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New Garden Swing!

Finished up with the Portland Arts Festival yesterday. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I put in approximately eight hours of hard work on Sunday -- lifting and carrying and walking up and down and up and down. And then there was the tear down of the event. So exhausting.

And Marilyn was ill while doing this -- the first time this year she's been sick. She probably caught our sister Sue's virus. She's struggling with staving off laryngitis. (sigh)

We were pretty close to dead tired by the end, anyway. And now Marilyn can't sleep because of that whole body aches and fussy feeling.

Anyway, while we still had the Rose Festival rig, we'd decided on Saturday to run out to Wal-Mart and get some larger items that won't fit in the car. We'd been debating on getting this Rubbermaid chair with storage built in to the seat. (Rejected that one.)

But we'd also saw these darling two-seater garden swings, so we took a closer look and decided to go for it. (The price was amazingly reasonable, and it will go very nicely with our existing set of lawn furniture.)

Just got done putting it together! Yes, it took me literally hours, working quite slowly out in the heat. And Marilyn had to come -- sick or no -- and help me hang it up, as that part was a two-person job.

Anyway, now it's sitting out on our deck, all perfectly assembled and lovely! So comfortable, too.

Here's a picture from the packaging. (I'll share a 'real' picture of it on our deck later on, when I get time to take some pics.)

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I have tons of things to share, but haven't had a chance 'til now, really. Just too busy.

I really need to tackle housecleaning -- bad! And laundry. And dishes.


Well, you name it. If it has to do with day-to-day life, then it's probably been neglected recently.

Marilyn and I need to tackle cleaning the deck, getting and planting flowers and cleaning up and preparing the yard (we're dying to start using our yard and have people over!).

Anyway, I'm off to grab a late lunch. It's going on 3:00 p.m. here. And to check on poor sick Marilyn!

(Belated commencement congratulations to friend Nik nk_seashore, who finally got his official ceremony this past Saturday!)

(Hope you and Kris kris_royal enjoyed seeing the 'Stripped/Justified' concert, Kevin kevinr! Kevin was supposed to be going to it on Saturday. Marilyn, friend Joey fatjoey and I saw it last Tuesday night here in Portland.)

Back later. (I hope!)

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Small Rant (very) -- and 'Happy Rose Fest' to All!

Lovely morning...

Actually, before I get off on a minor rant -- honest, it's minor -- the weather here really is amazing, so it really was a lovely morning. We're experiencing all-time highs for this time of year. (Hurrah!)

Waking up to blue skies and sunshine is delightful, after many festivals of sweating the nasty weather and rain.

This particular morning, however, was annoying. I got up and went to get coffee for Marilyn mistressmarilyn before heading to my own bath. Got in the newspaper and happened to notice that next to our garbage can there was loose garbage strewn all over!

I had to go out and scoop up garbage before I could go bathe.

So here's why!

After years of not being able to get anyone (neighbor kids, local homeless, etc.) to take our empty pop cans on a regular basis, we now recycle them. Put them out in the bin. (Yes, in our state you can turn them in for the deposit -- and it can certainly add up!)

Anyway, it was clear that someone had come by and seen the cans -- which I put out either in the original boxes or in paper bags. So they grabbed up our extra bag of garbage and dumped it on the ground! Then took that now-empty bag to haul off the cans.

You know, I don't mind them taking the cans. It's no difference to me at all if someone besides my recyclers gets them. But was it really necessary to be such pigs and give me the inconvenience of cleaning up first thing in the morning? If I'd failed to notice it until we were rushing off to Rose Festival, then the trash would have been waiting on the boulevard lawn when we came home (quite late) from work tonight! (It's not as if the garbage men will pick up your garbage for you if it's scattered all over the ground!)

Ugh. Nasty way to start my day, anyway. But I'm not complaining all that much, seeing as I hadn't had my bath yet -- fortunately -- and with all this sun I'm too happy to get too upset. (smile)

For those unfamiliar with the Portland Rose Festival, as many must be, the actual festival started with our Queen's Coronation on Thursday, May 29.

It will run through July 6, with the 58th U.S. Women's Open Championship (golf) -- one of our many, many sanctioned events. (The golf tournament is also one of our highlight events.)

Tonight Marilyn and I will be heading down to our Waterfront Village to the special concert series (one of six nights of national acts -- combined with local performers), to see Smilez & Southstar, Stagga Lee and Fabolous. (It's hip hop night.) This is all after Marilyn finishes her Judges' Dinner with the float judges for GFP.

My cousin Linda and her boyfriend will be attending the Jazz Band Classic tonight at the Schnitz Concert Hall (a semi-dress affair). We get a few free tickets to various events as part of our benefits for working at PRFA. We don't usually have time to attend anything ourselves, as we're generally working the given event -- or doing other work during the event. Anyway, it's nice to have our family be able to attend.

The following is a list of our Rose Festival Highlight Events this year:

May 29: Fred Meyer Queen's Coronation
May 29-June 8: Pepsi Waterfront Village
May 31: Keybank Starlight Run
May 31: PGE/SOLV Starlight Parade presented by Southwest Airlines
June 4: Fred Meyer Junior Parade
June 4-9: Rose Festival Fleet Week
June 5: Rose Festival Jazz Band Classic
June 5-6: Lloyd Center/Portland Rose Society 115th Annual Spring Rose Show
June 6: George Morlan Plumbing/1190 KEX Festival of Bands
June 7: Southwest Airlines Grand Floral Parade
June 7-8: Portland-Kaohsiung Sister City Association Dragon Boat Races
June 7: Oregon Symphony Special Concert: John Philip Sousa at Rose Festival
June 13-15: Portland Arts Festival presented by Verison Wireless
June 13-15: Rose Cup Races presented by Temp-Control Mechanical Corp.
June 20-22: G.I. Joe's 200-Bridgestone presents the Champ Car World Series powered by Ford
June 30: 58th U.S. Women's Open Championship

Besides those, we have: A fireworks show, tennis championships, a rose art show, the Royal Rosarian knighting ceremony, a production of "Iolanthe," a curling bonspiel, the Cooper Mountain Preserve hike, the Oregon State Irish dancing championship, rifle matches, a canoe and kayak paddle tour, Portland Opera presents Broadway in Portland -- "Jesus Christ, Superstar." There's the Hood River hunter/jumper classic horse show, Friends of the Columbia Gorge hiking weekend, Rockaway Beach wine, cheese and 'All That Jazz,' "Sing It," barbershop harmony show, the annual Motorsports breakfast, ArtExplosion Collarborations: showcase of Asian American performing arts, the Newmark Theatre production of "Peter Pan," Oregon Skate Jam, Oregon Truck Driving championships, Pacific NW decorated egg show, Portland Metro American Heart walk, Royal Rosarian Rose Garden contest, Hike into Summer at Hoyt Aboretum...

And, yes, I could go on and on and on! (It's a very full month of multi-cultural events. Truly something for everyone.)

We lost the Shu-te Band for this year -- which normally attends every year -- due to SARS, I'm sorry to note. (sigh)

On that note, I'd better get back to work! Need to type up the list of PA locations for GFP. (Our Grand Floral Parade -- the second largest all-floral parade in the nation.) Then I need to type up the list of parade monitors and radio net folks. (Our parade is actually extremely well run -- and is considered an example of how parades should be managed in the international events community.)

(I'm sorry Marilyn's 'good friend' Francoise from Montreal isn't getting to come to the parade this year! He's very anxious to learn more from her... And they like each other on a totally personal level, too.)