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Quiz for today:

How do you recommend I lie down to rest and/or sleep?

I'm generally a side sleeper. But I just had injections in both hips -- and it's still pretty sore...

Lie on my back? My damn postherpetic neuralgia (shingles) pain is really acting up right now. Ouch! My back is seriously not an option.

Lie on my tummy? Well, I used to be big on sleeping on my stomach years ago. (Also, we used to put babies down on their stomachs to sleep -- we didn't know any better! I feel awful remembering that...) Large chested women (I am one) don't find it very comfortable to sleep face down, no matter how you arrange your pillows. I've discussed this with other large breasted women, who agree... Anyway, I just had a minor surgery on my chest (right breast, to be exact). So that hurts quite a bit when I try lying face down.

Somehow I took a long nap, even so. Not sure which direction I was sleeping!!! Hahaha. If you're tired enough, you make do, I suppose.

I'm not really dying here. But I do feel sore all over! It's like I've been in a train wreck! Hahaha. Yikes. My body is pissed off with me. I guess it's a lot all at once...

Well, tomorrow is our party at work. I was strongly encouraged not to miss it by Marilyn. At one point I nearly bowed out when our electrical repair company offered to come tomorrow. But I'm excited to be there at the party. I miss every body!

I was trying to arrange for both Kris and Donn to attend, but messed that up, I'm afraid. Oh well. Maybe I'll do better next year!

Marilyn and I managed to go both to Costco and Freddie's after she got home from work. Time now to wake up and wrap our packages!

Christmas is very expensive for us. The gift exchange is only $20 each. But we both have people on staff we give large gifts to. Plus we give to everyone on the staff. We also give to people like our hairdressers and so on. And to many of our neighbors. Plus Marilyn gives out numerous large tips to service people, including gas station attendants and waitresses (etc.). (I imagine she'd prefer I didn't mention it, as normally I'm the only one who knows that...) I did not mean to sound as if we mind the expense -- we don't. It's very important to us to be generous. We know we're blessed and very fortunate to have all we do. We believe we should share with everyone around us as a matter of course. I'm glad we're able to do it.

Bedtime beckons! I'll be tired in the morning, come what may...

Johnnie was such a good boy today! He's just the sweetest cat ever! He's sound asleep beside me now...
voracious reader

Reading and Writing. About Time!

I finished reading Stephen King's, "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft." A really amazing book.

I've loved King's writing since the beginning. I like to say I was a fan when people still didn't know who he was. Maybe that's not true -- I didn't read "Carrie" until AFTER reading both "'Salem's Lot" and "The Shining." But I can remember reading all three books (his first three published) as if I'd read them yesterday! His writing had a huge effect on me, though I have to admit I have not read everything his written. Still, I don't know how many times I read "'Salem's Lot" and "The Stand" -- my personal favorites. Oh, and if you haven't read both of those, plus "11/22/63," I highly recommend them. Stephen is one of my very favorite authors.

Interestingly enough, I'm also a fan of David Morrell, who is a good friend of Stephen King. I guess they used to take road trips together (from what David told me). Yes, I got to speak with David, years ago. I actually got to interview him for a publication (a paper fan newsletter that Marilyn and I did, way back when), via phone. He was marvelous! I've never forgotten what a generous man he was. (By the way, he did that interview with ME -- nobody important -- at almost the same time that he was interviewed by "Playboy" magazine!) If you're not familiar with David's work, he's the man who wrote the book "First Blood." This was the novel that introduced the world to Rambo -- and it's really a great read. But I have a hardback copy of "Fireflies," signed by David. This book tells the tale of the death of David's 15-year-old son (after fighting cancer) -- and it's a powerful read. Marilyn has been reading his book "Murder as a Fine Art" (I don't remember if she finished it, yet). I look forward to reading it, too!

I strongly believe that READING -- and reading A LOT -- is very helpful to me as a writer. I wish I had read more in my life. I wish I had a list of all the books I have read, but I never bothered to keep one.

I'm always amazed when I see lists of books for some meme or whatever, and discover how few of the books on such lists I've read! I'm not joking when I have an icon that reads: Voracious Reader. I've rarely in my life been reading less than three to five books at any given time. (That does NOT include whatever manuals I might also be reading, as I tend to always be reading something about computers, computer graphics, websites, HTML and CSS and on and on...) My Kindles are lovely and give me an easier way to read all night long when I feel like it (the Paperwhite really makes that simple), but they probably don't help me to read a larger quantity of material than I've always read.

I love to read and I read constantly.

And I love to write, too. But I don't do that nearly as much as I should! I'm really feeling the urge to write at the current time, so hopefully I'll get in and do more of it. I started another story today, based on an online article I read. It's as if everything around me is a potential topic for a short story! That's such a delightful and delicious feeling.

I really do want to get our writing circle going again. But I'm not sure if that will happen, or not. Regardless, I need to force myself to stick to writing. I should be trying to write daily. I'm capable of really grinding out a lot of words when I set my mind to it. It's actually true that I can write 2,000 words in a day. Though I don't know if I could do that EVERY day -- at least not at this point! (smile)

Pleasing others with what I write? That's another story entirely! My friend June read what I submitted yesterday to that contest, and her reaction was decidedly negative...

Anyway, I'm pretty thick-skinned about my writing. I realize that even if you're a top writer, like Stephen King, there will be people who don't like your work, or find fault with parts of it. It you can't take hearing that, then you have no business sharing what you write. Stephen King said something to that effect in the above named book, by the way. Just write and lock your stuff away. Hahaha. I guess you can always write just for yourself, after all. Nothing forces us to write to be read by others.

But my goal is to share my work. I'm not sure where I'll go with that. I guess time will tell...

Time for bed soon. I'm going to the festival office tomorrow...

summer 2007, roses 2007

Summer Vacation: A Week of Doing NOTHING. (grin)

Well, Marilyn and I did get up early this morning, still planning to head to Wildlife Safari. But the weather forecast was for a GLOOMY gray day all over Oregon -- and we didn't want that drive for the trip. It's a long one, and we want SUNSHINE when we go! So we decided to postpone. No worries! We've got more time off coming and plenty of chances to get there. We might go as soon as this coming Monday (for example).

Special thoughts to sister Sue and her family tonight. Dave passed today. Dave is the husband of Cheryl Kay -- who is Tammy's mother. Tammy is married to Larry (Sue's son -- Marilyn's and my nephew). I know that's all confusing! Let's try it this way: Sue's son Larry lost his father-in-law (Tammy's step-father) -- who was also obviously grandfather to Larry's children. He was only discovered to be terminally ill quite recently, so he went very fast. He was suffering, so it's a blessing. But it was quite unexpected. Marilyn and I didn't really know Dave, but we feel sympathy for Sue (and the rest of her family).

Marilyn and I tried to go to a movie tonight. But it was in a part of town where there is little parking, so on a Friday night with people all over that area for recreational purposes, we just couldn't find anywhere to park. We had to give it up... We'd wanted to see the film "The Bling Ring" -- which is the 2013 movie where a bunch of fame-obsessed teenagers known as the 'Bling Ring' use the Internet to discover where certain celebrities reside so they can rob their homes. (Victims included Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, among others.) We saw the 2011 made-for-TV-movie at one point, and found it entertaining. Anyway, we both still want to see this film if we get the chance...

We came home and I fixed fish for dinner (we hadn't really eaten all day long).

I spent a bunch of time today just reading my NEW Kindle paperwhite. I'm still learning a few things about how to use it -- such as how to remove items from the device. Some things were a bit more obvious on my old Kindle, but they aren't hard to learn on the new one. If I'd just take the time to sit and read the User's manual, I'm sure I'd be fine. Hahahahahahaha. But that's never going to happen! I still haven't read the manual for the first Kindle, for that matter...

Thankfully you can Google for anything! In this case, I saw the User's manual referenced, and actually went to read it (!!!), if you can imagine. (grin)

I went over 200 Followers at Instagram today. I still don't really understand HOW you get Followers -- it's not the same as Twitter, for example. (I reasoned out how to get Followers there easily, actually...) I do think you need to Like what others share and Comment from time to time -- which I want to do anyway, so that's no big deal.

I tend to Comment here at LiveJournal, Comment at Facebook and Comment at Instagram. I also try to Reply to Comments at LJ, Comment to other Comments at FB and answer my Comments at IG. I Like at both FB and IG, as well -- which shows others that you're seeing what they share...

After all, to be active with SOCIAL MEDIA, you need to be social, right? I'm not saying that I don't 'lurk' sometimes, because I do. For those unfamiliar with the term, lurkers are people who visit some Social Media site and just observe -- but never interact. I remember when I used to do that (more than a decade ago, mind you), because I was nervous about how to interact correctly (!!!). I don't think there's really anything wrong with lurking -- I know a lot of people who never do anything buy lurk. But if you want to be involved in the social aspect, you have to do more than lurk for people to have a chance to know you...

Yes, yes. You're all thinking: Charlie has no trouble with this, because she's always been a social person. It's easy for her! These days, yes. But I was painfully shy as a young person -- all the way from childhood through high school. What I finally learned was that it's not really 'easy' for anyone. We're all in this same boat! Somehow knowing that makes it easier to reach out to others, I think. Plus people WANT to interact -- I really believe that! Even shy people want you to reach out to them. I could relate dozens of times that this has been true in my own life, but I'll spare you all those stories. All I know is this world is a better place when we go through life sharing things with other people. It works for me!

Well, Marilyn and I were talking about getting a movie On Demand, so... Or maybe we'll just goof off and play more Zuma! This vacation is exhausting!!! (Not at all!!! Hahahahahaha.) And we're both LOVING IT!

Happily sister Sue seems to be feeling a bit better today. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers...


Story Time Soon...

We'll be heading out from the Rose Building (our office) to a nearby location for Story time very soon. Then when we're done, we get to go home early -- always a nice thing! (But especially now when we're all so tired.)

I don't know what I'm sharing, but that's okay! I'll figure out something...

how to, teach

The Power of Education

This is constantly a subject in my own life. I believe every person should always be learning something new -- all the time. This is the way I've lived my life (and plan to continue living my life).

Education doesn't stop at any given point in our lives. Or at least, I don't believe it should stop!

I was listening to a news show this morning and heard about 70-year-old Alferd Williams, who decided to attend first grade in order to learn how to read. It made my heart swell to hear this story of a black man who had to work in the fields to support his family, leaving no time for him to attend school. He'd made a promise to his mother to learn to read, so he joined a first grade class at Edison Elementary School (in St. Joseph, Missouri).

Just imagine his situation. He had to get past the barriers that stood in his way -- and not let his pride keep him from fulfilling a life-long dream. I don't care what others say (and I read some really negative comments about this story online, I'm sorry to say) -- I personally think this is amazingly admirable. Alferd wanted to learn enough to join a first grade class, so he did it! (And bless his teacher, Mrs. Hamilton, who decided to teach him!)

Of course, I think we should ALL want to learn things badly enough to jump in and do it -- just like Alferd did!

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I certainly have a long (and never-ending) list of things I want to learn. And I'm always in the middle of reading several manuals on a variety of subjects. There aren't enough hours in the day and days in the week when it comes to learning something new -- at least, this is true for me!

In line with this pursuit of knowledge, yesterday I had a discussion with Jessica (at work) about how good it is when we try to help others learn something they don't know. We were discussing how we both wanted to learn some new things. And also talking about how willing people in our office are to try and help each other out when we don't know how to do a given thing...

I've always believed that if we know how to do something we should try to share that knowledge with others. I've literally spent my entire life trying to do exactly that.

Admittedly I got to start with a brilliant 'student' when I was a kid and taught my sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn how to write in a cursive hand two years before she would have learned how in class. In those early childhood days, I often shared what I was learning with her -- though she would quickly surpass me and the shoe would be on the other foot! I can't begin to list all the things Marilyn has taught me since that time. I guess you could say I got my pattern for sharing education quite early in life! (smile)

I can't imagine being a person who is happy to stop learning, or only learn enough to 'get by' in life. I can't imagine being a person who knows how to do something and isn't willing to share that information with others. (There are many ways a person can be selfish, but being selfish with knowledge seems a terrible sin to me...)

Bless those of you reading who are teachers of one form or another. And not just those who actually teach for a living. Many jobs require instructing co-workers, for example. Plus parenting is a decidedly important part of the world of teaching others.

I feel educators (of every level) should be proud of what they do.

But I also feel students should be proud of themselves -- for continuing to strive to learn something new.

(And frankly, I'm quite happy to include myself on both of those lists...)

charlie 2012 beige

Powerball Winners...

First of all, I never wish ill to anyone on their good fortune. (I make a point of saying this, because I know a lot of people who seem unable to be happy even for family and friends who have something positive happen to them. To the contrary, I believe it best to make every effort to feel pleased for others, whether I know them or not. I don't find it hard to be happy for people, even strangers.)

But I have to say my first reaction to seeing a report on the Oregon Powerball winning family was a less-than-supportive-one. (smile) I'm going to explain why, but you all know how long-winded I am. So bear with me!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have bought lottery tickets over the years, never spending very much -- and never really expecting to win, of course. We know the odds as well as anyone, but we've always called the expense buying a 'dream ticket.'

By that we mean for that period of time we have the lottery ticket in our hand -- right until we hear that a winner has been announced -- we can DREAM about winning all we want!

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All I'm saying is that in our house it's 'not all about me.' I'd just like to think that's true for everyone... Am I naive? Probably.

Oh well. We'll keep on buying lottery tickets every now and then. (When we can work it into the budget, of course. We're not crazy, after all!) And we'll keep on DREAMING about the good we could do.

And though the new winners of the largest single jackpot ever didn't mention anything like this, hopefully they'll manage to be generous.

I think I'll just believe that, for now.