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Day of Errands -- Plus Plenty of Festival Work!

I just woke up from a NAP after dinner with LEG CRAMPS. Yes, again. Constantly, really.

So, I'm trying the spoonful of mustard thing. Specifically, I'm trying Jack Daniels jalapeno mustard -- what amazing flavor! I was going to say that the jury's out on whether or not it works, but I do believe it works. Not perfectly -- but nothing I've tried does that! Hahaha. And Marilyn finds the idea of getting yourself to take it with a spoon pretty disgusting. But I'd do just about anything to stop all the pain. And they might just have the very BEST mustard I've ever tasted.

Although, I have to admit I still like classic French's mustard with my Heinz Tomato Ketchup. And Heinz??? I really HATE those commercials where the Heinz boy breaks up with the French's mustard!!! Not in my house, thanks very much! Hahaha. We do NOT use Heinz mustard around here! But we do sometimes like the Heinz Jalapeno Ketchup!!! (smile)

I'm not kidding. As much as I love the Heinz commercials where the whole 'family' of their products has wiener dogs in buns running toward them, for the most part the Heinz boy dumping the French's girl just annoys me to death! Be true, Heinz! Please! I'll never get over that, I swear. Yeah, yeah. If you ever even saw it you're thinking it didn't stick with you, right? I guess I love some commercials, what can I say?

My sister Sue phoned TWICE today. More about that...

Adeena and I had our BIG DAY of running errands for Marilyn! First we were off to Seaside, Oregon. But before we could leave I had work issues popping up like mad! I had to tell Rich I'd contact him in the afternoon about our weekend Press Release/News item for the website. I couldn't reach Kate before departing, so planned to call her from the car. I promised Christine I'd get back to her later. And I forget what else. Hahaha. I'm so valuable. Right.

We finally left and drove highway 30 to Cornelius Pass -- you go through St. Johns (where we stopped at the Lombard drive-through Starbucks for drinks and goodies) and across the St. Johns bridge, heading past the Sauvie Island bridge. This connects with the 'quick way' to head to Seaside (as opposed to the Astoria direction).

At one point I'm chatting on the phone with Kate and we have to actually pull over so I can hear her better. Then she emails me CODE from the eNewsletter that was going out -- so I can write additional code to 'fix' her issue for her. I just couldn't explain it without seeing it. And it was faster to write the code myself, so I did. Using my phone for a hotspot and my iPad to do the actual code. Hahaha. I love this stuff, I honestly really do!

Before we took off Marilyn had called about me checking the Starlight Parade script one last time, which I did -- after Marilyn sent me the Word version that I could edit, as opposed to the PDF I had from Jessica. I did find some mistakes. And I rearranged the order of some Copy. This has a bumping order. PA announcers will start by reading the first paragraph. Or, the first line of the first paragraph. It depends on how much time they have! So if essential information is in the second paragraph or (heaven forbid) the third one, I put that into the first. If that makes sense! For example, the band director's name(s) always goes in the first paragraph...

And I found a couple of spelling errors (easy fix). Plus suddenly I notice an eclipse event that says it's on August 17 instead of August 21! Oops! How did I miss THAT the first time around??? Hahaha. So I emailed that back to myself and Remotely moved it into the proper folder at the office...

It was overcast driving down. But the sun really came out while we were there, which was nice! We went directly to the liquor store where Kevin was holding a case for Marilyn and me (I'd arranged that via phone). He wasn't in, but the two women were ready with our order! Taco Time is CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I'm sorry to report! So no crispy meat burritos for us! Hahaha.

From there we went to Riteaid near Safeway to get other items we needed. Adeena was dashing to the bathroom (long trip with Starbucks to drink!). I was on the phone with sister Sue. She was crying and unhappy -- she wanted Candy to take her back home. I now need the bathroom, so I have Adeena take the phone...

We got more IBgard pills (amazing product!!!). And I found darling sunglasses! I wasn't specifically looking for these, but they were there so I got a pair. I haven't bought new ones in years!

We also got coffee creamer, which we needed at home. And some minor items (I forget right now what).

Then we need to go drive to see the ocean! I'm wearing my new sunglasses by now. (smile) We jumped out and got photos, by the way. And I'd seen the Antique Mall that's on Broadway, so we drove back and parked and went in. I had it in my head to look for something that would work as a fur stole for my dress on Friday night -- the Old Hollywood theme.

Adeena has a full length, beautiful dress she's wearing! I can't wait to see the real deal (I saw photos). She's very excited about it!

We go in and find a leopard-spotted table runner I'm thinking I could buy. Yes, they do carry vintage clothing. And then we find a MINK STOLE. Adeena gasped when I put it on. Needless to say, it was perfect!!! So I call Marilyn and she says 'get it,' and the rest is history!

Then we're back on the road heading quickly home, as we both have work to do!

Adeena dropped me off and headed to work in the office. I threw on my 'new' stole and went over to show it to June and Jim. June asks if it has pockets -- I later read that this is the sign of a more superior stole, by the way. It's in beautiful condition. No 'bald' spots or bad lining.

Yes, yes, I know. It's so PC to avoid wearing fur these days. I still don't really understand it, if I'm being honest. Minks were raised for their fur. Most people still wear leather without feeling guilt. Anyway, I can't wait to wear it!

I sold Mom's fur right after she died. And though it was in bad shape, I've frequently regretted it. I think she's smiling down from heaven today -- as she would have loved this stole! It's going to make my outfit, paired with my 'Marilyn Monroe' style dress. I guess I fail at being PC... But this is so beautiful. I've got it hanging where you can't miss it in my bedroom! (smile)

Then I get right to work with Rich on the Press Release/News item, which I put up the second we finished it.

Next I get all the info for the Fleet page at the website and carefully fix it so I can add it. It was a ton of work. Christine checks it over and chats with me and I fix it all accordingly...

Candy came by to get her Seether tickets for Friday night. She bought one so she, Sharla and Dave can all three go. Marilyn and I will go there after the party and hopefully see her!

Candy also took Sir Mix tickets for Saturday night, even though she has a conflict. I hope she gets to come. I love his concerts! Marilyn and I will be there...

Marilyn was actually HOME by 7:00 tonight! HUGE SHOCK!!! She really wanted to avoid another long, long day...

She ate chicken (from last night) and I ate rice (from yesterday). And we were supposed to have more raspberries and cookies (molasses from Franz -- our faves!!!). But we were both so tired we went to sleep...

I had PERFECT blood sugar this morning: 95. Wow. Even after both raspberries and cookies before bed last night!!! Wow.

But these leg cramps are murder!!!

Marilyn has Court judging tomorrow -- I need to come in to work with Adeena. Marilyn gets her hair done in the evening and will come back to get me after that...

I have my all-important PA Meeting in the afternoon!

I need to head to bed now... We were watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" again tonight. Such fun!

Say! I'm pretty proud I can lift a box of SIX BIG BOTTLES of Margarita Watermelon (pre-mixed)! I carried it to the car in Seaside and into the house here in Portland -- and it's damn heavy!!!

Yes, Sue called again when I was home. She was VERY CONFUSED about her doctor appointment, which she told me was quite bad -- and Marilyn told me was NOT. Marilyn still gets the reports by email. (sigh)

And now it's 2:00 a.m. and I'm facing a very busy day! Just saying!

Sweetest of all dreams, my friends.

Dental Appointment -- Organizing My Bedroom

I've had a toothache since last Friday. I would have phoned about it on Monday (yesterday), but it was a holiday. (And I think my dentist's office is closed on Mondays, anyway...) So I called this morning and they fit me in at 12:15.

That gave me time this morning to color my hair, which really needed it! I was really looking white/gray at my roots. Yikes! Not good to be worrying about during the festival, that's for sure.

Adeena took me to the dentist. Mary didn't really find anything. She thinks there's a possibility I've got a root canal that's going bad. That could be serious (sigh), as she'd need to send me to a specialist -- which is very expensive! But it might just be that I've been grinding my teeth and that's what's causing the pain. It's so radiated that I can't even tell which tooth for sure is bothering me. I've been brushing like mad with my Sensodyne toothpaste (designed for people with sensitive teeth).

Interestingly enough, my blood sugar this morning was really GOOD! 109 early on and 111 a short time later (when I actually did my insulin). That's especially astounding because PAIN elevates blood sugar. And I was up and down all night again with leg cramps. Those cramps were especially awful when I got up this morning. Thank God for my Hyland's pills!!!

I was up early enough to see two episodes of "My Three Sons," which I recall we used to watch -- but I was young at the time. I think Mom and Dad were fans, meaning we kids sort of saw it. (smile) One episode featured Bub O'Casey -- he was the boys' live-in maternal grandfather, played by William Frawley (of "I Love Lucy: fame, as Fred). The boys were annoyed by him, but ended up glad he had butted in. The other episode was clever, featuring the space program on TV and how a day in the life ran... Hard to explain, but fun to watch. Anyway, it's on at 7:30 a.m.

I usually don't just sit and watch TV during the day, by the way. I have TV on while I sit at my computer and work in my office. When I'm facing my computer, the TV is on my left, on top of four-drawer vertical file cabinets (in other words, up in the air and behind my head). So I don't ever tend to look at it -- I just listen to what's going on and sometimes glance at the screen. (grin)

The TV is on right now and "Frasier" is playing... I guess you can't really call it WATCHING TV, considering I mainly LISTEN to TV. Hahaha. But I'm used to it. I'll often have TV on in the kitchen while I'm doing dishes or cooking. Or in my bedroom sometimes when I'm cleaning... I guess it keeps me company.

After the dentist, I walked to Starbucks to meet up with Adeena. I got coffee and we walked back to the car (parked in the lot behind Mary's). It's always nice to see Mary, Holly and Shannon, by the way.

We took my FOUR (!!!) prescriptions down to Riteaid. I'd planned to just wait for these, but it was going to take AN HOUR (!!!). So we went over to Safeway and got Chinese from the deli and picked up a couple groceries (and chicken for Marilyn from the deli, too).

We went back home to eat. Then called at one hour later and were told it would be another half hour! Adeena had an afternoon meeting, so she headed out to go back to the office. But she called Jessica and found out the meeting had been cancelled, so she came back. Eventually they did finish my prescriptions, and we got them and I started taking them...

Mary wanted me to take one of the heavy-duty pain pills and try to rest -- and see if that would help the dental pain. Guess what? That actually worked!!!

Adeena left and went back to the festival to work.

I read a bit and then actually napped (!!!) -- something I rarely do in the middle of the day!

Then I got up and Remoted to work and did some email and other stuff. And I talked to Rich about work at one point.

Finally I got wrapped up in picking up my bedroom, which has been quite a mess. It's hard this time of year, being so busy! But I put my various pairs of boots away in the closet and folded up clothes and put them in drawers and hung other stuff. I really got my bedroom in decent order! That often isn't true during the festival. It's just hard to keep up with it. And in many ways it's convenient to have the clothes we're wearing just stacked where these are easy to put your hands on -- rather than in drawers and closets.

I'm very happy with how that turned out.

Marilyn was at work until 10:00! That's a 15-hour day. Good grief.

Sue B. is in town to help with the Starlight Parade. Marilyn is very pleased! They were really cooking today.

I ate more rice for dinner (which I had earlier). Honestly, it's easy to chew and that's good right now. I did start my antibiotics (yes, again) today. We'll see if that's necessary or not. Mary felt it would help, so...

I still need to do laundry, but I did do a load of dishes, anyway!

Marilyn got on the treadmill (!!!) after dinner! Inspiring, isn't it??? The last I heard she had more than 10,000 steps. I didn't even get 4,000 -- which is probably just as well, considering my leg cramps. So frustrating!

Marilyn and I were watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" while she was on the treadmill. Such a great movie! Beautiful Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe! And all their gorgeous clothes! And singing along with the music. So fun!!!

Friday night the VIP party has the theme Old Hollywood. I wish I had a faux stole I could wear with my dress! Hahaha.

Time for bed. I may have had a nap today, but I'm still behind in getting enough sleep.

Oh! I forgot to mention that sister Sue called today. She was trying to reach Candy. So I called Candy to have her call Sue. It appears Tammy is being unpleasant with Sue. Candy texted later and said she might bring Sue back home. She doesn't want her to put up with Tammy...

Don't know what else I'm forgetting! But sweet dreams, all!
marilyn-amazing, amazing

Marilyn and Jeff Make Me Proud!

Marilyn and Jeff actually walked the entire Half Marathon this morning!!! No, I'm not kidding. I don't know how they did it -- especially Marilyn (who is probably around twenty years older than Jeff). Without training! In fact, while putting in grueling long hours for ages (especially Marilyn). Which shows how strong some people can be!!!

I wish I'd been at the finish line to cheer for them and congratulate them!

Marilyn came home with only a couple of blisters -- but so thirsty she was going crazy! Shades of her last half marathon! Hahaha.

And after that -- and only a soak in the tub and a very short nap, she and I went out shopping tonight. All told, she got 35,000 (!!!) steps today! Amazing! That was three different badges at Fitbit.

I somehow managed to get 5,000 steps myself -- maybe not such a good thing, considering I'm having such terrible leg cramps every night now. These wake me over and over. Last night I was afraid I'd wake Marilyn I was making so much noise. And I'm even having cramps in my hands... (sigh)

My accomplishment for today? I got almost the entire Starlight Parade script edited -- with the exception of some things I'll need to check out tomorrow. It should be done tomorrow, but I might be held up by the holiday. So perhaps not until Tuesday. I guess we'll see.

Marilyn is sound asleep. I'm just pushing myself to blog. I'm so damn tired I can barely sit here. I think I'm even more tired than I was Friday night.

I tried to call sister Sue today, but didn't reach her. I think she'd have been excited to hear about Marilyn and the Half Marathon.

You know what? I love editing. It's actually enjoyable for me! Of course, I love writing, period. But I think I'm a pretty damn good editor. Just sayin'.

Adeena did a good job with her writing of the script. She's really a fine writer -- and I'm picky as hell.

Marilyn bought three wonderful dresses at Ross tonight! She's going to wear one of those for the party on Friday night. No, I have NO CLUE what I'm going to wear... (sigh) I'll figure it out, I supposed.

I need to turn in more ticket orders for GFP -- Marilyn wanted them LAST WEEK! Yikes. I'd better get that done tomorrow.

I have a toothache. I can't figure out how serious it is. I'll have to try and reach Mary and see if she can work me in. That's no small order right now! Why another issue to deal with? I'm trying not to complain, but I do have a lot of health issues all the time...

Time for bed. Sweet dreams, friends!

Point One Run -- And a Nice Nap

Before I blog, I have to rant a bit. The mobile App for LiveJournal sucks (as I think everybody knows). So I quit using it ages ago. But every so often I give it another chance, even though that's a waste of time. But trying to blog via Safari on my iPad? That sucks, too, in many ways. For example, tons of my icons (user pics) simply don't display. Why is that? Rant over (for now).


Marilyn went to work and put in many hours this evening -- and night. She's amazingly hard working, I have to tell you.

The day started with us deciding what to wear and then heading to the office for the Point One Run, our fun run that started last year.

I wore the tee from the 90's that shows a Queen with a tear in her eye, excited that she'll be riding as Queen on the Court float. I need to share a photo...

Marilyn wore night clothes and carried a pillow. At one point Kate from our office told me she was trying to figure out how 'that homeless woman' could be wearing a staff credential! Hahaha.

This is such a fun event, anyway. But, wow, was it HOT out there! Whew. Beautiful, sunny and hot.

After that event, Marilyn and I came home and took naps. I can't speak for Marilyn (I don't even know if she did nap!), but I barely read to turn off my brain, then went right off to sleep!

I had a rough night last night -- loads of leg cramps after all that walking yesterday -- tons of which was up and down stairs (as always). And I paid for it! Wow, what awful cramps!!!

I was really tired today. But I got up soon after Marilyn drove off. I cleaned up in the kitchen a bit. And so on.

Then I started looking at the Starlight script. I'll work on that tomorrow.

Marilyn is falling asleep on the sofa. It's 1:00 and she needs to be up in a couple of hours!!! She and Jeff are walking the Half Marathon in the morning -- and it's VERY early!

We just watched some Celebrity Ninja Warrior -- it was amazing!!!

And that's it for today.

We Survived the First Day of the Festival.

So, we survived the first day of the festival. There were several good moments during the day. (Plus many difficult moments.)

It's currently five minutes to one. We're just barely home from a very long day.

Rob and Jeff came by to pick up their wristbands and visited for a bit. (I also gave them Chalet passes for GFP.)

I got to briefly see our friend Shari (I looked and looked for her later, but never found her again). She arrived just as we needed to be down in CityFair for the Opening Ceremony, so I didn't get to really speak to her...

I rode two rides with Kate (from our staff). The second ride Rob and Jeff rode, too. And I got to ride a third ride with my niece, Candy. And I got to meet several of Candy's friends.

I got to see and chat with cousin Linda and her daughter, Katie. (And I saw Linda's friend, Barron.)

I got to briefly see Nicole (Candy's daughter) -- surrounded by a group of young men.

Mark came down and spent hours hanging out with me (and Marilyn and Adeena and others). His son had been in a car accident away at school, but wasn't hurt, thankfully.

I saw Larry and his daughter Abby and a friend of Larry's. Larry has lost a lot of weight -- he told me 75 pounds. But his sister, Candy, looked like she'd lost weight, too.

Suddenly while I'm riding rides for fun, I have people looking for me! The website is down! So I have to hurry back to the office. Jeremiah was there, thankfully, when I emailed Atmosera. And he had it fixed within 20 minutes of my emailing him. Pretty darn good! He never fails me.

But that shouldn't have happened! I knew we'd increased things in previous years for the months of the festival, so... It means we were get a ton of hits and this literally crashed us. Which is actually sort of a good thing. (smile)

Everybody was complaining about sore feet! (Yes, me included. Right now my feet are just throbbing.)

I got 13,125 steps today! At one point Marilyn, Adeena and I were neck in neck for who would have the most steps. Hahaha.

Jeff was in a very serious mood today. He promised that 'fun Jeff' would come out to play tomorrow!

I somehow managed to get a News item up about Opening Day. It was hard, not being able to run it by Rich who was running that event...

I saw Donn and Denise briefly, who said they'd had fun. They left long before the fireworks.

Jessica bought corn dogs and fries for us to eat. I hadn't had much to eat all day, so I was really hungry.

Tomorrow is the Point One Run, so I need to get to bed. It's at 10:30 a.m. However, I never picked up my packet today (I totally forgot), so I need to do that before the race in the morning.

So I guess I'd better get to bed!!!

I'm probably forgetting a ton of stuff to share, but whatever! I'm tired and ready to sleep.

Good night!
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"Baywatch" (The New Movie) -- And One Crazy Festival Day

Training Tashae went quite well. Let me first admit that Marilyn was 100% correct -- the location right by the side doors near Jeff's office was ridiculous and didn't work AT ALL. So Tashae moved her own computer from that location to X (in the center on the seawall), which is where she was located last year...

Marilyn, Jeff, Rich and Jessica were off to a meeting first thing. So it was only a few of us going to Starbucks (Carol, Tashae, Sheila, Steven, Christine and me).

I used my NEW NOTES (which had the addition of a security section and how to close software applications) for the first time. They need some tweaking, but it went decently, anyway.

I had to do some major IT settings today. Man, I'm glad I keep good notes!!!

Diane from the One More Time band came in and brought us cake, t-shirts and medals this morning! Marilyn had worn pink pants which looked GREAT with the tie-dye shirt that had pink in it. I immediately put on my medal and wore it all day. (smile)

Soon after finishing up training, Adeena brought me home so I could work here. I had some website stuff to wrap up. I didn't think it was a big deal -- at first.

But the next thing I knew it was TEN EVENTS that hadn't been included at the website to date! Including some major events with important sponsors. And multiple day events -- which are very complicated to do.

I spent hours on this, working with several people. Rich and I were on the phone for ages going through things together. I got some of it done, but got burned out and had to quit. I'll finish it up tomorrow.

I don't know who dropped the ball, but I'm responsible for the website, so I'm to blame as much as anyone. Marilyn wrote a strong email to our Communications Team, but didn't place any blame. We all know we need to own the mistake -- and people were scrambling to fix it. But ultimately I personally need to do most of the work (and I will).

Tonight Jeff, Adeena, Marilyn and I went to see the movie "Baywatch," with Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach (and more). Who doesn't LOVE Dwayne Johnson??? He's just fabulous in everything you ever see him in and that's the case here, too. In fact, when he's out of the action for a spell you really miss seeing him.

The movie has terrible reviews. You know what? Go see it anyway, just for fun! No, it's not a perfect film by a long shot, but we laughed and enjoyed ourselves and I think that's good enough, sometimes. Man, Dwayne and Zac are so buff. And Alexandra and Kelly are curvaceous and lovely. The humor is crass and some parts are very gross, but who cares? Sometimes this is just what you need...

There was some drama today, but oh well. Marilyn and I are determined to remain positive, no matter what. Things are certainly better for us than they were last year. And everything will get done. But I feel for Marilyn who is under constant stress and never left alone all day long. People simply can't function without her.

I only had two bites of the cake today. I had very little to eat, actually. But I ate a hotdog and popcorn at the show. Hahaha. So that blew all the being good from earlier, I suppose. My blood sugar was good both this morning and this evening.

Annoying! I missed 5,000 steps by less than 100 steps. Seriously? Hahaha. By the way, bad leg cramps again today.

Cousin Linda came by today and picked up her wristbands. I gave Donn wristbands yesterday. I still need to get wristbands to family members -- but I feel the onus should be on THEM just a bit...

Time to head to bed, anyway!

Sleep well, and happy dreams, friends.

Happy Birthday, Mom -- Long, Busy Day (I'm Tired)

Happy Birthday, Mom. If she were alive, she'd be 93 this year. (She passed in January of 2000...) I suppose it's silly to bring it up, but I was thinking about her (and Dad) today.

Today was a long, long day. And a busy one! And I'm very tired tonight.

June told me she had leg cramps all night long. I was having them starting early in the morning and they were around on and off all day. (sigh) Oh well.

I did a bunch of festival work. Website stuff and IT stuff. I spent some time re-drafting the training check-list I use when working with new personnel. It needs some tweaking, but should be ready when I re-train Tashae on Wednesday.

I talked to June and use TeamViewer to help her with her computer.

I talked to Donn about work tomorrow.

I chatted with friend Shari for fun!

I called Hector about the yard (he's coming tomorrow -- yes, he did do the gutters).

I emailed the garbage service at the beach. No clue if that's fixed, or not.

I took out all the old food in the house (finally). And did a load of dishes.

Adeena took me shopping to Walgreens and Freddies. I got light bulbs (finally) and a bunch of stuff I really needed, including cat food and cat snacks! So important.

Adeena stayed until past 11:00.

Marilyn got home right around 11:00 from work and her massage therapy.

We have a BIG DAY tomorrow. I'm super tired tonight. I still need to go set up my pills. It takes around half an hour (and I can hardly see straight right now).

I was starved by the time Marilyn got home -- so was she! It was a pleasure to eat. I hadn't fasted for 24 hours like Marilyn, however! She's amazing...

It was HOTTER THAN HELL here today. Really miserable. I tried not to run the air conditioner too much, but I was sweating like crazy. Awful. Poor Marilyn was FREEZING downstairs, as running the AC makes it too cold downstairs while trying to cool it off a little upstairs. The hottest room in the house seems to be the office where I was working for hours...

Tomorrow is Mayor Harry Lane Day!!!!!!!!

I need to count out wristbands for people. And get Marilyn the list of Grand Floral Parade tickets, too!

I should get the Starlight Parade script to start editing tomorrow. Adeena was finishing it up tonight.

How can it be past 1:00 a.m.??? I just didn't get as much done today as I planned. (sigh)

I better go do the pills and search for my tee. And get to bed.

A Busy Day At the Office

Marilyn and I did sleep in. We made it to the office by 10:00. Several people were there: Steven (and his five-year-old daughter Grace), Jessica, Suzanne, Adeena, Christine, Jeff -- and Carol, of course.

Our friends Rob and his partner Jeff (and their two little dogs) came by with food for us past 3:00.

We did get Starbucks. But later I had low blood sugar again. It really messes me up.

I spent a bunch of time with Grace, whom I just love. I have toys upstairs, under my desk.

Marilyn did a TON of work -- and, no, I didn't help her. I did try to help Jeff with his PDF issue to no avail (sigh). I was able to help Carol with her Pagemaker issue, though. And that's always my job.

I worked on a complicated set of instructions. But forgot to explain one aspect, so I already need to edit it.

Marilyn and I got home by 6:30.

Later on I made us popcorn, which we almost always have on Saturday ight.

Marilyn and I are tired. We fell asleep watching TV...

My new wallet I was so excited about? It doesn't work worth a damn... (sigh)

I got an email back from Joanna (from Elmer's). And talked to Donn at one point.

It's been a long, busy week. And today was a long day.

I got my 4,000 steps today, certainly without trying.

Time for sleep.
friend-june, june

Elmer's With the Court -- Shopping With June

Today was the appearance of our Clown Prince (the festival mascot, played by our friend Angel) and the festival Court, who helped serve customers at Elmer's restaurant. We were excited about it, because it's our favorite Elmer's right here in our neighborhood!

June and I were there at 11:30-ish, and the Court had already arrived. Several members of our staff were also there -- Christie, Adeena, Marilyn, Carol, Jeff and Rich. Leslie and Linda were there with the girls.

I just loved the General Manager, Joanna, who has worked for Elmer's for 27 years. Wow! She was delightful. But everyone on her staff was delightful, too.

We had three television stations show up: KGW, KPTV and KATU. The Court did a lovely job, as did Angel. It was a fun event.

The Rose Meal was delicious! I had planned to pick up lunch for June, Adeena and me -- but Jeff picked up the tab for the entire staff, plus June! Wasn't that nice?

Instead of going in to the office, I headed off with June. She and I went shopping to Ross (the Gateway Ross). She got some tops and another pair of really pretty (and comfortable) shoes, plus a purse. I got some pillows (good sale), a purse, some shoes and some other random items. The shoes are Pumas and very comfortable, and pretty, too (black and pink). And my purse is a lovely pink backpack-style bag.

It was actually HOT today! June and I had to stop for something to drink on our way home. The dog at the store -- a big guy -- jumped up on me several times. He was so friendly.

I did some work in the morning before showering and washing my hair. And some work when I got home from shopping, too.

Unfortunately I had low blood sugar (!!!) when we got back. I started to feel lousy and shaky. I was thinking 'this can't be low blood sugar,' because I'd had that big lunch (more than I'd eaten in days!). And my fasting number hadn't been all that low this morning. But, yes, it was low. So I had to have a piece of bread...

Marilyn and I chatted on the phone at 7:00 and she sounded like she was coming home. And later around 8:00. She ended up at work until 9:00, though. Little wonder she falls right to sleep after eating! She had yet another very intense day today. What a week for her!

Important Note: I got a text from SISTER SUE this morning, asking me to call her!!! Actually, she told me Abby had sent the text for her. But I called and we did speak, the first time we'd talked in weeks! She has a new phone, but has lost her charger! She's no longer sleeping in the room with the kids. Tammy cleaned out a back bedroom with a twin bed (Candy gave her new sheets for the bed for Mother's Day). It's small, from what she said. But at least she has her own room. And she might be coming to the parade! It was nice to talk to her.

I also spoke briefly with cousin Linda who wants to come by for her wristbands and the bag of clothes Marilyn is giving her. We're going to talk again this weekend and work it out.

And my friend Shari and I talked for around an hour later in the day, which was nice. I'd never thanked her for all her wonderful gifts, so I did that. I just love the cat hot pad she gave us, the cat bag, all the pencils (I spent ages sharpening a huge pile of those for the office) and so much more. She is very generous with us. And she gets us a lot of things we can use at work!

I just stubbed my middle toe on my right foot before starting to blog. It's still throbbing. And the nail is fine, thankfully! But it bled like mad. What a mess. I don't know why I'm always stubbing my poor toes...

I got 4,000 steps today. Shopping, I guess. But I was on my feet a lot at Elmer's, too.

We're working tomorrow and have a ton of stuff to get done. I'm actually looking forward to it!

We had sausage and cheese on crackers for dinner. Plus I made popcorn after that.

We're expecting some sunny, hot days coming up.

Oh! I wore my new uniform pants today, which I really love. Very comfy and light weight -- so they'll be nice for parade day, I think.

Can't think what I'm forgetting. Sleep well and have sweet dreams.
melvin briefcase, busy melvin

Very Busy Day -- IT and Website!

The day started out with Sheila have issues with Quickbooks -- yes, again. I can't make this stuff up (as we like to say). Donn jumped right in. I started consulting immediately with Donn. And Kris was right behind that, checking on things. Crazy morning spent on the phone, I have to tell you.

And my friend Rob was sending me text messages and nagging me about going to dinner Friday night. It's hard to make people understand how our schedules work right now. But then we talked for ages while we were both working at the same time. Finally we hung up so we could concentrate better. Hahaha.

Worked in there was texting to both Larry and Candy, trying to pin them down about wristbands. And to find out more about sister Sue and her new cell phone. That was a ton of text messages to find out that Sue has a new phone, the same number and still isn't answering calls. Nor does she have her voice mail set up.

Anyway, everybody wants wristbands, which is good (including Nicole, who also texted me). And it's possible Sue might want to go to the parade, too.

There are a number of IT concerns that need to be addressed and are wrapped around security issues. Annoying distraction considering how busy we are. I spent ages on it, anyway...

My fasting blood was again good this morning. And I was eating peanuts in the middle of the night. Hahaha. Which shows you that peanuts are, indeed, good for you. Marilyn used to eat them constantly, by the way.

Speaking of Marilyn, she just looks MARVELOUS right now! She's lost a LOT of weight and her hair looks great and she looks young and stylish.

She told me tonight this might have been one of her most intense days at work ever! She had a lengthy interview, some very important and intense meetings and a ton of other work to do. She was at the office until well past 10:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, I was working on website stuff for many hours today. I was sitting in front of my computer and working through a bunch of complicated things.

One page just wasn't displaying correctly! Calisa had told me about it after Carol had mentioned it to her. So I went through that code with a fine-toothed comb. Over and over and over again! I was remembering the days when one little piece of code could completely mess up how a page displayed. I cleaned up the code several times, but couldn't find anything. Finally I turned to David at Fish. And it was an issue at his end! So he fixed it for me. Those are hours I'm never getting back again. Hahaha. Oh well.

Carol provided the Copy for several pages and I updated it all as we went along. Today was not about Sanctioned Events. Well, I did make one change to a Sanctioned Event page, but it was pretty simple. The rest of it was all MAJOR pages of our site, so I was happy to work through it.

Marilyn called to tell me that tomorrow is lunch at Elmer's for the Court -- and she's planning to attend. So she wanted me to invite June to go. She also suggested inviting our sister Sue, but there was no getting in touch with either her or Larry. I tried calling and texting, but no luck.

We've done the Elmer's lunch before, and it's fun. Angel will be there as the Clown Prince. And the members of the Court have lunch, then help serve patrons, mingled with those there.

This is a great group of girls! I really enjoyed talking to them at the Board meeting. So I'm looking forward to this tomorrow.

Hopefully June will feel up to it. She's dealing with the aftermath of her own bursa injections (for her knees). She did what I did and did not take it easy yesterday after her shots! And she was paying for it today. So I guess we'll see how she's doing. If she doesn't go, Marilyn is planning to come and pick me up.

Adeena and I wrote back and forth today. She's working on the Starlight script and plugging away at it. It's not easy work, but you can punch it out in a few days if you need to (which most people who do it have had to do). She's on deadline, but right now we're ALL on deadlines! It's that time of year.

It was COLD again today. I was barely avoiding getting chilled.

My friend Mark and I texted back and forth for a bit in the afternoon. If he's not tied up tomorrow, he might come to Elmer's, too. (The lunch is at noon.) When patrons order the Rose Meal, it benefits the festival!

It was amusing this morning! They're doing something at the office with Marilyn and needed a photo of her with Colin! And he just hates having his picture taken. It wasn't that easy to get any decent pictures. Hahaha. But Marilyn was sure looking good!

I got the recycling out tonight, barely. I was just so worn out. I know it's not physical, as I didn't get any steps to mention today. But mentally I was exhausted. By around 10:00 p.m. I was really done...

My blood sugar was good all day long! Of course, I wasn't really hungry, so I barely ate anything until tonight. And then I had cheese and crackers and some peanuts. Earlier I had a slice of bread. Haha.

I can't think what else I'm forgetting, but I'm off to bed. I need to get up and wash my hair in the morning before going to the lunch at Elmer's.

I was just thinking about reading all that code today. You know, I really do enjoy it! I don't get much opportunity these days. I used to be looking at code every single day a couple of years ago...

I need to post about The Big Valley that I saw part of today. About blue for boys and pink for girls. Hahaha. More about that soon, I hope.

Tonight is garbage night -- thankfully not 'real' garbage!

And now, to bed!