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sigh (wishbone)

Still Sick. Marilyn and Jeff Go Hiking...

There's very LITTLE for me to report on today. I stayed home. I stayed down. I feel crappy. I feel fatigued. I still have laryngitis.

On top of this, TeamViewer won't let me use it anymore. I wouldn't mind having a paid account, but I can't begin to AFFORD it. The 1 user profile price is $809 (!!!). The multiple user profiles (on unlimited devices) is $1,689 (!!!). Those are 'one time' costs, but for a non-profit organization, it might as well be a million dollars. And, NO, they do not give a non-profit discount. Donn actually talked to them at one point and tried to explain our financial situation, but they frankly do not give a damn. I get that they are out to make money (like our 'friends' Microsoft and Adobe), but it reminds me how things used to be in the early computer days, when there were companies that really tried hard for affordable softwares and services that average people and small companies and non-profits could actually afford. Is everything about the bottom line?

Anyway, now Donn and I are looking for other options. There are many, but we'll have to vet them out and figure out what makes the most sense for our purposes. Remote Utilities sounds like it might be more affordable. It's $838.50 for 30 account licenses. But that's STILL a lot of money. (sigh)

The annoying part is that Microsoft has a Remote Desktop service built in -- but we haven't been able to get that to work well EVER, really. Marilyn was just speculating that Microsoft might be tied in to one of these other services, considering they don't try very hard to make it possible to use the built in service. Surprise, huh? Everybody knows what it's like dealing with Microsoft.

We don't even want anything fancy -- just the ability to work from home when necessary. We're using Microsoft Office 2007 and are satisfied with that. And Adobe Suite 2 (talk about old). Nobody complains. We just plug away. Oh well. There's no point in letting it bother me. We just have to muddle through, as always. (But I don't know that I'll ever get over the fact that our festival is located right here in the Pacific Northwest -- and makes a huge impact on the finances of our community. But we're not supported by any of the many computer-related companies also based here in the Pacific Northwest...)

Marilyn and Jeff took a drive up the Columbia River Gorge to go hiking today. Marilyn took him to the Mosier Twin Tunnels trail, as he's never been there. Actually, he's never gone anywhere in the Gorge, as amazing as that seems to us.

Jeff and Marilyn are discussing upcoming staffing changes, which is interesting stuff. But I can't really go into any details.

Marilyn and I just ran to Freddies to pick up a few things we didn't get last night. We couldn't get our cat food, as they were out of it at Walmart. And they don't carry our kitty litter. So we got those. And a few other quick purchases...

I'm home again tomorrow. Donn and I plan that he'll go to his doctor appointment Wednesday morning, then the lunch on Wednesday for the staff. Wednesday morning I'll create the new Profile -- and after lunch in the afternoon Donn will set it up. Then I'll do the training on Thursday, as planned...

Marilyn did the treadmill while we were watching American Ninja Warrior (which we LOVE), so she could get her 10,000 steps. Good for her. It's been AGES since I got my 4,000 steps a day. (sigh)

You know, I really thought I'd have my VOICE BACK by now, but no such luck. (sigh)

Marilyn says we need to go back to the doctor next week. I'm fine with that, to tell you the truth. I'd like to be OVER THIS BUG any time now. It's hard not to be depressed by this long illness! I'm trying very hard not to feel sorry for myself, but it's not easy.

On that note, goodnight everyone...

Sunday Hike!

Our original plan had been to do the same thing as yesterday: Go in early to the office and work. But instead, Marilyn suggested we take a ride up the Gorge (the Columbia River Gorge), and maybe hike to the Mosier Twin Tunnels. We've made this hike many times and really enjoy it.

We started out, however, by heading over to Washington state to make a quick trip to Walmart. We needed to pick up supplements, and Marilyn wanted to try a new protein powder with green tea.

After a very quick shopping trip, we decided to drive up the Washington side of the Gorge -- and maybe stop somewhere and hike in a new spot. Then we got to talking about Beacon Rock, which we haven't hiked up in years and years. So we drove that way and even stopped there, buying an annual parking pass for all Washington state parks. But once there, we decided not to climb Beacon Rock today. So we kept driving up the Gorge, and crossed the toll bridge at Hood River. Then we kept going until we reached Mosier.

I had my big backpack along that I take on hikes. I can fit my entire purse inside it. Why does this matter? Because I don't carry the usual stuff women carry inside my purse. It contains my (all-important) external hard drive, my iPads and my Kindle paperwhite! It's pretty heavy to pack around, but I would NEVER leave it in the car!!! If it's with me, then it stays with me -- inside stores or wherever we stop. And when we walk or hike, as well.

And I had it with me because we planned to go DIRECTLY to the office when we were done up the Gorge, so we could finish up our work from yesterday...

By the way, when we stopped at Beacon Rock there had been a break-in of at least one car there! So I can't stress enough how important it is to keep your important items WITH YOU at all times! A ranger even came over to warn us about the problem and make sure we hadn't had anything taken.

My backpack gets pretty heavy, what with my purse and then things like trail snacks, apples and bottled water.

The weather was really lovely up the Gorge today. I only wore my light jacket when we were hiking, and Marilyn had to take off her heavier jacket that she'd worn. We had our walking sticks (as always) and we pushed ourselves pretty hard. (I've been packing around my meter to test my blood sugar, because of the recent issues. I tested it once on the trail, then again at the car.)

Anyway, it was a great hike!

We stopped on the way back at Planet Fitness. We had decided to get gym memberships, which we haven't had in a long time. We used to belong to Nautilus years ago, and then to West Coast Fitness. But the exciting thing about Planet Fitness is that it's literally open 24/7! You can go there any hour of the day or night, and every day of the week. The interesting thing is that it's on 182nd near Division, which is very close to where sister Sue used to live years ago. Marilyn and I spent a lot of time at Sue's house, as I used to be the nanny for her kids when she had to travel all the time for her work (and Marilyn would frequently come and stay there, too).

We think it's a good way to spend our money, getting back in the gym after all these years. We always loved doing the weight machines. And it should be fun doing the treadmill side by side!

Then we drove downtown to the office. And I had to immediately test my blood, as I was having another low.

I had some of my other doses of my medication from when I took lower doses. So I tried 500 last night (that's half of my current dose). But I was high this morning. So I went to 850, which I was on for some time. I'm thinking I need to do 850 at night (for now), and try the 500 in the morning. Yes, I need to see my nurse practitioner and get this worked out, but frankly, she'd just do exactly what I'm trying right now -- she'd adjust me and adjust me until we reasoned it out. Except that she wouldn't see me often enough to be much help. So I think it's fine to give this a try for now.

Mainly I need to be sure that I'm eating enough during the day -- especially when I'm exercising (which is much of the time right now). It was interesting that just the hike didn't bring me low -- but it was probably that we hadn't eaten again soon enough...

I'm NOT so low that it's dangerous. But being low FEELS LOUSY! I just feel really yucky afterwards, even when I get it back under control. The swings from low back up are unpleasant, too -- not just the way you feel when you're low (which is crappy).

So, we're back to the problem. It is a good problem to have, because I certainly want to get my readings lower. But it's not balanced right now, which is going to take time and patience to manage. I'm proud that I'm being careful and testing whenever necessary. I keep a meter with me all the time right now, which I think makes sense.

By the way, Marilyn and I are getting a TON of sleep right now, especially for us. Most people who know us are aware we don't begin to get the sleep that many people seem to find essential. But we've really increased our own amount.

For a time when I first got really serious about my steps, I was having huge bags under my eyes! But that's much better now, and I think it's about the sleep.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 12,255 steps today. I did 13,035 steps. We were BOTH more than 80,000 steps for seven days, which amazed us! Pretty cool.

We talked about trying for 15,000 steps today, but by the time we got done at work and got home we were just too tired to try it. Oh well. (The idea is to have some 'extra' room for days where we might not make the 10,000 steps a day goal...)

Darn! I totally left out visiting the area near North Bonneville that has the Bigfoot statues!!! We've been there before, but the Bigfoot statues are a new addition, and really sweet! These are carved from wood and are all over the park -- some hiding behind trees or rocks, and some hanging from trees! Very clever idea. (I would imagine kids would love them!) There's a tennis court there that we've always intended to give a try. (Back in the day we loved finding new places to play tennis...)

We had hot dogs and chili when we got home. We decided to have that earlier in the week. It was yummy (with Brussels Sprouts).

Well, I'm training TWO new people tomorrow, so I should get to bed! Good night all!


Great Day of Summer Fun up the Gorge!

Marilyn and I had a WONDERFUL and fun day!

We started out by sleeping in -- which is a treat to begin with. (smile)

Oh! I need to mention that both Marilyn and I are crazy about the new Activia Greek yogurt. This is big, because Marilyn wouldn't touch Activia before this. The texture is wonderful (so creamy!), and the taste is lovely. Thankfully NOT too sweet and with only a little bit of fruit. We both had this for breakfast this morning. (I highly recommend it!)

We took a drive up the Columbia River Gorge and went to the Starbucks in Hood River. We both remain hooked on Instagram and love how easy it is to use it wherever you happen to be. We were Instagram-ing all day long. (grin)

After that we went to the Mosier Twin Tunnels trail and hiked in. It was around 93° at the time, really hot! It's so beautiful up there.

Our friends Pat and Pat (he and she) live up the Gorge. They saw our posts from Instagram via Facebook and invited us to drop by for adult beverages. (smile) We hadn't seen them in ages, so we decided to do exactly that. We had a really lovely time at their amazing home.

Then we headed home and I fixed fish for dinner. And we had an Outshine fruit bar after -- we're really hooked on those now (our fave flavor is coconut).

It's time for a nap. Back to work tomorrow -- I'm having Donn come in to do computer work (finally). I should have had him come ages ago, but it doesn't matter. We just need to get some stuff done, now that summer is here (and the festival is over).

I hope sister Sue and I can get together this week -- there was no time last week and I'm missing her! (Yes, we've talked on the phone, but we generally see each other at least once a week...)

That's my summer day -- how was your day???

sunshine, sunny

Up the Gorge

We went shopping earlier today, then took a nice drive up the Columbia River Gorge. There was some rain, but then it was sunny and beautiful -- with only a few lovely clouds and lots of blue skies.

We listened to one of our more recent playlists all the way up and back -- great songs!

We ended up at Mosier where we stopped to briefly hike the Twin Tunnels trailhead. Actually, we should have quit sooner, considering it was chilly and Marilyn mistressmarilyn is still recovering from her sinus infection. Hopefully she won't have any ill effects, as we headed back fairly soon.

It was great to get a little bit of exercise and LOADS of fresh air -- plus some sun on our skin.

Then we came home and had naps -- and are now playing Zuma. What a lovely, restful weekend...

No photos to share, as I didn't think to take along my camera. We hadn't really made any plan to take a drive, it was just spur of the moment.

I guess Nicole had fun last Friday (March 27) when sister Sue suzy_qp took her and a few friends to Oaks Park to celebrate her birthday (actually March 24) by riding the rides. The kids (being kids) didn't mind the chill or what little rain fell. I guess Sue was pretty miserable, though...

Well, back to Zuma!

charlie 2012 beige

A Drive Up the Gorge...

We took a drive today with sister Sue, going for Starbucks (I had the Tangerine frappuccino fruit blend, that's made with Tazo tea) and then heading up the Columbia River Gorge.

Tangerine Frappuccino

We decided to show Sue the Twin Tunnels from the Mosier end (which we prefer over the Hood River side).

Mosier Twin Tunnels - path

As for these tunnels, here's a quick history lesson... (smile)

The Historic Columbia River Highway was constructed between 1913 and 1922 and provided an east-to-west route through the Columbia River Gorge that allowed enjoyment of the incredible natural beauty of the area. This highway served millions of travelers and became one of the grandest in the nation.

But when transportation needs required larger roads, sections of the old highway were bypassed. By the 1960s a new interstate highway had replaced almost the entire old road. This four-mile stretch of the old highway that lies between Mosier and Hood River -- and which includes the Mosier Twin Tunnels -- was closed and filled with rock.

But in the last decade (or so), interest in the old highway brought about the resurrection of several portions -- including the Twin Tunnels area. It's not wide enough for vehicles these days (having been built for Model Ts), but makes a great hiking and biking trail!

While we were there we kept seeing chalk marks on the road -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn figured there must have recently been some kind of race there. I discovered there was indeed a run (the Mosier Twin Tunnels Run) -- just this morning, as a matter of fact! Marilyn said she wished she'd known about it, so she could have participated!

Anyway, we walked all the way in to the dedication overview area with Sue. This is something she couldn't have done before her surgery this past January -- and subsequent life-saving weight-loss. (Marilyn and I have been there several times, though I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before in my journal...)

Sue's doing really well. She even came over to the Columbia Park courts yesterday and played tennis with us! (And she was connecting with the ball really well, too.)

It was hot there -- but certainly a lovely summer day. We dubbed it a perfect 10! (smile)

(Yes, as shocking as it is, we actually skipped playing tennis today!!! Awful. I hope we'll play tomorrow, though...)