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Ouch! PLUS Feeling Accomplished

I sat at my computer for hours today -- still the most painful thing I do, all this time later. (No, it hasn't been two years of chronic pain... yet.) Anyway, I needed to work on my work email. I was well over 2,000 items when I started, and down to 130 when I finished. Not bad, right? The shameful part is going over 1,000 to begin with.

The problem is trying to manage my email on my iPad. You simply can't do it on your device. So, you might ask, why did I ever try? Well, head back to my statement above. Sitting up to my computer kills me. Big ouch. But I can do so much on my iPad. And I learned back in 2018 that I needed a way to get my work done that didn't kill me...

But since the latest ios update, email is screwy on my iPad. What a pain! I went down a crazy rabbit hole trying to fix the known bug to no avail. I finally ended up on my computer -- where I need to be EVERY SINGLE DAY going forward. I'm really not looking forward to the pain, I'm telling you.

However, if I stay on top of things, I shouldn't need another lengthy session. That's certainly my plan.

I should mention that I'm sitting in my family room chair typing this on my device, and not sitting in the office at my computer.

I have three comfortable places for doing exactly this: lying on top of my bed (dressed, not in bed), sitting in my chair in the living room and here in my comfy chair. All three spots allow me to recline and keep my feet up. That makes my back so much less painful!

Right now my back is throbbing. (Really bad.) Thank God I didn't miss any of my pain pills, as I sometimes do.

Spoke to Donn about work FOUR times today. (whew) Also set a phone meeting for tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. regarding Inflow phone support for 2020. That should prove interesting!

That was all a bit rambling. Sorry! I am pleased with what I got done, anyway.

But my main feeling of accomplishment today was not work related. I continue my goal of cleaning/organizing my bedroom. It's needed it for months. I have a bad way of managing my clothes, but at least I've read that it's not uncommon -- there are others who do exactly the same. While I do have lots in my two closets and many drawers, there are nearly always clothes lying out where I can easily see them. Yeah, I know it's awful that these aren't put away, but I like seeing them. Hard to explain unless you have the same tendency, I guess.

I have too many clothes, I suppose. I don't know if I could even put them all away until I get rid of a bunch -- which I'm currently working on. June wants some, as does my sister Sue. The third bag I'm working into right now is for the Goodwill.

Today I tried on bras, which I 'discovered' inside my drawers. See? Out of sight, out of mind. Turns out I had quite a few! And I just bought a brand new one. I should have 'shopped' in my dresser first! Hahaha. None to share with Sue, but she just got a stack from Marilyn. And only one (so far) for June. But a bunch for myself, anyway -- and they're nicely organized and folded and in one drawer.

Socks are quite organized, too! And panties. And nightclothes. I made great headway today, in other words.

I'm using KonMari for folding (for the most part). The drawers are looking good -- and I really think I can find everything!

I thought I had Marilyn's pearls -- her 'Jackie' pearls she got from sister Sue. But when I tried putting them away in Marilyn's dresser, the Jackie pearls were there -- and there was no comparison! Her pearls are stunningly beautiful. Anyway, glad to know I haven't had those for ages...

I did tidy her top drawer just a little bit while in there. It wasn't bad, but I can tweak nearly any drawer, and did.

I need to stick to tweaking my own drawers, though! And the stacked clothes around the room, which are a constant issue. I've straightened the piles, but still. (sigh)

Made scones yesterday (delicious!!!).

Just missed my five year Fitbit anniversary. It was January 12 (originally 2015). I barely managed to get my 4,000 steps today, unfortunately. (sigh)

Enough for today. I have at least two entries I finished but never posted that I'll try and put up soon and backdate. Yikes! I am trying to blog again, anyway.

Johnnie needs his claws clipped. I've been having McKayla do that. Maybe I can get her over. Otherwise I'll have to bite the bullet and do it myself (gulp).

Sweet dreams, all!
rain sidewalk

Filthy Weather! Fitbits Still Rule.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was impressive tonight, too. I'm trying not to be political (as I've said before), but these two women have touched me. I loved her story about Francis Perkins.

Loving seeing HGTV's A Very Brady Renovation -- and tonight the remaining Brady cast (the six kids, anyway) are being interviewed, and they are very entertaining. Restoring that house -- actually making the real house resemble the sets we all knew -- is brilliant! Marilyn and I are watching (we're taping and then watching). They said six (maybe ten) million people are watching with us.

Filthy weather today, really filthy. Pouring rain, that I was out in, mind you. I'm not ready for winter. What happened to autumn? In fact, this is Portland! What happened to the end of summer???

Cupping this morning hurt like a bitch -- and she left me for 15 minutes, rather than the usual 10! Yikes. Then acupuncture. I was stunned when my damn noon alarm went off -- I expected to be done well before then.

I left in a hurry, got to the lobby where I donned my socks and shoes. Went to phone Marilyn and discovered I still had two needles in my right ear. Reached over and there were two in my left ear! I had to laugh. It wasn't Sheridan's fault, as I practically dashed out. Anyway, I nearly left without paying! Haha. Got a gigantic bottle of my herbals, then departed.

I went from there to Freddies to shop. Got the items I'd forgotten. Ironically, noe I need to go back again, as I have two prescriptions ready for pickup.

I spent some time working on June's project, but need to go to her place again. What I sent myself was missing the cover! I'm so stumped.

But I was too worn out to do much of anything. Cupping plus acupuncture is exhausting. I really need to rest after that...

Marilyn and I both fell asleep while trying to watch TV tonight. We're just hanging on right now. Her IBS-d has been acting up and she's pretty miserable. (My IBS-c isn't the best, either -- enough said.) What's odd is how absolutely healthy we're eating these days. Salads all the time, and many vegetarian foods...

My new -- old -- Fitbit is awesome! I bought a brand new Fitbit, then decided to see if I could get a new brand for my old one. I got a stunning gold leather one. I love it! Now Marilyn is using my new one. She's getting used to it, so we'll see how it works out.

I just walked out in the backyard in my nightclothes during a downpour to check our tarp. We'd be screwed if it came down! I got soaked, but all is well. I need to really check it out during daylight when it's dry...

Still playing away on our ukuleles. We love them and love playing.