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Elmer's With the Court -- Shopping With June

Today was the appearance of our Clown Prince (the festival mascot, played by our friend Angel) and the festival Court, who helped serve customers at Elmer's restaurant. We were excited about it, because it's our favorite Elmer's right here in our neighborhood!

June and I were there at 11:30-ish, and the Court had already arrived. Several members of our staff were also there -- Christie, Adeena, Marilyn, Carol, Jeff and Rich. Leslie and Linda were there with the girls.

I just loved the General Manager, Joanna, who has worked for Elmer's for 27 years. Wow! She was delightful. But everyone on her staff was delightful, too.

We had three television stations show up: KGW, KPTV and KATU. The Court did a lovely job, as did Angel. It was a fun event.

The Rose Meal was delicious! I had planned to pick up lunch for June, Adeena and me -- but Jeff picked up the tab for the entire staff, plus June! Wasn't that nice?

Instead of going in to the office, I headed off with June. She and I went shopping to Ross (the Gateway Ross). She got some tops and another pair of really pretty (and comfortable) shoes, plus a purse. I got some pillows (good sale), a purse, some shoes and some other random items. The shoes are Pumas and very comfortable, and pretty, too (black and pink). And my purse is a lovely pink backpack-style bag.

It was actually HOT today! June and I had to stop for something to drink on our way home. The dog at the store -- a big guy -- jumped up on me several times. He was so friendly.

I did some work in the morning before showering and washing my hair. And some work when I got home from shopping, too.

Unfortunately I had low blood sugar (!!!) when we got back. I started to feel lousy and shaky. I was thinking 'this can't be low blood sugar,' because I'd had that big lunch (more than I'd eaten in days!). And my fasting number hadn't been all that low this morning. But, yes, it was low. So I had to have a piece of bread...

Marilyn and I chatted on the phone at 7:00 and she sounded like she was coming home. And later around 8:00. She ended up at work until 9:00, though. Little wonder she falls right to sleep after eating! She had yet another very intense day today. What a week for her!

Important Note: I got a text from SISTER SUE this morning, asking me to call her!!! Actually, she told me Abby had sent the text for her. But I called and we did speak, the first time we'd talked in weeks! She has a new phone, but has lost her charger! She's no longer sleeping in the room with the kids. Tammy cleaned out a back bedroom with a twin bed (Candy gave her new sheets for the bed for Mother's Day). It's small, from what she said. But at least she has her own room. And she might be coming to the parade! It was nice to talk to her.

I also spoke briefly with cousin Linda who wants to come by for her wristbands and the bag of clothes Marilyn is giving her. We're going to talk again this weekend and work it out.

And my friend Shari and I talked for around an hour later in the day, which was nice. I'd never thanked her for all her wonderful gifts, so I did that. I just love the cat hot pad she gave us, the cat bag, all the pencils (I spent ages sharpening a huge pile of those for the office) and so much more. She is very generous with us. And she gets us a lot of things we can use at work!

I just stubbed my middle toe on my right foot before starting to blog. It's still throbbing. And the nail is fine, thankfully! But it bled like mad. What a mess. I don't know why I'm always stubbing my poor toes...

I got 4,000 steps today. Shopping, I guess. But I was on my feet a lot at Elmer's, too.

We're working tomorrow and have a ton of stuff to get done. I'm actually looking forward to it!

We had sausage and cheese on crackers for dinner. Plus I made popcorn after that.

We're expecting some sunny, hot days coming up.

Oh! I wore my new uniform pants today, which I really love. Very comfy and light weight -- so they'll be nice for parade day, I think.

Can't think what I'm forgetting. Sleep well and have sweet dreams.
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Another Board Meeting Successfully Finished

The annual board meeting is finished. This is the one where the gavel is passed from our recent president to the new two-year term president -- plus other officers are announced. And we welcome new members to the board and awards, including volunteer of the year and directors of the year.

Afterwards, Jeff, Adeena, Marilyn and I went to Hooters (Marilyn kindly treated all of us). We had a nice time.

I did get my garbage out to the can and the recycling out for pickup (it's garbage night -- but not 'real' garbage week). And composting and glass recycling, too...

I'm having spleen pain and I'm tired, so I'm heading to bed. I had a backache and stomach pain much of the day, so I barely ate anything until we went to Hooters. (And obviously Marilyn didn't eat at all until then!)

Anyway, I'm heading for bed...

Marilyn and I need to get manicures this weekend (ugh). Don't get me wrong. I love having a manicure. I just hate GETTING IT DONE. Oh well.

I got a lot of compliments on my weight loss. But maybe the sweetest thing said to me was not to lose too much weight (by a tiny woman who has ALWAYS had a perfect figure!). There's something special about that, I think. Maybe it's her way of saying that she likes me just fine without me losing any weight. I'm not sure, but the was she said it actually made me feel very good...

(My brand new pants were hanging around my middle tonight, as I showed Marilyn. I know that's good, but it's a little annoying, too...)

It was POURING DOWN RAIN today! We had a terrible downpour at one point. Glad I got Hector out here again this week! This evening the weather was quite nice, though.

Well, there's more I could share, but I'm too tired. Off I go! Good night! Sleep well and have nice dreams.