doctor appointment is Monday morning and her doctor had wanted to have the results by then, I didn't think there was much point...

Marilyn and I discussed it, of course. We have no clue why Sue felt it necessary to lie to me about not going to the appointment -- especially when it was so easy to discover she'd blown it off. I didn't bother calling her back to discuss it, but I imagine Marilyn will do that when she takes her to see Dr. Markin on Monday morning. (It's hard for Marilyn to try and manage Sue's health if Sue isn't willing to tell her the truth about things.)

I went out and used Uncle Al's push broom (it's very big and very old) to clean the leaves off the sidewalk. When Marilyn finally saw the yard in the light today she mentioned all the leaves that were down again. Hahaha.

I also did the treadmill for ten minutes. Ten minutes isn't very long, but it's ten minutes more than I've been doing, anyway. Hahaha.

I also did a load of dishes. And something that's REALLY NEEDED doing! I used a couple of different cleaning agents to scrub our kitchen sink. I don't know WHY, but it's been terribly stained for months and months. And I've tried dozens of times to get it clean, to no avail. But I really stuck with it today, and it looks a ton better! It's an old, old sink, so there's only so much I can do. But I'm so pleased with how it looks right now! When it's stained, I just feel like it's dirty all the time, even when I clean it several times each day...

Marilyn and Jeff stopped at Darcy's on Lombard on the way home. She said she didn't even finish her beer. She hadn't wanted to go out, but didn't want to disappoint Jeff. And he didn't want to get stuck in the terrible traffic heading to Washington (where he lives). While there, she got us each a hamburger to have for dinner! They have good burgers.

Big moment today: I used a syringe (needle) to inject my insulin for the VERY FIRST TIME. Previously I had two different pens to use, both samples. I also went BACK to the original insulin from the first pen, now in vial form. (No, it's not great to be changing insulin for the third time, even if I have taken it before.) I had found a step by step chart online and used that to 'walk' myself through the process. I think it went very well. I have to admit I'm NOT sure if I'm pinching correctly (there's a wrong and right way, but I don't seem to get the difference, honestly). And how would I KNOW if I stuck myself in the muscle as opposed to the fatty area? Anyway, HOPEFULLY I'm doing it right (fingers crossed).

I was emotional again today. Insulin can cause mood swings. And I recall the first time I took this version I had mood swings and was crying for no good reason (like today). I know all this will settle down over time, so I'm not worried about it. It's just a pain right now.

Marilyn updated me about the situation with Carol's computer at work, so I spent ages on the phone with Donn today. The Symantec antivirus project has taken much, much longer than planned, and is STILL not done (!!!). Donn is going in tomorrow, so hopefully he'll finish it then. Plus it's been a lot more expensive than planned (sigh).

Donn is not at fault. This is a drastic change to Symantec this time around. And their support can't get their shit together, which is annoying.

The TWO computers that have issues are Carol's and Kate's (the seasonal employee who was Carol's assistant this year). Marilyn and I think it's CLEAR that they both used something on their computers that others in the office don't use, and this is an application conflict. Donn, however, thinks it's just a need for an uninstall and reinstall (as he was told by Symantec support). I guess we'll see tomorrow!

Marilyn had wanted to go to a bazaar tonight. But when I searched online I found this bazaar was NOT being held tonight, but during the day tomorrow. Oh well. (I did find they had it on Friday night back in 2014, though...)

I talked to June later in the day. We discussed the bazaar and these protests.

We have the funeral of Richard to attend tomorrow. He and his wife are dear friends.

I can't think what else I might be forgetting to share today. Oh, yes! I ended up getting more than 4,000 steps today. I'd love to start building up again. It's been a difficult year for me to get much exercise, but I'm optimistic that's about to change.

Yes, there were MORE protests today. And the news reported they've done a million dollars worth of destruction -- and those costs do not include all the police overtime that's been paid over this.

It's raining tonight. But it was BEAUTIFUL again today!!!

Friday nights are always fun, watching Star Trek. And we had popcorn.

Damn!!! I never DID 'stick the oil' today (or obviously yesterday). My Dad was insistent that you always needed to do it after a delivery. As if I don't trust them to give me the right amount! Hahaha. But Dad wins -- I'll do it tomorrow. We figure he's smiling down whenever I do it...

Sweet dreams, all!
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Thursday Didn't Turn Out As Expected...

First, I should mention that my prayers and good thoughts go out to friends and neighbors June and her husband Jim. June's step-sister is in hospice and not expected to live much longer...

Donn and his wife Denise are still struggling to keep their home, so prayers and good thoughts go out to them, as well...

And sister Sue was quite sick today (I suspect she was unable to attend cribbage tonight, she was so ill all day long). Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow! We were supposed to go to lunch together today, and take some things to drop off at the Goodwill, but she suddenly got sick and was miserable, poor thing!

We're hoping to go to Costco tomorrow, if she's feeling better. (But I'm not counting on it. She's had some rough times lately...) And I do need to try and pick up prescriptions that are waiting at Riteaid, if I can ever remember that. Hahaha!

Excited for our friend, Shari! She went to a Halloween party and WON the costume contest! I think that's great.

Marilyn and I ate leftovers for dinner (along with some bacon). She was hungry, so I felt pretty bad for her! I can only imagine how hungry she gets not eating all day long until evening when she has dinner. (I couldn't do it.)

I did a little bit of yard work today. I cut the branches of the tree that were hanging down into the alley. I took some of these and put them into the brick planter by the front door. I like how they look (as there's nothing planted there), plus I'm thinking we'll put our pumpkins on these for Halloween (maybe).

Then I pulled up dozens of mushrooms growing in the side yard. The branches I cut, this week's compost and the mushrooms all went into our rolling cart (green) for compost. I don't usually have enough to put it out, but the branches were too big to stuff inside June and Jim's cart.

I also did the garbage and recycling, of course, as it's real garbage week. I was just running outside with the flowers from Marilyn's huge bouquet which have finally died. We were calling the last vase of these Halloween flowers, because they looked like something the Addam's Family would have in their house. Hahaha.

I tried to get the garbage and recycling (and composting) all done BEFORE Marilyn got home from work, but failed. So I was taking a bunch of it out in the DARK AND RAIN (of course). I had good intentions, anyway. (sigh) It was dry earlier. But as Dad and I always used to say, it always rains on garbage night. (grin)

We watched "The Middle" and "American Housewife" (On Demand) from this past Tuesday (we missed both), which both had Halloween themes.

Still suffering from stomach pains again today (especially tonight). These appear to somehow be tied to the insulin. I guess it's the adjustment period, so hopefully it will improve. Right now I'm pretty tied of always being in some type of pain.

Donn and I talked REPEATEDLY today about work. He's still dealing with the Symantec antivirus situation. Plus Carol's computer is about to bite the dust. This is NOT a surprise. She's needed a new one for some time now. I guess there's really no choice, now. He's going to baby it along and see what happens. But neither of us are hopeful the current machine can be saved. It's a cluster-f, as her setup differs from everyone else and is a big PITA. (sigh)

What ELSE did I do today??? I can't seem to recall right now. I'm just tired and ready to head for bed...

Oh! We got a Halloween card from our friends Arthur and William in Massachusetts in the mail today. So nice of them.

I'm ready to give the boxed lamp/table and over-sized metal bucket both to Candy, if she wants them. Both are brand new. We bought the lamp a few years back and didn't end up using it. And the bucket was a gift we also never used. (It's to hold ice and beverages for parties. We used to have a plastic one like it years ago and it was quite handy...) Otherwise it's off to the Goodwill for both of them. I'm tired of storing them when we have such limited space in the garage. And I've been slowly trying to tidy up the garage more and more...

Well, off to bed! Sleep well, friends.
firefox, i heart firefox

Usually I 'heart' Firefox -- But NOT Today.

I'm usually pretty crazy about Firefox. But I decided to update today to version 49.0.2 -- and shortly after I had a MAJOR CRASH of my desktop (blue screen of death style). And it's still f-ed up right now. (sigh)

Thanks a TON, Firefox. (Not.)

I saw several places online where people were complaining about system crashes related to Firefox. I suppose I'll have to try and find an earlier version and revert, or not use Firefox at all. Disgusting... I don't want to deal with this right now!

And I have enough computers issues without dealing with Firefox issues, by the way.

Apparently my friend June found a really AMAZING computer guru to help her with her desktop, where she's now running Windows 10. I'm not at all familiar with Win 10, so I've been no help to her at all since she got the new OS. Well, good for her! I'm glad she has the help...

I want to go to Windows 7 here at home (finally). I'm still running Win XP. Not sure when that's going to happen, though. We're going to get all the office machines up to Win 7 fairly soon (the goal was before 2017, so there's not much time left!).

Talked to Donn a couple of times today. We're dealing with Symantec issues at the office.

Marilyn was at the office until past 9:00 tonight. She was working on Jeff's contract (it's time for him to renew). And she had a ton of other work, too. Lots of HR stuff going on...

We just went to McDonald's when she finally got home and grabbed takeout for dinner.

Loving "Designated Survivor" (which was on tonight)!!! It's our favorite new show -- and there are a number we enjoy.

Washed my hair today. Did more 'tweaking' in the garage and the kitchen, as well.

Marilyn's Fitbit isn't working -- no idea why. I guess we'll need to replace it. (sigh)

Can't think what else I'm forgetting. Oh, yeah. Got the bid on the work for the house from Hector. It's WAY, WAY HIGH. There's no way we'll be able to go with him. Now I need to get some other bids, quickly...

That's it for today, anyway.

Thursday at the Festival Office...

Marilyn was VERY SICK all night long. (I sat up with her two different times in the middle of the night.)

And she had an early morning (7:30) meeting today, so we had to get up and get ready quickly this morning...

She told me on the way to work that she felt horrible. Like the time they had to take her out of the office in an ambulance (!!!). That had me pretty worried all day long. But she had meeting on top of meeting on top of meeting! I don't know how she could even manage it. She was heroic, to say the very least.

She simply said at one point to me: You do what you have to do.

Maybe so, but she does it amazingly well!!!

I did get to go to Starbucks with Marilyn to get coffee (my beloved Flat White), once she was out of her meeting. Prior to that I was working on the News item for the website for tomorrow morning (and Rich's press release).

Today was a day of many DEADLINES (again) for me.

Mostly today I was working on the Point One Run webpage, which was brand new. I had to find a decent image to use and create a banner (shades of the old days!). Then organize the Copy and totally set up the page. Then once it was done, do the Buy > Tickets part. And set it up in the Navigation (menu) for the site. Quite an interesting project! It turned out quite well, I'm pleased to say...

Adeena and I went to the Turkey Place for lunch (she insisted on buying -- she's a very generous person). It was so packed that we brought our food back to the office and ate upstairs.

Then Adeena and I met again about the website. I think she's going to be an amazing help with it! She just really seems to grasp it so well. And there's nothing that can beat someone who can READ CODE helping out! Seriously...

Talked to Jeff about what he wanted added to the Point One Run page -- and did that finally late tonight. Hopefully he'll be pleased (and I'll add that to the Copy for tomorrow, too).

Marilyn and I did leave the office early, because she felt so ill. She just decided to skip the late afternoon meeting. But she has a CRAZY-BUSY day tomorrow! Poor thing.

Kris came by in the afternoon and we talked about IT and his life. He's starting his new sales job next Monday! I'm very happy for him.

And he's ordered the Symantec and will install it Remotely when he gets it. So that's checked off my list of To Do items.

I went through the Sanctioned Events book and marked all the one-day events. I'm having Adeena check to see which are DONE and which need to be done. And to try and get some banners going for various events (which would be a huge help!). I'd like all the Sanctioned Event pages to have the same size banners that the other pages have...

Plus we need to FIX some major pages where things have been done incorrectly. That's okay -- that's our job, after all.

I started outlining the event A Streetcar Named Desire. It would end up at least 37 (!!!) different pages (maybe more) -- and some days would have more than one performance. I think it's daunting to imagine doing. Marilyn said we should HIRE our website creators, FISH to do it. That would show us the cost of doing the work for a single large event like this. I'm all for it, needless to say!

And I said that I thought Rich had been amazing to do all this work without complaining since we dumped our other calendar (which was much easier to work with!) and went to this new, difficult version...

We just ate cheese and lunch meat for dinner tonight. She took meds and slept, and I fell asleep sitting up at one point, then finally went to lie down. I hated waking up!!!

But I had WORK to do for the office and needed to blog. Plus it's garbage night, so I need to go do that as soon as I finish up with this.

I did talk to sister Sue today. I got a call on my cell asking for 'Susan' that was some nurse trying to call her. (No idea how she got my number, but that's okay.) Sue's happy to be home!

Well, it's LATE (nearly 1:00 a.m.), and I have a LOT to do. And I'm tired. So I think I'll quit for today...

I did get more than 5,000 steps today, by the way. And my blister seems to be healing quite nicely. (I had to cut off a thick hunk of skin -- yuck! Yeah, yeah. TMI. Hahaha.)

Sleep well, friends!
rosie robot, cleaning

eNewsletter for Tomorrow, Plus Cleaning the Office Closet

I started my day working on the eNewsltter that goes out tomorrow (Thursday). This one is three items, so I'm 'cleaning up' the template for for three items. I need to clean up ALL five templates. But at least I got one done. (grin)

I made a header banner, not realizing that Marissa had already done that. And she did a good job, too! The difficult part of all this? Dealing with the images. It's ANNOYING that you can't just upload directly into a folder, and easily get a link. WordPress obviously has a lot of great aspects, but this isn't one of those...

I did as I was asked and put up four (!!!) sponsor images, with links. Boy, can you say ugly? The new eNewsltter isn't meant to have several logos displayed with any one news item.

During this I got worried about our anti-virus application -- and whether or not it was time to renew (the answer is no, by the way -- we're good until 2015). So I spent a bunch of time on that.

Then, I got off on another tangent: Trying to find the charging cables that came with the iPad 2 keyboards. I don't recall where either one is! Marilyn and I recently gave Marilyn's 'old' keyboard (which is just like new) to Carol. She'd mentioned wanting one, and now that I have both iPad 2s, I can only use one keyboard at a time (and I have my own). But it died on her, and we hadn't given her the cable. I had looked around, but started to focus on the large closet in our office here at home. I cleaned it up amazingly well while hunting for the cable. Better maybe than any other time since we moved in! I don't have before photos, but the inside was really cluttered and disorganized. And there was a bunch of stuff outside the closet on the floor -- and I got tons of it inside. I'm really pleased how things turned out!

My portfolios were stored inside. I went through both and combined every thing into the nice one I got while in college. The other one was cardboard (from high school!), so it's pretty beat up. It was fun seeing all my old art. Even my school stuff, with grades and comments from my teacher, Gertrude Schoeler. This got me hunting for letters, notes and cards from her, as I wanted to find a photo of her. I'm happy to say I found some things (though I know I have more somewhere). Oh! And I found a piece of her calligraphy that she gave me -- gold ink on black. So wonderful.

Never did find either one of the cables. But Marilyn said she knows where her cable is... I wish I could say the same.

Anyway, it was a good and productive day, that's for sure.