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Long -- But GOOD -- Day! Work Went Well...

I worked from my HOME OFFICE today -- as I often do. Sometimes that goes better than other times, I have to say.

Before I go further, Marilyn got 18,000 (!!!) steps today! And has 80,000 for her seven-day total! That's just wonderful, in my book. I was pleased to get some steps just walking around the house. I always try to walk for work phone calls, for example -- and was doing that on the several occasions I spoke to sister Sue, too. But I got on the treadmill just before midnight and got 5,000 steps for today, which made me happy.

Unfortunately my left foot swelled up (???) right after that and the bones on the top of the foot disappeared. Yikes. It's quite tight and painful, too. Thankfully the right foot is fine, though. This is something about whatever the hell is going on with me, so I'm just riding it out for now...

We're really on a roll with walking, both of us, so I feel good about that. We did a TON of walking in NYC in December and are trying to keep it up now. Marilyn is taking a walk every day at work, even in foul weather...

Anyway, she left EARLY for the office, taking along my laptop that I got ready yesterday for my friend Rich to borrow. Actually, his wife Merlin is borrowing it. She's taking classes online and needs a Microsoft-based computer -- and they use Macs at home.

I got started early gathering garbage and taking it out. And continuing to put stuff back from yesterday. I also wrote just shy of 1,000 words on a short story. I've been writing about every other day (aside from blogging). Marilyn and I actually have a book we want to write together. Well, it's HER book, but I'm probably going to help write it. I love writing, so it's delightful to be back at it.

Of course, we both do a lot of writing for work, too -- but this is different. I enjoy all forms of writing, but there's nothing quite like writing fiction.

I did a bunch of festival website work today. Tying up some loose ends, for one thing. But also one of those I-am-a-genuis (hahaha) things, too. With the current website it's more complicated to do certain things. I had 'removed' a page WITHOUT actually taking it down. I got it easily out of the main navigation, but subnavigation is VERY, VERY COMPLICATED. So I was struggling with that. But today I reasoned it out (as Rich put it, 'all by yourself!'). There's such SATISFACTION in figuring out something difficult without needing to ask someone to help you...

My Website Meeting with FISH went well -- when it finally happened, that is! It was supposed to be at 2:30, but Brit couldn't locate David at that point. I don't remember what time they finally phoned me. It was a matter of clearly communicating what I was going for, mostly. I knew from the get-go it shouldn't be a difficult fix on their end (David confirmed it's not), but it will make a HUGE CHANGE on my end for website maintenance!!! I'm pretty excited about it.

They put it in the queue for early next week, anyway. Now I need to do some other website things, but I feel pretty good at this point.

Then next big job is TRAINING other people in the office how to help me out with this work. Currently I am the only one who can work on the website -- shades of the 'old days' that we were supposedly moving away from! Hahaha. As I told Brit, the only reason there's any pressure to make the changes right away is that I don't want to teach anyone anything until we're using the new method!

Our friend Steve (from the Clown Corps) phoned me today. He's a lovely, friendly and very positive man that I really enjoy talking to. He actually called just to tell me that Billy Joel was going to be doing a special program on Sirius Radio about the Beatles!!! I had no idea Steve even knew that I was a fan, but he told me, "I know that you're a big fan of the Beatles, so I immediately thought about you." How kind of him to contact me and let me know!

He also reminded me about an event he's having in March that he very much wants Marilyn and I to attend. I talked to her about it and we both think we want to try and be there. It's hard this time of year if it's not festival-related, but we'll see what we can do...

I was CHILLED all day long. Not sure why!

My friend June (and Jim) gave me a thermometer for my birthday, knowing I didn't have one. I was trying it yesterday and my temperature was really low. It was better today, but still lower than normal. I wonder what that's about? Maybe that's why I feel chilled...

Bong for dinner! (woo hoo) I like my noodles and veggies (sans any meat), plus fried rice (sans any egg). So yummy! I ate little else all day. Marilyn is doing her fasting routine right now -- partly because she's in a flareup and needs to avoid eating except at home.

I was 88 this morning (blood count), which usually would be low for me. But it seemed fine and I didn't have any ill effects. So I think I'm getting lower and getting used to being there. I guess we'll see when I finally get my current A1C (which I'm overdue to have).

I did play the Beatles Channel much of the afternoon and evening, anyway. I love it when Billy Joel -- a Beatles 'super fan' -- talks about their work. It's going on all weekend, which should be great fun!

Can't think what else to share. It feels like I'm forgetting things, it's been so busy. We're supposed to have nice weather this weekend, then rain all next week.

Hope you're all doing well!

WTF??? Annoyed Tonight.

It's actually 2:30 a.m. right now. I'm tired. And I'm cranky. This isn't a good time for all this crap I'm dealing with. (sigh)

First, I get a message in email from Byram Healthcare. This is my medical supplies provider. Everything with them is done with INSURANCE and is always 100% covered. I've NEVER had a bill from them, ever. But when I log on to the MyByram online site, guess what? I'm being billed nearly $100 for my current order! Why? Clearly because my damn clinic still has not sent them the prescription that was supposed to happen. Otherwise it's because the new insulin IS NOT COVERED by insurance -- and I can easily go back to not using it, just saying. If insurance isn't covering it, why wasn't I informed? The level of incompetence is staggering, I have to tell you...

Just like this crap with sister Sue and the 'appointment' she never had versus they say she did. Marilyn told me yesterday that they are ridiculously incompetent at the front desk at Dr. Markin's office, too. In my case I think we're not talking the front desk, however. We're talking Leslie's assistant... (sigh)

So when I decide to log in to the clinic website, guess what? I have some bill there that I've NEVER SEEN (it should have been MAILED to me) that's over due. In fact, it's from LAST YEAR (and more than a year old) and still outstanding. There's a re-billing charge on it. Um, seriously? Because I've NEVER BEEN BILLED even once, much less re-billed!!! I am really too tired to even think about this right now.

I just logged in Remotely to my email at work. And guess what? Outlook had a nasty crash. I've been sitting here waiting and it's still not 'fixed' as it should be. If only we had a decent IT Manager at the festival, maybe we could resolve some of this crap! Oh. Wait. That's me we're talking about! (sigh)

Does anybody remember me mentioning Michelle from Comcast? She called when I was gone shopping on October 4. Her phone message did not include her LAST NAME. It did not include a direct phone number to call her -- I tried the number that came in on caller ID -- it's the generic Comcast number. If you don't have a last name you can't try finding her at the company. She said in her message she would FOLLOW UP in an email -- she didn't. That was ONE WEEK ago. Not a word since.

I phoned Kris about this and he said he'd follow up. I haven't heard another word from him.

Speaking of that, both Kris and Donn and supposedly (???) working on the issue of SPAM blocking for our work email for the entire office. I have heard nothing from either of them. We have until December to resolve this (a month and a half, in other words). I am SERIOUSLY CONCERNED about this subject.

My wonderful WavePad Sound Editor Master's Edition wants to be purchased now. I really should buy it. It's normally $99 on sale for $50. I guess the festival should foot that bill. I need to chat with Marilyn about it.

Exciting (good!) news!!! Marilyn did something to our Sirius radio account. Now I can get it on my iPad and iPhone while she's using it in the car!!! All Beatles all the time, in other words. (woo hoo) One of the best things for the entire day.

Filthy weather. I walked to the corner store to get a lottery ticket and it was POURING down rain. I was sure glad to have my new jacket (it's very warm!) and the hat I got some time back when shopping one day with my friend June. It was raining that day, too, and I got the hat to keep dry. I wore that with my hair tucked in my jacket and my hair stayed totally dry!!! How about that???

Marilyn came home again during the day today. I tried to help when possible. But she's EXTREMELY GOOD at this video stuff, I think! Yesterday at one point she was ready to throw in the towel and go back to doing a PowerPoint presentation (as we have in the past). Then suddenly she 'got' it, and she was really cooking.

She had a complete video as of yesterday, but decided to 'tweak' it today. And did some WONDERFUL stuff. I loved the changes/improvements. If she'll stick with using this App (I started to say 'software' -- yes, I'm old), then I think she'll get to be an expert with it. She's already very good. She hadn't touched it in years until now. And in a couple of days she produced a great video. Most people won't know the difference between how it's done this year and in previous years. The other thing? I'll be given the credit by many people there (just as I was last year). This is her baby. But there's really no telling people I didn't do it -- I've tried before. They always think I'm just being modest. Hahaha. I hate take credit for work I didn't do, but it's honestly not worth the trouble to explain. Marilyn always tells me not to bother. But it bugs me. Hahaha.

Yes, I did help (as much as I could). And, yes, we've done this project together for many years now. And I appreciate the team work aspect, because I love teaming with others to do things. It's pretty much what I'm always doing, really.

The successful video was the HIGHLIGHT of today! Marilyn should be very proud with her final product. And I'm sure people will love it. Plus it really can't have the glitches we've experienced in the past with various PowerPoints that we've done. It's hard to explain if you don't do this 'artistic' PowerPoints the way we do. They have lots of photos and elements and some text and music and special, careful timing. And they can simply screw up and not play correctly. And we like the visual to MATCH the audio! So that matters to us. With video we don't have the issues that can happen with PP. That's a very good thing!

Hurray: I talked to Adeena on the phone for ages this afternoon!!! We're both excited about the Auction on Friday.

No. I did not get my hair colored today (sigh).

No. I didn't fix my hat for the Auction for my costume (sigh).

Marilyn ate a frozen burrito for dinner (heated in the microwave). I ate a can of white beans (heated in the microwave). We were both hungry, but too tired to cook or go get takeout.

We were watching The Wizard of Oz (On Demand) when we both fell asleep. Long day, long week, busy summer and autumn and year. We're hanging in there.

You know, Marilyn and I were talking about LAST YEAR around this time. I'd been sick for months. She'd been seriously sick -- sick enough to wonder if she had cancer (and if she'd survive whatever she did have -- and I mean that). We were both losing weight because neither one of us was EATING normally. Thank God that passed.

But this time of year is always hard on us. I have seasonal allergies that are killer. We think she does, too, in a different way. But her IBS-d is always terrible in the Fall. I always get physical flareups, aside from the allergic things. And we're both always fatigued.

Anyway, we're hanging in there. It's going to be fine. It's not last year, at least! Hahaha.

This cold, wet weather is no help, though...

Time for bed (past time). Tomorrow will be busy again. (I'm sitting here making that allergy noise: where you use your tongue to try and 'scratch' the roof of your mouth very fast. Yuck. I guess I need a pill. Imagine how bad I'd be without the steroid shots!!!)

My hips are better, thank God. My right ankle today? Not so much. (ouch)

Cheese with the whine, Charlie? Hahaha.

Sweet dreams, all. Stay healthy and happy!

Oh! One final note: Sister Sue is dreaming! She uses her oxygen and then has actual dreams when she sleeps!!! REM sleep, people! (woo hoo) If only she'd use it more often...
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Very Busy Friday...

First thing today I sent a text message to Larry (Sue's son, my nephew) and Nicole (Sue's granddaughter, my grand niece) and asked each of them to phone me here at the house when they got off work.

I did a LOT of stuff on the phone again today. I lost track how many times I talked to sister Sue, for example. And the office. And Marilyn.

I was up early again and working on some of the same projects as yesterday. I'm trying hard to understand about making videos via Apps. I wish I was much better at it. But I'm improving as I go...

It was pretty out, but decidedly an Autumn day. And it's supposed to RAIN tomorrow (sigh) during the OUTDOOR Rose Plantings that we're attending.

And I never did get a white top ready! I thought about it more than once, too. It's a uniform event for us.

I confirmed who wanted what DINNER for the Auction. (Mostly chicken, but Marilyn decided to get the pork.) Sue is very excited about attending.

I put a load of dishes to wash from dinner last night.

I confirmed with Sue's clinic WHEN they wanted her for labs next week. (Thursday, ideally. But Wednesday or Friday will work. And no set time during those days.) My goal was to get either Larry or Nicole to take her. Marilyn had said we could do it on Monday, but that's too soon.

Late in the day I finally talked to Larry at length. Partly about whether or not Sue should live with him and his family.

Even later I talked to Nicole about being a backup if Larry can't take Sue. And caught up with her, as I rarely chat with her. I sent her a cute photo of Colin in his new box while we were talking.

I also got to speak briefly to our dear friend Shari -- even though that call was interrupted. So many of my calls WERE interrupted today!

My present for Sue arrived at the office today -- we're going to try and give these things to her tomorrow, along with a couple of pair of jeans I have for her.

Her weight was actually DOWN for the first time today! That's exactly what that new med should do.

Marilyn had a three-hour meeting with Molly (Wanda's mom). She said Molly is an AMAZING woman with amazing skills. And that we should try to become friends with her, as she thinks we'd really enjoy that.

What am I forgetting???

We ate leftover chili with taco shells I heated in the oven for dinner, topped by grated cheese and fresh red tomato. Very yummy!

I just woke from a nap. Both Marilyn and I were exhausted by 10:00 when dinner was over. Yeah, she got home right around 9:00 again.

Something CRAZY was going on with Marilyn's Instagram accounts today. They were LOGGING HER OUT and not letting her post. Ridiculous. But we resolved it when she got home. Hopefully it's all fine now. We'd hate to see her lose her primary accounts (or ANY OF THEM, for that matter!). It's so silly how it all works. She'll have issues posting no matter what she's saying. I just don't get that at all.

Well, back to bed. It's now 3:30 and we have a big day tomorrow.

We had thought about having Sue over to the house in the evening -- but Larry wants to take her home to his house tomorrow. I just want him to wait until after we've seen her. And we need to do our Rose Plantings before we can even think about that.

I wonder if the guy on Jeopardy won again today? I was going to try and watch, but got so busy!

I resized around 70-some photos Remotely today for the Auction project. I've never done it that way before! It takes some serious time, I'm telling you. Right now I only have 2 more photos to go -- but I know Marilyn will come up with more. Oh! Plus the 15 photos of each girl on the court. I forgot about those!!! I just checked. I did exactly 73 items... My system was to open one photo. Carefully resize. Save it to a folder that indicated it was resized. Then move the original into a done folder so we could still have it full size but not mix it up with other images not yet touched. And over and over and so on.

I also did more work on my work email, which quickly gets out of hand. I'm happy to be down to under 500 items, which isn't that great. But it beats more than a thousand! Hahaha. And lots of people in our office will end up with tens of thousands. Ridiculous...

I am supposed to be doing more on the SPAM blocker thing, but I've been too busy. Soon, hopefully!

Marilyn and I MUST order costumes for the Auction IMMEDIATELY.

We need to get gas for the car first thing tomorrow. I couldn't convince her to go tonight. She was too tired and hungry when she got home. Little wonder.

And that's my day.

Happy dreams, all!

The Royal Rosarian Ball -- Adam Becomes Prime Minister

We did VERY LITTLE during the day, saving our energy for the evening event. And we only ate breakfast all day, too. (Aside: We've started eating Cheerios, as they're 'heart healthy' and lower cholesterol -- they're oats, of course. We eat these with stevia and cinnamon -- which helps both of us digest them, as they've always given both of us indigestion...)

The main thing we needed to do was both SHOWER and wash and do our hair. Plus get dressed in our gowns and do our makeup, of course. Hahaha.

This was actually my first-ever ball. I've never attended the Royal Rosarian Ball previous to this. Marilyn has been to a couple of others -- surprising when you consider how many years she's been with the festival and associated with the organization...

Short entry! I'm very tired and need to head to bed...

Marilyn and I had a LOVELY TIME at this event! Truly enjoyable.

We were seated at the best table in the room! Perhaps it was considered the second-best table, but I think that's a matter of opinion. Still, in a room full of tables, this was quite a happy surprise. We were RIGHT IN THE FRONT of the room. Gary and Carla were at our table, as well as Jeff (and others). Jeff sat right by Marilyn.

Leslie and the Queen were at the table directly across from ours (also right in the front of the room).

Everyone looked fabulous in their dress clothes. And of course we know so many of the people in the room. Things began at 5:00, but we didn't arrive until nearly 15 to 6:00. That was okay, as we only missed drinks and mingling -- they were just seating people when we got there.

Lengthy programming, as this is the official installation of their officers for the year.

Dinner was very good! Really lovely food.

We got drinks when we arrived. And later Gary bought us each a drink, too.

We left after dinner when the dancing was beginning. We were home by around 9:30-ish (the program was supposed to run to 10:30, but I suspect it was going to run much longer than that). Jeff left just before we did and phoned me from the car to apologize for taking off abruptly (which I didn't feel he had).

We went outside to WET STREETS!!! It had clearly RAINED while we were inside. Such a happy event in light of the wildfires.

We got home and out of our gowns. Then I made popcorn and we watched Batman (one of our favorite episodes). And Star Trek after that (another favorite episode).

Now we're off to bed. It's been a LONG AND EXHAUSTING WEEK.

I didn't mention the tennis, but you know we've been watching the US Open all along... (smile)

And that's my short (quickly typed) entry. Not very detailed, but that how it goes! More soon. I should share photos!

Worried about friends around the country. I hope everyone is SAFE!!!

Sweet dreams...
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Jury Duty is Over -- June and I Went to the Dollartree (Lloyd Center)

I bought myself a present today (smile): a Starbucks cup (officially 'drinkware'). It's copper on top and black on the bottom. THIS is it. That photo doesn't do it justice -- it's really lovely to look at! And I immediately had an iced Cascara Latte (with whole milk -- not coconut milk!). Yummy. That cup kept it COLD for hours! Also, mine was on sale for $22. (grin)

Marilyn had a very early morning meeting -- the start of her far more than a 12-hour day (YET AGAIN). That woman works SO DAMN HARD all year round. It's ridiculous how many hours she puts in during the summer!

Anyway, I rode in with her then went to our usual Starbucks near the office. Then on to the courthouse for my second day of jury duty.

Lucy joined me and we sat chatting for some time. We'd been told first thing there were THREE trials taking place that would near juries. Meanwhile we enjoyed talking.

At 10:00 they told us all three cases had settled and they released us -- our jury duty over for this time around. That was an early day!

I walked on down to the office and shortly after that Marilyn drove me home again (as she did yesterday). So nice of her!

My blood count today is SKY HIGH for whatever reason. I seem to be fighting a bug, but I just don't know. It's so annoying.

I was going to nap, but ended up chatting with June. Then we two went over to the Dollartree at the Lloyd Center and shopped for a bit. I got MANY styli there. I've bought them all over the place at varying prices, but these are genuinely the best! And when you wear one out you don't feel bad at only a dollar. Hahaha.

I had called in Henry's medication (his pills and the ointment for his eye). While we were there, I got a text these were ready. June was kind enough to take me by to get them...

Marilyn didn't get home until around 9:00 -- after going to work at 7:00! I don't know how she does it. She so strong willed.

We have ONE MORE really long day to go. And a bunch of stuff to get done this weekend, too, I'm afraid. More about that later on...

She has her labs (blood work and urine sample) in the morning, early. Then she takes sister Sue for her brain scan. Late in the day she'll take me to my doctor appointment with Leslie. I wonder what my labs will show???

I'm tired. I guess it's time for bed!

I did get the recycling done and out and the garbage out to the can in the garage, too. But I still need to do that cat boxes. But it's not 'real' garbage week, so I can do those tomorrow...

I hope Lucy keeps in touch via Facebook as she promised. I really like her!!!

Sweet dreams.

Hot Day! More Cleaning, Plus Laundry...

It was a HOT day. I turned the AC on and off and on and off all day long. My goal was NOT to let it get too damn cold in the downstairs. That's such a balancing act.

Right now Marilyn is FREEZING in her office at work. There must be some way to fix that! There's nothing worse than being in a really COLD office on a really HOT day -- I used to deal with it years ago. My boss kept it freezing. Then you'd walk outside for any reason and about die. I even had to wrap sweaters and blankets around my feet and legs I'd get so cold...

Anyway, I don't want to inflict the same thing on her here in our home. Plus I figure it's probably not good to let part of the house get that cold! We have enough issues with dampness in the downstairs as it is.

That means I have to deal with the heat upstairs. I figure tons of people do, as many homes don't have AC at all. But today I'd have enjoyed a fan to blow the air around, I must admit. (smile)

I was doing more cleaning in my bedroom. I have a small bag of things to give to the Goodwill from just today. And I threw out a very large bag of things in the garbage! If I could get rid of even a few things every single day, I imagine it would help in the long run. And right now I have boxes and boxes and bags and bags and bags in the garage waiting to be donated. Plus our garbage was so full this week from my cleaning I thought I'd need to put out an extra bag for sure (I didn't).

I love my bedroom when it's clean and organized! I enjoy spending more time there when that's true. I was even lying on my bed playing with my iPad for a time at one point today. (grin) But sweating! That's the 'hot side' of the house -- which is where my bedroom and our home office are located -- both rooms I spend a lot of time in!

I got the garbage and recycling out rather early (especially for me!) today. Long before Marilyn got home, but as she was quite late that's not saying much. Hahaha. She had yet another huge day with almost no break -- certainly none worth mentioning. She comes home pretty hungry after having no food until 9:00 at night...

Tomorrow we have people from HBO who have 'rented' (leased?) our conference room and areas outside for filming for much of the day. I don't know if that includes Marilyn's parking space or not, honestly...

I have my fasting blood work in the morning -- then we'll head straight to work.

I need to head to bed as it's past 3:00 a.m. right now. (I got up around 2:00 to do the cat boxes, which I hadn't done earlier).

Right now I can barely seem to eat! Everything bothers my tummy. Even taking my pills disturbed me today (I was having them come back up on me). I ate cottage cheese and crackers. And had coffee and a soda. But mostly WATER all day long.

More soon! I want to share about my 'success' online concerning American Ninja Warrior! I was quite surprised today. I'll add that tomorrow...

Sweet dreams, all!

Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 - Catching Up!

Hard to believe I haven't blogged since Wednesday! I've just been really, really TIRED each night since then. By the way, tonight is the same (I'm yawning as I type this)...

Thursday, July 27
I worked on Thursday. Marilyn and I got in to the office before 9:00, as we had a meeting at Starbucks with Rich at 9:00 a.m.

It was SO GOOD to see Rich! Gosh, I've missed him. Marilyn had hot tea and it caused another flare-up of her IBS, I'm afraid. After our meeting we two walked back to the office and Marilyn drove directly home to have a bath.

I had plenty to keep me busy! I was again having both Donn and Kris in the office. Prior to that, I needed to grant drive access to several people using QuickBooks. We keep QuickBooks on a locked drive, so most people in the office can't touch that drive.

I had thought I'd finished granting access, but it's two-fold. It's interesting how many times that's true! You think you've gone on the Server and done some task, but it's so complicated and convoluted that you haven't finished it. (sigh) Ignore me. I'm just annoyed that I didn't get it finished the first time around! But my notes were incomplete, apparently, so now those NOTES are in order -- and the issue is resolved.

So part of what I supposedly needed Kris to do I had done before he got there...

Meanwhile, Donn was in to work with Symantec. Here's my unhappiness with Symantec, by the way!!! They have pretty much the WORST support around. And I deal with a lot of bad support from a lot of companies, so that's saying something. We pay quite a bit for the software and service, so I expect to get the level support we need every single time we contact them! Donn is an extra expense, and he should be able to work through this stuff quickly. Can he? No, thanks to Symantec!!! He starts with level one people and has to go through the entire process of working to someone who can actually HELP HIM to resolve things. I'm so unhappy this time that I'm going to consider changing to a different antivirus -- even though we've been using them for ages... (sigh)

Donn had to come in specifically to deal with Symantec on BOTH Thursday AND Friday! That was hours of his time. Highly annoying. And even Kris was trying to assist him at one point!!! No, I'm not kidding!

Marilyn managed to make it to her doctor appointment on Thursday (it was at 11:00 a.m.). She had a good appointment and they dealt with a lot of things. She got an EKG while she was there and they really reviewed her charts. I'm so pleased to hear this! Her knee is finally improving. And her blood pressure is better, thankfully. (It was very high on Monday.)

She stayed home after that while I did my thing at the office. I had plenty to work on (as always!).

Kris did his thing and Donn quit around 4:30 (planning to finish on Friday, as I already mentioned). They both offered to drive me home so Marilyn wouldn't need to come back, but she did return in the afternoon, anyway.

My meeting with Megan (the new RHSAA webmaster) went extremely well!!! I really like her. And she knows her stuff, too. I was happy to pass on the entire website to her (via jump drive) and encourage her. And told her I'd be here for her if she needs any help.

Eventually Marilyn and I headed home. Traffic out of downtown Portland is AWFUL. Even late at night! I can't even express how bad it is. But we finally got home...

And Thursday was garbage night, so I took care of that, of course. Saw a raccoon when putting stuff out, so I gave him a can of sardines and a can of cat food. He was pretty hungry and ate it all. I was glad about having cleaned out the bowls, so I could have fresh water out there for him (raccoons love water!). All the birds and critters are thirsty in this heat.

Friday, July 28
I worked from home on Friday. I was wrapped up quite a bit in Donn's issue with Symantec. And doing some other stuff Remotely. It kept me busy, that's for sure!

Did some work in my bedroom...

Spent a bunch of time on Apps on my iPad. I was having issues with gmx and couldn't seem to resolve it. (sigh) It was working fine on my iPhone, though. Go figure.

I added the Google Docs App to my iPad. Not that long ago I added Google Calendar. I'm trying to get used to using them. The Docs App is missing some features you normally have when using it on a computer, which is annoying as all get out! (Like creating folders.) But I'll figure it out sooner or later, I'm sure.

We watched a bunch of Star Trek, as usual. (smile)

Oh! Spoke briefly with sister Sue -- she was at her cribbage tournament in Sunnyside.

Satuday, July 29
Slept in today.

I keep forgetting to mention that I'm having a bunch of blood sugar lows recently. Not sure why. Maybe I'm not eating enough, as I haven't been all that hungry for the most part.

Marilyn and I drove out for Starbucks. We were going to take a drive, but had second thoughts in light of her recent flare-up. So we came back home.

We spent a lot of time playing Solitaire on our iPads. (smile) Very challenging version we've both been doing, so we feel it requires a lot of concentration.

We needed to go shopping but didn't feel like it. Tomorrow is soon enough.

We did our usual METV watching in the evening. The Svengoolie movie was quite good -- and we'd never seen it before! I made popcorn. And Batman was good (a first season episode). That Adam West is so hot. (whew)

Forcing myself to catch up tonight. My eyes have been bothering me all day. Marilyn's, too. We both think we're 'cycling' (we would be having our monthly time if we were young enough, hahaha) -- and that always effects the actual SHAPE of a woman's eyes! Bet you didn't know that, right? Hahaha. (Well, what am I saying??? I suppose most women know it!)

I'm enough out of it to be making a bunch of typos and spelling things wrong. Good grief. It's clearly time for bed!

Good night!!!

Trimming the Bushes -- Red Robin

Laughing over Frasier. Always funny...

I started my day going through emails, and did a load of dishes and picked up in the kitchen.

Later on I spent time trimming the front bushes. They aren't totally done, but I feel I got a good start. Marilyn will enjoy shaping them more.

After the bushes I was so tired. I was trembling again -- but did not have low blood sugar, so that's good. I think I just need to build up my strength for doing physical labor.

Anyway, I went into my bedroom and decided to lie down on top of it. Henry decided to join me. He insisted on being under the top blanket, however. It was pretty cute to see the lump on the bed next to me. I was out like a light and didn't wake up until Marilyn got home!

We talked a bit, and decided we'd go out for dinner. But Marilyn had been up since quite early, so she needed a nap. We both went to sleep.

Then when we got up we went to Red Robin for dinner, which was very nice.

Coming home we stopped at Safeway to pick up a couple of things.

When we got close to the house it was dark -- and we saw a coyote (!!!) walking across a lawn. We stopped to look at it and it just stood in the yard for ages before heading away.

I put out some dog food before we headed into the house...

Angel invited us to go see one of his shows tomorrow. And Jeff asked about getting together tomorrow, too. So at this point I have no clue what we're doing! But as of today we're on VACATION!!! We don't go back to work until July 11.

Marilyn hired a new woman -- Wanda -- to cover the front desk for the summer. Adeena sent her our way (she knows her from school). Marilyn really loved her. I'm looking forward to meeting her. I think I'll be training her on July 11...

Meanwhile she'll be coming in to learn the phone system.

And now I'm headed to bed. I'm still really tired.

Difficult Week for Marilyn...

This will be another difficult week for Marilyn, right before vacation. Dealing with the fallout of our staffing change. No one wants to take on the summer receptionist job, so she'll need to arrange that through an agency, I guess. Well, she'll figure it out -- she always does!

It's pretty quiet around the office now with the seasonal staff gone. But there's certainly plenty of work to do!

I stayed home today and worked in my home office. Some website, IT stuff and catching up with my email. And making phone calls.

Tanya needed passwords -- Sheila's was changed (of course), but so was Tanya's. So she's good to go. She works two days this week and next week and then starts full time the week after that... She is NOT replacing Sheila, who was the business manager (that position is being eliminated).

Donn and I will be going in on Wednesday. We hope to meet with Christine about the phones. But have other work to get done, too.

Donn will be moving Allison's computer back to the center space in the back of the office. She'll be our summer intern working on audits and needs more space for that job.

Adeena and Jessica M. had their last days on Friday (Adeena is now on vacation with her family). Jessica has a very busy summer in front of her!!!

Marilyn was home late again today. We had fresh corn on the cob cooked in the microwave for dinner -- delicious! We ate dinner while watching American Ninja Warrior -- it was very good tonight, as always.

I think we'll be heading to bed soon, so I'm blogging earlier than usual.

I went back and read a bunch of my blog from last July. We ended up staying home during our July vacation and not going to the beach house at all. I was very sick (I had mono), and Marilyn was sick, too with her major gastrointestinal issues.

I meant to contact Rich today and find out how he and Merlin are doing with the heat this past weekend. And check with Christine about her move in the heat! Not sure why, but aside from work calls (many), I didn't make any personal calls.

Well, off to bed. I'm tired. I'm hopeful Marilyn and I won't go down SICK at all this summer. But it's so normal for people at our office to get ill after the festival ends. Fingers crossed, I guess.

I already feel better than last year, though, when I was so sick! And so tired all the time...

Marilyn could really use some time off! She's worked so hard and been under such stress. And now all this.

Relax, friends! And sweet dreams.

We're TIRED. But We Shopped, Anyway...

This has been a very hard week.

Marilyn is having a flare-up of her IBS-D -- little wonder. Stress alone would account for that.

The thing is, we'd be TIRED anyway after the parade. I don't know if it's even appropriate to call it the 'end' of the festival, with all the events we have going on this weekend (some starting tomorrow). There's often a big let down. And people frequently get sick during the end of June or during July. You can only keep up that pace for so long, I guess.

And now we're not only losing the seasonal staff, but we lost a third of our year round staff. And Marilyn has a ton of work on her plate (as she always does), but tons more.

I can't say this more clearly: I do not want her to face a summer of doing all this work alone. It's not fair to her. She works very hard all year long. But she deserves some rest at some point.

If she's not feeling better in the morning then we'll wait to go to the Oregon City event until Saturday. We do not plan to miss that event entirely! We've been looking forward to it for too long.

Then we'd go down to the beach late Saturday, and go to the Pirate Festival on Sunday... Again, this is a busy weekend facing us -- and Marilyn could use at least a DAY with no expectations.

Poor thing! She went out for drinks after work. But what started out as fun for her turned into just more WORK. She needs a break!

As for me, I did finally get my hair colored after all the crap all day about our internet and email. That's at least something. And it's real garbage night, so I'll get up in the middle of the night and tackle that. (sigh)

We went directly to the store to pick up my insulin (and it turned out other prescriptions were ready, too). Then over to the BottleDrop to take bags from here at the house and from at work. THEN to Walmart to shop -- especially to get cat food, kitty litter AND all many tons of supplements. Lots of $$$. And I'm sure it was EXHAUSTING for Marilyn.

We both admitted we were tired after this week. I wonder when Marilyn will finally get a day to relax?

I'm going to nap now -- then do the garbage and recycling.

I just changed Sheila's password -- today was her last day. Thankfully I can do that Remotely...

We were watching "The Fall" before Marilyn went to sleep. It's creepy (about a serial killer). Suddenly I heard noises upstairs! And both cats were in the family room with us. Plus Henry looked up at the noise, too! I had to come upstairs and check all around. (sigh)

Sweet dreams, all.