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Day of Errands -- Plus Plenty of Festival Work!

I just woke up from a NAP after dinner with LEG CRAMPS. Yes, again. Constantly, really.

So, I'm trying the spoonful of mustard thing. Specifically, I'm trying Jack Daniels jalapeno mustard -- what amazing flavor! I was going to say that the jury's out on whether or not it works, but I do believe it works. Not perfectly -- but nothing I've tried does that! Hahaha. And Marilyn finds the idea of getting yourself to take it with a spoon pretty disgusting. But I'd do just about anything to stop all the pain. And they might just have the very BEST mustard I've ever tasted.

Although, I have to admit I still like classic French's mustard with my Heinz Tomato Ketchup. And Heinz??? I really HATE those commercials where the Heinz boy breaks up with the French's mustard!!! Not in my house, thanks very much! Hahaha. We do NOT use Heinz mustard around here! But we do sometimes like the Heinz Jalapeno Ketchup!!! (smile)

I'm not kidding. As much as I love the Heinz commercials where the whole 'family' of their products has wiener dogs in buns running toward them, for the most part the Heinz boy dumping the French's girl just annoys me to death! Be true, Heinz! Please! I'll never get over that, I swear. Yeah, yeah. If you ever even saw it you're thinking it didn't stick with you, right? I guess I love some commercials, what can I say?

My sister Sue phoned TWICE today. More about that...

Adeena and I had our BIG DAY of running errands for Marilyn! First we were off to Seaside, Oregon. But before we could leave I had work issues popping up like mad! I had to tell Rich I'd contact him in the afternoon about our weekend Press Release/News item for the website. I couldn't reach Kate before departing, so planned to call her from the car. I promised Christine I'd get back to her later. And I forget what else. Hahaha. I'm so valuable. Right.

We finally left and drove highway 30 to Cornelius Pass -- you go through St. Johns (where we stopped at the Lombard drive-through Starbucks for drinks and goodies) and across the St. Johns bridge, heading past the Sauvie Island bridge. This connects with the 'quick way' to head to Seaside (as opposed to the Astoria direction).

At one point I'm chatting on the phone with Kate and we have to actually pull over so I can hear her better. Then she emails me CODE from the eNewsletter that was going out -- so I can write additional code to 'fix' her issue for her. I just couldn't explain it without seeing it. And it was faster to write the code myself, so I did. Using my phone for a hotspot and my iPad to do the actual code. Hahaha. I love this stuff, I honestly really do!

Before we took off Marilyn had called about me checking the Starlight Parade script one last time, which I did -- after Marilyn sent me the Word version that I could edit, as opposed to the PDF I had from Jessica. I did find some mistakes. And I rearranged the order of some Copy. This has a bumping order. PA announcers will start by reading the first paragraph. Or, the first line of the first paragraph. It depends on how much time they have! So if essential information is in the second paragraph or (heaven forbid) the third one, I put that into the first. If that makes sense! For example, the band director's name(s) always goes in the first paragraph...

And I found a couple of spelling errors (easy fix). Plus suddenly I notice an eclipse event that says it's on August 17 instead of August 21! Oops! How did I miss THAT the first time around??? Hahaha. So I emailed that back to myself and Remotely moved it into the proper folder at the office...

It was overcast driving down. But the sun really came out while we were there, which was nice! We went directly to the liquor store where Kevin was holding a case for Marilyn and me (I'd arranged that via phone). He wasn't in, but the two women were ready with our order! Taco Time is CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I'm sorry to report! So no crispy meat burritos for us! Hahaha.

From there we went to Riteaid near Safeway to get other items we needed. Adeena was dashing to the bathroom (long trip with Starbucks to drink!). I was on the phone with sister Sue. She was crying and unhappy -- she wanted Candy to take her back home. I now need the bathroom, so I have Adeena take the phone...

We got more IBgard pills (amazing product!!!). And I found darling sunglasses! I wasn't specifically looking for these, but they were there so I got a pair. I haven't bought new ones in years!

We also got coffee creamer, which we needed at home. And some minor items (I forget right now what).

Then we need to go drive to see the ocean! I'm wearing my new sunglasses by now. (smile) We jumped out and got photos, by the way. And I'd seen the Antique Mall that's on Broadway, so we drove back and parked and went in. I had it in my head to look for something that would work as a fur stole for my dress on Friday night -- the Old Hollywood theme.

Adeena has a full length, beautiful dress she's wearing! I can't wait to see the real deal (I saw photos). She's very excited about it!

We go in and find a leopard-spotted table runner I'm thinking I could buy. Yes, they do carry vintage clothing. And then we find a MINK STOLE. Adeena gasped when I put it on. Needless to say, it was perfect!!! So I call Marilyn and she says 'get it,' and the rest is history!

Then we're back on the road heading quickly home, as we both have work to do!

Adeena dropped me off and headed to work in the office. I threw on my 'new' stole and went over to show it to June and Jim. June asks if it has pockets -- I later read that this is the sign of a more superior stole, by the way. It's in beautiful condition. No 'bald' spots or bad lining.

Yes, yes, I know. It's so PC to avoid wearing fur these days. I still don't really understand it, if I'm being honest. Minks were raised for their fur. Most people still wear leather without feeling guilt. Anyway, I can't wait to wear it!

I sold Mom's fur right after she died. And though it was in bad shape, I've frequently regretted it. I think she's smiling down from heaven today -- as she would have loved this stole! It's going to make my outfit, paired with my 'Marilyn Monroe' style dress. I guess I fail at being PC... But this is so beautiful. I've got it hanging where you can't miss it in my bedroom! (smile)

Then I get right to work with Rich on the Press Release/News item, which I put up the second we finished it.

Next I get all the info for the Fleet page at the website and carefully fix it so I can add it. It was a ton of work. Christine checks it over and chats with me and I fix it all accordingly...

Candy came by to get her Seether tickets for Friday night. She bought one so she, Sharla and Dave can all three go. Marilyn and I will go there after the party and hopefully see her!

Candy also took Sir Mix tickets for Saturday night, even though she has a conflict. I hope she gets to come. I love his concerts! Marilyn and I will be there...

Marilyn was actually HOME by 7:00 tonight! HUGE SHOCK!!! She really wanted to avoid another long, long day...

She ate chicken (from last night) and I ate rice (from yesterday). And we were supposed to have more raspberries and cookies (molasses from Franz -- our faves!!!). But we were both so tired we went to sleep...

I had PERFECT blood sugar this morning: 95. Wow. Even after both raspberries and cookies before bed last night!!! Wow.

But these leg cramps are murder!!!

Marilyn has Court judging tomorrow -- I need to come in to work with Adeena. Marilyn gets her hair done in the evening and will come back to get me after that...

I have my all-important PA Meeting in the afternoon!

I need to head to bed now... We were watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" again tonight. Such fun!

Say! I'm pretty proud I can lift a box of SIX BIG BOTTLES of Margarita Watermelon (pre-mixed)! I carried it to the car in Seaside and into the house here in Portland -- and it's damn heavy!!!

Yes, Sue called again when I was home. She was VERY CONFUSED about her doctor appointment, which she told me was quite bad -- and Marilyn told me was NOT. Marilyn still gets the reports by email. (sigh)

And now it's 2:00 a.m. and I'm facing a very busy day! Just saying!

Sweetest of all dreams, my friends.

Super LAZY Day -- Reading Out Loud (I Love It!)

This was another VERY LAZY day for Marilyn and me. We never got out of our jammies all day long -- and we pretty much laid around most of the day. Yesterday I cooked a meal, but NOT today!

Marilyn made cinnamon rolls, though! Pillsbury ones, out of the can. We hadn't had those decades, I swear! It made me remember the old: Nothing says lovin' like something from the oven. (Anyone else old enough for THAT?) And Marilyn looked up the Pillsbury Doughboy, who turned 50 (!!!) this year (on November 7). I love him! And I really enjoyed the cinnamon rolls. I think they're a nice change from something like Cinnabon -- to tell you the truth, I find Cinnabon rolls just too sweet.

As for any other cooking, all we ate were a couple of chicken pot pies (which can be thrown in the microwave, thankfully!). I wasn't much up to cooking today...

I SLEPT a ton again today. And we BOTH slept in. Marilyn was talking about how TIRED she's been, and I think it's little wonder. It was a very busy year. And we were running around like MAD for much of this month! It's nice to just lie around and then to nap whenever we feel like it...

Yesterday I bought two of Lilian Jackson Braun's 'The Cat Who' books for Kindle. I originally listened to them as books on tape way back when I worked for Hoffman Construction, downtown. At the time I was so close to the Main Library that I often walked there on my lunch hour. And because of the nature of that job, I could actually listen to books on tape during work hours. You can read about the series HERE -- and I highly recommend it to mystery lovers -- AND cat lovers! These books feature Jim Qwilleran and his Siamese cats, Koko and Yum-Yum, who are involved in a mystery in each of the novels.

Here's something really interesting about the series of books: The first three books were written in 1966, 1967 and 1968! Then she didn't write another one for 18 years!!! I came upon them in either the late 1980's or early 1990's (I can't remember which), on tape (as I already mentioned). Marilyn and I took a road trip around that time, and we took one of the tapes along with us -- so that's how Marilyn was first introduced to the series.

After that, we bought a bunch of the books in paperback. I recently started re-reading these. I sometimes call paperbacks 'bathtub books,' because I'll take one in the tub with me when I want to soak and read. I don't DARE take the Kindle in the tub (I'm not an idiot and don't want to risk dropping it!), so the old-fashioned printed book is best for these situations. The amusing thing, of course, is that once I start reading a 'bathtub book,' I get interested -- so I'll just keep reading it until I've finished it. (It's pretty rare that I can STOP myself from continuing to read and save the book for the next long soak. Hahaha.)

Anyway, one of the books I bought was "The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern." It's the second book of the series, so it was originally written in 1967. This is the book that introduced Yum-Yum -- the first book was just Qwilleran and Koko. This was the first of the books Marilyn read, as it was the one we listened to on our road trip (mentioned above).

Interesting notes: There's mentions of Orientals in the book -- which is no longer okay, but was common back in the 1960's. There are a lot of things like that, actually! The descriptions of things fit that time period now and then, such as one woman wearing a very short skirt (mini-skirts were the rage in the 60's). Now that we KNOW when it was written, we're paying attention to these details. But for the most part it holds up fine.

We own a number of the books -- but several have 'gone missing' over the years (as books sometimes do). There are quite a few that we've never read, so I'm hoping to eventually get them all for the Kindle. They seem to run around $7.99, which is really a good price for a best selling author. (I have another series I like where each book runs around ten dollars, or more. Obviously it depends on how popular the books are and how well known the author is.)

I never actually SAID that I'm reading "The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern" out loud, but that's what I'm doing! We love to have sessions where I read some book out loud. I love doing it, and think I'm a pretty decent reader. We've done this for years and years. It's a sort of nice way to share the reading experience.

Reading out loud used to be a very common practice. I suppose partly because many people weren't able to read years ago (or didn't read that well). It was considered a form of entertainment, but also a way to comfort those who were sick or elderly -- aside from reading to children, of course.

Mom and Dad used to read to us when we were little and I remember loving it! Dad was especially fond of reading things to us. He read from "Reader's Digest" quite a bit, which makes me smile.

Marilyn always read "The Hundred and One Dalmatians" out loud to Mom and me every Christmas. She'd start before Christmas and spread it out, ending on Christmas Day. (The story is set just before and on Christmas, for those who might not know.) And when we were in high school she read "Gone With the Wind" out loud to me and her then boyfriend, Tom.

I don't know if most people still read out loud. If not, that's too bad. At least people can purchase audio books in a number of formats if they want to have the same experience. But I love being the one doing the reading, personally!!!

It might snow again tomorrow. Anyway, we're planning to head to the beach on Wednesday...

I need to color my hair. Maybe I can get myself to do that tomorrow. Maybe. Hahaha.

Time to go read out loud a bit more before bed!

Triumphal Return AND Friends

Marilyn and I made our triumphal return to the festival today. (grin) Or that's what Marilyn called it. Anyway, we got to share with everyone who was there all the excitement of our Rosie road trip.

So we told tales and shared photos, which was fun.

I took Donn to Starbucks before Staff meeting. Then Donn attended Staff Meeting today (for the first time ever). And we had a card for him and everybody sang Happy Birthday. Then we talked all the events everyone had attended (as we always do) and did some catching up...

I met with Donn and he started in on his tasks today. He replaced the computer he'd moved over for Ariel to use. And brought the other computers in.

Marilyn and I drove home for lunch. I made lunch meat sands. Then we went back -- but I forgot my bags at home!!!!! It was a 'forgetful' day for me. I had already forgotten my pills in the morning. (sigh)

After doing some work, Adeena took me home. I'd left my house key in my purse (!!!), so I had to get the key from neighbor Janet.

Adeena and I had a lovely visit in the afternoon, then I fixed dinner for the three of us. We had hot dogs (baked), kale and sauteed cabbage (a mix of cabbage, carrot and celery -- tasty). With ice cream bars for dessert.

While eating, we rented the last Twilight movie, which Adeena had never seen and watched it. Fun!

During dinner my friend June phoned -- but told me to go back to my visiting friend. But as soon as the movie (and dinner) were over, I headed to June's house.

She had a couple of computer issues that I helped her with. Then we chatted quite a bit. She's got a terrible situation with a family member that's very upsetting. Poor June!!! Your prayers and good thoughts for June are much appreciated.

If Marilyn and I go down to the beach house this weekend, then we want June and Jim to drive down there to see us. If we stay home, then we want to go out to dinner with them this weekend...

Adeena kindly offered to have us to her house for dinner tomorrow night, but I declined. I'd love to do that, but I think it will spread us too thin, considering we have that date Thursday night with Larry and Sue. But we DO love to see Adeena as often as we can. She's coming to the office on Thursday, for sure, so we should all three be able to go to lunch that day.

I'm planning to stay HOME tomorrow -- I have some festival work to do, but it can be done Remotely. And I need to do some things around the house, too. Marilyn has her lunch with friends Marcia and Gail tomorrow... (They go each month.)

I'm STILL tired out from our road trip... Looking forward to going to bed, actually!

I cleaned up the kitchen when I got home from June's. I'll do more around the house tomorrow.

The arthritis in my right hand -- especially in my pointer and middle fingers -- is BAD right now. Aside from the huge bumps on both fingers, I appear to be developing another synovial cyst on the middle finger (where I had one before that the nurse practitioner treated) -- and maybe one on the pointer finger, too. (ugh) I've no clue what's caused this flare-up. But I just have to live with it. It's strange to have it during the HOT weather!!!

Today was in the high 90's again! Plus we're having a lot of issues because of the SMOKE from local fires. It's almost as bad as in California. I really have a sore throat again tonight, anyway.

I'm forgetting things, I'm sure. Oh! Yeah! Donn brought us tomatoes today! And Adeena has offered to bring us more. Plus June gave me tomatoes this evening, as well. Marilyn and I love tomatoes, so that's great by us! Isn't it lovely how generous everyone is?

Happy summer, all!

ADDED NOTE: I just fell asleep (!!!) sitting up at the computer typing this! Seriously??? I need to go to bed!!!
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We Made It (woo hoo)

Actually we made it to our hotel by 10:30 p.m.

We were on the road this morning by 7:07, so, yeah -- it's been a VERY long day! But it's such a different and COOL thing to do. We DID end up wearing our Rosie clothes all the way here, which was really fun, as four Rosies got a lot of attention! And we did stop a lot along the way (at least five times), so there were a lot of chances to interact with people.

Marilyn is a HERO for driving all the way here.

We listened to a little bit of music. And I read out loud a couple of times. And we visited with one another a ton.

We took a lot of photos. I'll be sure to share when we get back home.

Please send prayers and good thoughts to our friend Dennis who had surgery (with complications) today. Sue was texting us near the beginning of our trip.

Talked to sister Sue tonight, who is taking good care of our kitties and house -- so nice of her.

That many hours in the car? Honestly very painful. I'm SO GLAD to be lying here on a bed! Marilyn's shoulder is killing her, too. I bet we're all sore (and very tired) tonight.

And poor Nancy has a bug and was really suffering! I felt bad for her.

I'm sipping coffee as I type this. Lying on my bed and listening to TV. Nice. I'm going to go get some pop in a second (when I'm done with this blog entry).

I have more details to share, but will do that when we get back home. (I hate trying to blog on my iPad. So these will be very basic entries.)

I'm SO HAPPY that Adeena, Nancy, Marilyn and I are making this trip together! Awesome!

The weather was great, by the way, and never too hot today. What a beautiful drive!

More tomorrow! Excited for the rally!

Rosie Roadtrip TOMORROW!!!

I spent the day CLEANING again -- this time I was working in my bathroom.

But before that, sister Sue was kind enough to drop by so we could talk about her staying here to baby sit the cats and the house. Marilyn and I REALLY appreciate her doing this for us! It was simple to cover the 'how to' stuff: Where the cat food is stored, what to give them and all of that. And to show her how to use the remotes for the two TVs (family room and living room) -- because who can live without TV?????

Colin was darling with Sue today!!! Henry, too, but Colin often won't come around her, so it was pretty cool. (smile)

It was a miserable, hot, muggy day! And I suffered. I was actually cleaning in the nude. It made me laugh, because my Mom was someone who liked to clean in under garments (or naked -- but very rarely). The thing is, it's the bathroom and I'm working in the tub. So naked made sense to me, actually. Hahaha. And I had my hair up in a shower cap, trying to keep it clean. But I sweat so hard that now I still have to take a shower and wash my hair. Damn. I was literally soaked from sweating!

The bathroom isn't perfect, but the tub is clean, the counters are much better (with less stuff, too), the toilet is clean and I mopped the floor. I chased a few cobwebs, but need to do more. I actually want to scrub down the ceiling and the walls in that room, but it's a huge job (they seem to be so hard to clean -- I've tried this before). Anyway, I'm PLEASED with what I did get done!

I 'gassed' myself with some cleaning product (I think the toilet bowl cleaner). I was shocked! Suddenly I was sneezing, then my eyes were BURNING and watering like crazy. A total surprise. Marilyn says she always has to be really careful when using bowl cleaner. Goodness!!!

The garbage is out (not real garbage week -- so in the garage in the can), as is the recycling and composting (which was yucky, from the fridge cleaning). And the cat boxes have been cleaned. I did get a bit more laundry done, but there will be more to tackle next week...

I still need to pack! And shower. We went to the store late tonight and got our red socks for the outfit. And I got eye products for my contacts (so I don't have to haul the full-size versions).

I need to CLEAN THE CAT'S WATER bucket out and put out fresh water!!!

I'm just sucking down WATER (bottle water) while I type this. I've been so dehydrated today, for whatever reason!

And I seem to be having one of my minor flare-ups (right wrist and back -- and of course the 'butt cheek' -- whatever that actually is). I think that accounts for the fact that I'm clearly running a fever, because those flare-ups always give me a fever. Annoying. Which is why I was sweating so damn hard today! Far more than the amount of work I did should account for. Oh well.

We need to be up VERY, VERY EARLY (think Grand Floral Parade day early), so I need to get going and GET TO BED. It would be great to get some more sleep!!!

We'll be in the car driving for a minimum of 12-14 hours tomorrow (probably longer).

I don't know if I'll be able to blog until we get back or not... My phone really doesn't cut it for blogging.

We're supposed to be ON THE ROAD by 7:00 a.m. (!!!)

Sue, if you're reading this, Nancy will NOT be parking her car here after all. So you can use the driveway all you want!!! I had planned for us to chat to say goodbye tonight. Sorry we didn't call you!!!

Gotta dash! Excited about this trip!
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Day of Rest (For the Most Part!)

Marilyn and I just got back from a 'quick' trip to the store (Freddies). That was our first time going out of the house all day long.

It was supposed to be a rainy and nasty day, but it didn't turn out that way. But it didn't much matter to us what it was like, seeing as we were just lying around resting (or actually sleeping!) for the most part. Hahaha.

Got a LOVELY email from sister Sue's friend Larry today. He's a very articulate man and very kind! I think he should get a blog and actually USE IT TO BLOG! (Often I'm just getting someone to have a blog so it's easier to read mine -- or reply to it.) I'm not sure WHY people are resistant about blogging. It's certainly a GREAT way to track what's going on in your life. AND I know others use my blog to keep track of what I'm up to...

Marilyn and I DID stay up most of the night, last night. We often do that when we have the chance, as we LOVE being up all night long! But it does make it hard to get up and function during the day after...

I've been doing a little bit of writing. Nothing to use for anything. Just stretching my writing muscles, I guess. Hahaha. I do enjoy it, though. I enjoy writing more and more, it seems. And I like being a bit poetic now. Anyway, that's a total aside.

I'm very excited about our road trip!!! Marilyn explained that we're taking the scenic route, which we haven't been on since CHILDHOOD! I seriously can't wait. It's a beautiful drive. I remember the 'feeling' of the drive like it was yesterday! I've probably idealized it quite a bit, but I remember sitting in grade school after the trip and touching this ring I got on the trip and just thinking so fondly of the beauty of that ride...

Marilyn and I watched three different Hallmark Garage Sale Mystery shows today. Very entertaining!!! We love the premise and the characters! Well worth a watch.

And we're still hung up on the series The Middle -- and love those characters, too. Maybe you have to be from a family background like that to relate. We always liked Roseanne, too. I remember having a rather heated exchange years ago with a co-worker (not at the festival) who just thought Roseanne was an awful, trashy, nasty show. She went on and on! And I couldn't help thinking that there were so many elements of the show that reflected my own life. Oh well!

Well, I think this is good enough for today. Good night, all!

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Catching Up: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (July 29, 30 and 31)

We're in the middle of another HEAT WAVE here in Portland (and the surrounding areas). Second day in a row of 100'+ heat. And frankly, we're NOT a part of the country that normally gets this hot. Just sayin'...

I've been pretty remiss this week with my blogging. I guess I'll crack it up to being on vacation. But there are a few things to share, so here goes!

Wednesday: We decided not to go to Winston, Oregon -- Wildlife Safari -- on Wednesday, because we wanted to go with sister Sue, and she has cribbage on Wednesdays (and has been running it).

The BIG DEAL for that day? Marilyn and I drove over to the St. Johns bridge to see the Greenpeace protest over the ship Fennica. If you haven't heard, 13 people suspended themselves from the bridge in order to block the river below, making it impossible for the ship to safely pass beneath it. The Fennica is a Shell icebreaker that was in dry dock here in Portland, and their goal was to keep the ship from departing to head to the Arctic where Shell is drilling for oil. (All part of the 'Shell No' campaign.)

Anyway, we'd originally believed they wouldn't be letting anyone get close. And it was true that the bridge was shut down (you couldn't drive on it). But Cathedral Park which is located at the base of the bridge in St. Johns was open -- and had NO SECURITY that we saw! We were able to go right down on the docks close by the bridge where tons of others had also gathered. And took loads of pictures of those people hanging from the bridge.

That was a hot day, and I can't imagine what it was like for those people! And the next day was even hotter! They didn't come down until evening on Thursday. It's highly controversial here, by the way, because they messed up the commute for people.

I don't know how people stand on the subject, but Marilyn and I feel strongly about the RIGHT to protest -- which is something we grew up believing in! We were kids and teens during a time when protesting was just NORMAL -- and happened all the time! Civil rights, equality, anti-war, pro-war, you name it. We talked about being RELEVANT and making changes. We were fired up. And that's what our nation is supposed to be about. Whether or not I agree with you, I'll try to support your right to state your opinion and to protest.

I do agree that you shouldn't be doing damage to property or injuring others in the process. But making a commute unpleasant doesn't really qualify. As Marilyn said, EVERYBODY here in Portland knew those people were hanging off the bridge. There should have been ways to avoid the area. But if not, deal with it.

This was HISTORY-MAKING and exciting and I'm glad we went to see it up close. I got photos on both my camera (haven't downloaded those, yet) and my iPhone. This was a worldwide news event. I think it showed remarkable guts to be up there (it has to have been a scary thing). Anyway, in the future, we'll always remember that we were there when it was going on.

We did not end up seeing a movie on Wednesday night. We just stayed home and did the usual stuff: Watching TV, playing with our iPads, reading and SLEEPING. It was all good.

Thursday: It was a VERY hot day! And Marilyn and I didn't do anything, to speak of. More of the same: Watching TV, on our iPads, sleeping a bunch and reading. We didn't even get out of our nightclothes all day long. We had decided it would just be TOO HOT to go to Wildlife Safari -- plus the animals would just be hiding out in the shade, anyway. (We'll probably go in September at this point.) I did get the recycling done and out, but only gathered up part of the garbage (it wasn't real garbage week, anyway).

Friday: Another VERY hot day. And again we did very little. But we did both wash our hair. And we went out shopping long enough to pick up a few things at Safeway (and a couple of items at Freddies).

I spent part of the day on the phone (more than once) dealing with an IT issue at the festival office. Steven called my this morning. Ariel's computer was acting up -- and it was nothing he could deal with. I put Donn on it. He went to the office and thought he had it fixed, but then decided he needed to take the machine home to fix it.

I asked him to bring out one of the spare machines off the shelf and Profile it for her. We went back and forth on whether or not he should take the time to Profile it, but eventually he saw my point (that it needed to be done). However, neither of the two spare machines were working right, for whatever reason. So he took one of the floor machines (an Intern computer) and set that up for Ariel and Profiled it for her. All those are really GOOD machines now, so that works fine.

Finally, he took the three problem machines home to work on this weekend. Hopefully they won't be too much trouble for him to get up and running again.

I'm on the second book in the Wayward Pines series, having finished reading the first one. Marilyn and I need to start watching the TV series.

I made quinoa today -- and we had it mixed with refried beans. We made some tacos, then just ate it in bowls (we like it fine without the taco shells).

And I mopped the kitchen floor, which really needed it! I need to get in and do some cleaning around here. But I just haven't felt well enough to do much. And, boy, was I sweating when I got done doing that floor! It was pretty HOT upstairs, even with the air on.

We haven't decided if we'll drive to the beach this weekend, or just stay home. We'll play it by ear.

Cool news! In August (in two weeks), Marilyn, Adeena, Candee and I are going to take a roadtrip to Richmond, California for the Rosie the Riveter Rally!!! On August 15 they want to have 1,000 women show up to break the Guinness World Record, and we want to take part. Marilyn has already picked out the hotel we want to book. Just waiting to hear if Candee's in for sure or not... Anyway, it should be fun!

That's pretty much it for the last few days. Sorry I haven't been getting this done each day. I'll make a bigger effort in August!

Hope you're all staying COOL, wherever you are!!!

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Road Trip to Snohomish -- "Revenge"

Marilyn and I took our road trip up to Snohomish, Washington today. In spite of several instances of rainy weather (which included more than one time when we could barely see for the stormy weather), we had a lovely time! We really enjoy taking a road trip.

We were using the instructions Shirley's husband had given Marilyn on the phone, but at the end, we decided to use my cell phone GPS, thankfully! His instructions were off (including what exit we should take), so it was perfect using the GPS to finish getting there. We picked up our jars of goodies, and off we went.

We decided to eat in Snohomish, so used our GPS to find the historic downtown area. Then we walked the area and randomly picked a restaurant. It was really cute, and the food was quite good!

From there we used the GPS to go to a park we wanted to visit in Seattle, before finally heading back home.

A lovely day.

We did think about going to see a movie tonight (Sundays are cheap nights), but we were tired from the long drive. So we stayed home and watched "The Walking Dead," and "Revenge." I won't spoil either one, but just say that I found both shows annoying for more than one reason. "Revenge" had some good moments, anyway.

We could certainly use some sleep, after being up quite late last night, and up early this morning, then in the car for hours and hours. We need to be up early tomorrow, too, to go to sister Sue's doctor appointment. So we should go to bed soon...

Oh! According to Jeff, he went in and discovered none of the toilets at the office are working (!!!). Annoying, to sat the least! Because the City is our landlord, it can take ages for them to ever fix issues. I hope they get to this situation soon, because we've had to deal with it before. You really can't work without having bathrooms to use... (sigh)


Flooding at the Festival Building

Marilyn and I just got back from the festival building. Yes, it IS heading toward 2:00 a.m. -- and we've got a road trip planned for tomorrow. (I'm back dating this, so I'll have an entry for November 8, even though it's now the 9th.)

Anyway, I was just about to blog -- it was heading toward midnight -- when the phone rang. We grabbed it, afraid it might be sister Sue. There was an Out of Area ID on the phone. What the hell is up with THAT, by the way??? It was the fire department calling to tell us the building was FLOODING! So we both threw on clothes and took off.

Why is it always Marilyn who gets these calls? Good question! But it's been true for years and years. I told Marilyn, we're the guardians of the festival -- and that's how it is.

Anyway, the good news is that it was fine inside the building. No flooding in the basement (we've had it there before!!!) or anywhere else that I could see, thankfully. I was really worried about all the IT equipment, so it's a huge blessing! The flooding was outside. And there was a guy there tyurning off the water when we arrived. Such a relief.

So we're back home, and hopefully heading to bed soon.

We'd been watching the end of the movie This is 40." Oh well.

Shirley (from JSC Creations) had told us to call them between 6:00 and 10:00, so we tried around 8:00 and didn't reach them. She finally called us back at 11:30. So this was our night for late phone calls, I guess.

Marilyn was amused by the detailed instructions Shirley's husband gave her. Hopefully she's reasoned them all out.

Say, while we were gone, Henry (our cat) rope-a-doped all the way from downstairs up to the living room, where he ran the rope around the leg of the coffee table three times! What a guy!

thumbs up

Annual Roadtrip to Wildlife Safari

Today Marilyn and I took our annual roadtrip to Wildlife Safari (in Winston, Oregon). We'd planned to be on the road by 8:00 a.m., but that didn't quite happen. We had so much to get done last night that we didn't begin to get to bed near midnight, as hoped. But we had no special reason to arrive at any specific time, so it was fine.

I think Marilyn makes the drive time there at around three and a half to four hours, probably depending on the traffic we hit, plus the stops we make. (It took us three and a half hours last year, because I checked, but I think a bit longer this year, as we got there right around noon.)

We needed to start out by going to the Gift Shop (which is also Guest Services) to renew our membership. This is rather high, but we really like supporting them. We didn't have our card from last year -- not sure why. I'll keep a better eye on it this year. We get free train rides and a discount for the gift shop, plus some kind of reciprocal rights at our local zoo (but we never go there).

While in the village we took a train ride, which was nice.

Finally we did our drive through. The young woman who took our tickets was an awful, unpleasant Nazi of a person. I almost feel we should complain about her treatment. I would think they'd try and be nicer to members, by the way...

They've made changes. In one spot (the wetlands) they let you stop and exit the car and buy stuff from their snackbar! Very nice addition. (We had snowcones. Very refreshing.) in the Asia section they now sell food to feed the animals. So every car is approached heavily by animals, that make it difficult to drive. We bought no food, but the animals seem to think everybody has food for them...

No more elephant car washes -- and they don't even seem to want to mention that they ever had them! Oh well. We were there more than once. The elephants LOVED it -- and it was make-believe! They took a sponge and pretended to 'wash' the car -- then sprayed water out of their trunks on the car. Harmless and darling. I'm not kidding.

It was a hot day, so we went through one time. (You can do it twice.)

We skipped the rootbeer float tradition this year and didn't miss it. We got a burger and drink at McDonald's. Then we decided to skip the idea of driving to Crater Lake (as we did last year), and just come home. We were hot and tired and happy with our roadtrip without the addition.

Hector is supposed to be here tomorrow at 9:00, so we're facing another exhausting day.

I can't help remembering the year we went with both sister Sue and Mitch, by the way -- what fun!

That's it for today!