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Long Day -- Good Day!

It's been a long (long) day -- which started with Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me leaving the house at 7:00 a.m. and has almost ended now that we're home again by 11:00 p.m.

I got a lot done at the office today -- both IT and website work.

Then we went to the Court Orientation this evening. It's wonderful to see all those young women so excited about the Court and the festival! And their parents and grandparents, too. I loved talking to them.

(And when they showed the DVD of the festival piece down by our local Portland TV station, my graphic background was featured it in SEVERAL times, which I happen to still find very exciting. Yeah, it was in many festival PowerPoint presentations -- and that was cool. But to see it in TV productions is a totally different type of excitement, I guess. (I continue to believe my former art teacher (now deceased), Gertrude Schoeler, would have been so pleased by this...)

I need to get myself to download the photos I took at the Orientation and not leave them on my camera. I've been much better about that recently, so hopefully it's no big deal.

I'm tired. I figured out that I probably got 2 1/2 hours (maximum) of sleep last night. Marilyn had far less (maybe an hour or an hour and a half). I'd like a nap before it's time to watch Australian Open tennis again. No, I did NOT see the end of the Rafa Nadal match, which went five sets (as I'd predicted it would). I was dead by the third set and threw in the towel...

I work with WONDERFUL people at the festival -- have I said that recently??? People I truly love -- on both the Staff and the Board. I feel very blessed.

I got the station for the new Marketing Intern (Adam) set up today -- computer and phone. He should be in good shape. (He starts on Monday.) I gave Laura and Ashley a very quick lesson in using Paint Shop Pro 9 (and hope to show them more later on). I got started on setting up our Seasonal Receptionist (Natalie), and plan to do more tomorrow (Marilyn and I both need to get some stuff done in the office, so we plan to go in on Saturday). She doesn't start until a week after Adam, so there was less rush to get her ready.

I started my piece for the next Writing Circle meeting late last night, but didn't get too far with it. I need to get that done this weekend! (The deadline for turning them in to Marilyn is Monday, February 2.)

I did more work on getting Laura and Ashley set up with Remote Access [ETA: actually Remote Desktop]. And Angel, too! In fact, while we were on the way to the Court Orientation, Angel phoned to tell me he'd been able to do it!!! That was great news!

Lauren was in the office today -- it was great to see and visit (however briefly) with her.

Hailey was a HUGE help to me with the phone setup! I was leaving out a step (heaven forbid I go get my notes and read them over), and she caught it. (I totally owe her Flair at facebook.)

I don't think that I mentioned that I spoke to my cousin Linda yesterday. She phoned to tell me that her job is hiring, in case I knew anyone who needed work. I thought that was nice of her!

I'm sure I'm leaving out things, but I need a nap, so that's it for today! It's been very foggy and cold, but I'm seriously not complaining. Life is good!

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Annoyances -- Minor and Otherwise.

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It's 11:30 a.m. now and I started typing this up around 9:00 a.m.! Where did the time go?

I'll tell you where!
(Yes. I'm still annoyed.)

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I'm waiting on Marilyn to review the list I sent HER -- so I can send it back to Lauren and figure out where I stand now. Of course, Marilyn found me a LOT MORE website work to do when we were talking on the phone, so I've got plenty to keep me busy!

There's no way I'm getting everything done I'd planned to today. No. Way.

I still feel like crap (it's now almost 1:00 p.m., by the way) and I'm still thinking about taking my meds and LYING DOWN (the meds make you super-sleepy).

This was supposed to be my first day of exercise (my new program). But I don't think I'll be able to stand doing anything. I'm way too dizzy. And the neck pain? Awful.

Well, at least I DID get my Azithromycin (generic Zithromaz) called in. Not that I'm anxious to go on it again, but what the hell else can I do? (The side effects are truly not nice. And I did one pack back the end of November and one the first part of December, so...)

I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet today. But I just turned up the heat for the third time, and it's finally warm enough for me. (Yeah, I got dressed in there at some point, too, which also helped!)

There are good things going on, but I'll leave them for a more upbeat entry, I think... Later on. Perhaps much later on. (heh)