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Marilyn: She's Amazing.

So, Marilyn made me STOP talking about her oral surgery at work today. It wasn't an easy thing, as people kept asking me about it. But she said the moratorium on this subject had ended. Yeah, she's pretty amazing, no doubt about it.

Tonight her mouth was bothering her, though. She actually took some ibuprofen for the pain.

Another very busy day at work for her. I got some stuff done, too, but my day was nothing like her day...

I did answer some emails, though, including from my friend Shari. (Always good hearing from her.) She's dealing with the same issue that most of us deal with at one time or another: Trying to remember account passwords! As somebody who keeps track of the passwords for the entire festival office, I totally understand about that. (sigh)

Late tonight I was trying to sleep, but my cell phone kept making the 'you've got a text' sound. So I got up to check it out. And eventually was texting with Candy (sister Sue's daughter -- my niece), my friend Mark and Adeena (she just got done with school for the year). It was interesting trying to send texts to all of them at one time, I must say. Just another sign of how fast I can type (which I discussed yesterday), because you have to really go when you're texting more than one person at a time...

Candy is pretty exhausted and worried dealing with her mom (sister Sue). Sue is going to see her doctor this Friday. Hopefully we'll learn more soon.

Mark wants to go see the Jurassic Park movie with Marilyn and me -- it's too soon, as Marilyn needs to be 'released' to eat popcorn first. (smile)

And I actually contacted Adeena, as I wanted to know if she was back to work now that school's done. She has to work all summer...

Today was about personnel stuff again for Marilyn. I think most of it is done. But I know there are a few other things to iron out. Jeff was supposed to talk to one person, but he's now out of town -- so it looks like Marilyn will have to do it for him.

What would that place do without Marilyn??????????????????

Today several of us were making jokes about after-festival-stupid: How hard it is to even form a sentence sometimes. And I was horribly forgetful at one point during the day! Most of us at the office are dealing with it. We've been under so much stress for so long that we're barely functional now. Hahaha.

Marilyn sent out a really lovely reminder about the memorial service tomorrow night for Nancy, who passed in January. Rolf wrote her back, very moved. I thought it was just lovely, the things she said. Anyway, we'll WORK in the morning, then go to Marilyn's follow-up appointment for her oral surgery. And then we'll go to the memorial. We're hopeful some board members will show up. Nobody else on the staff really knows Rolf (a past festival president) or Nancy aside from Marilyn and me...

They were very engaged the year he was president. And Nancy used to come in and help the staff with projects! That year they had a special lunch at their house for the staff. And they stayed active for years (and still would attend meetings and things years later). Lovely people who were always very supportive of Marilyn and me. (They were both big fans of the eNewsletter when I used to do it).

I had coffee today with Rich. And I took Josie to lunch (her last day is this Friday).

Marilyn had lunch with Marcia and Gail (she does this once a month). Marcia is a former president and long-time friend, and Gail is on the board and has been for ages. (We recently went to Gail's 70th bday party.) Marilyn was able to eat refried beans and some rice (soft foods).

We again had tuna sandwiches for dinner.

Jeff is out of the office at an IFEA meeting until next week.

Our staff outing at McMenamins Edgefield is set for next Tuesday. (We went there last year, too.) I talked to Donn today, and he's planning to attend. Angel has a summer gig and won't be able to be there, though.

I want to phone Lise (pronounced Lisa) and find out if she'll be able to come.

Still trying to keep my winter pansies alive. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to manage that!

I did talk to sister Sue via phone tonight. She's hanging in there...

Not sure what else I'm forgetting.

Have I mentioned that I lost four pounds? Marilyn calls it the 'Marilyn's oral surgery diet.' Hahaha.

Marilyn's washing her hair (I did that last night). I keep yawning, so hopefully we'll go to bed soon.

I helped walk Christine through making a transparent ping (.png) today, using Paint Shop Pro. She wanted to turn our president's signature into one. It went quite well -- and she wrote down the steps so she'll know for the future. Very cool!

I love teaching people about graphics. I used to love doing tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, back in the day...

Well, off to take out my contacts and take my pills.


Busy, Busy Day -- So TIRED!!!

What a super BUSY day!

So, last night (late) I figured out (resolved) the major issue Mariah was having with the eNewsletter. I logged in at the Cooler Email service and found she hadn't opted in with her festival email address -- which is easy to do. And it was showing Marissa as having unsubbed last May. We kept having issues last year with people supposedly unsubscribing, which is ridiculous, by the way. Anyway, I could manually opt in for her, and I could manually subscribe, as well. Then I sent out the test...

First thing this morning I was back at it. I spent hours assisting with the code and checking for errors (etc.). I'm picky about punctuation mistakes, for example -- and I like to try and explain the reasoning, so that a person can improve for the future.

Anyway, we were still at it past noon (always the hoped-for deadline). I had to tweak out code until the last second, no surprise. I think it's great her first edition went out so close to noon, personally...

I also spent a TON of time on the website, which is VERY, VERY frustrating right now. If someone tells you that using WordPress for a website is easy, don't believe them! I'm a relatively intelligent person who managed the website for years, and I'm really struggling with this...

I decided to bite the bullet and clean out both fridges today. I'm sorry to report that there was a ton of old food to dispose of. Then it's about dumping all the spoiled contents properly, and composting what can be composted. And gathering the empty containers to run through the dishwasher (two loads today). Such a mess -- and some bad smells. Yuck.

Today was garbage and recycing day, so I had stuff to gather and get out. (I still need to go put the composting in the bin!) And I did the cat boxes and so on.

I was worried about getting my steps in, but I did that in spite of all my time in front of the computer!

Talk about sore legs!!! Kneeling, stooping, squatting -- plus up and down again and again. Doing the fridge upstairs, then the one in the laundry room, too. Oh, my.

Christine, Rich and I worked and worked on the website toward the end of the work day. I was on the phone with them as we tried to reason it out. It's nearly impossible to describe, clearly because we don't seem to get it.

Look, I can read code (as we all know), but I could NOT reason out some of the issues. It seemed as if the Calendar just wasn't working, among other problems...

Marilyn had her hair done after work tonight.

We ate our leftover sands that we couldn't eat yesterday (because Ash Wednesday is a fasting day, meaning no meat).

At some point we both just collapsed, really needing a nap...

I'm suppose to work in the office tomorrow, but I might blow that off. I need to do a detailed explanation of our web issues (per Marilyn's request).

I did have fun tonight iMessaging back and forth with June. I need to show her a few Kindle tricks...

Forgot to mention that Donn and I talked several times today. I also had IT work, including Remoting in to Carol's computer via TeamViewer to change a setting.

I also wrote to my friend Shari today about Instagram and iPads. I think she should get an iPad in place of a new laptop. There's so much convenience involved.

As for Instagram, yes, you can have an account without having a device -- but it's not easy. Plus you can't post to it on the web (via computer), or search for various accounts. Instagram was designed for smart phones and tablets (especially the iPhone and iPad), and for using Apps...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 5,400 steps (she had to get on the treadmill). I did 3,043 steps. So we both made our goals. I was glad, because I just wasn't sure I'd make it. I spent hours at the computer today!

I'm forgetting things, but oh well...

(No, I didn't get to my 'missing' blog entries today -- maybe tomorrow.)

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Happy Boxing Day - Happy St. Stephen's Day

This was a totally quiet day.

Neither Marilyn nor I are feeling well. We still haven't managed to shake that bug, it seems. We barely stirred all day long! She was mostly on the sofa, and I reclined in my chair (when not in bed). I slept several hours.

We didn't really do anything, except watch some TV and play on our iPads. I spoke briefly to sister Sue. And iMessaged with June. But that was it.

I still need to go do our garbage and recycling. I'm not much up for it...

I bought a Kindle book yesterday that both Marilyn and I have loved since childhood: The Hundred and One Dalmatians," by Dodie Smith. It was published in 1956. Yes, it's the book that gave birth to the Disney animated movie (and later a live action film).

Marilyn used to read it out loud every single year to Mom and me for years and years, leading up to Christmas. Anyway, I had the very beat up paperback out recently, and decided to see if they had it for Kindle! Now I'm reading it out loud to Marilyn.

The book is such a delight, and obviously more detailed than the animated movie. I guess ther have been several versions, but I've only seen the 1961 film. I read that they even did musical stage version, if you can believe that! Well worth a read, no matter what age you are.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Boxing Day (St. Stephen's Day). Did any of you do special shopping?

Please stay healthy, my friends!


A Quiet Day During the Holidays...

Watching SNL as I type this. It's a pretty lame episode so far. More odd than funny...

Marilyn and I spent a quiet day, mainly resting and sleeping. Which clearly we needed. We'd planned to do some errands today, but it just didn't happen -- and we felt no guilt at all. Yesterday was exhausting. And we were both exhausted and aching last night and today. I was having leg cramps, I guess from going up and down that darn staircase at work, and walking the many blocks from Bottle and Bottega. Marilyn and I are still recovering, no doubt.

We watched the repeat of The Sound of Music Live tonight (obviously on tape). Not that great, but tomorrow night they're playing "The Sound of Music: Sing-A-Long" (Sunday December 21, from 7:00 - 11:00 p.m.) on ABC. So we can see the real deal, if we want, and sing with it -- like we need help to do that! We've been singing this since we were kids, and doing the harmonies, too.

But we're actually planning to go to dinner tomorrow night with sister Sue and June and Jim. We want to go to Chinese at our local place. We haven't seen much of the three of them, so Marilyn and I are looking forward to this!

We have a pile of errands to get done tomorrow, including the stuff we didn't do today. Hahaha.

I did speak to Donn, regarding the work on Carol's computer, which took place today.

I also was iMessaging with both our friends Adeena and June tonight. It was fun!

I went out and checked on the tarp out back. I had to fix the tarp because one side had come loose. We not only had the promised rain storm (there's all kinds of flooding around here), but there was a lot of wind, too. They were evacuating people from their homes because of flooding. It's pretty awful. Out front yet another branch came down out of the problem tree.

I took out some garbage and did some dishes. Just a few essential tasks...

Hopefully we'll head to bed soon, as we need to really get some things done tomorrow.

If the rain isn't too bad tomorrow, we want to go out to our friend Shari's house.


Woke Up With An Earache (sigh)

So, I woke up this morning with an awful earache in my right ear. It even feels swollen to me. And when I get earaches, I often get vertigo, too. So far, no, but I'm going to be very careful (and maybe I won't go there).

Anyway, I just stayed home from work and told Donn not to come in. Marilyn told me to take Meclizine and sleep. In the morning I took a half pill. Then sister Sue and I chatted on the phone. I made her promise to call and wake me to watch "Dragnet," and she did. But I think I saw like 15 minutes, then I conked right out. Sue had said I'd fall back asleep, and she was right!

So around 1:00, I woke and literally forced myself to get up and color my hair! It's so hard to motivate myself to do it, even when I feel good. So it's really a pain when I'm out of it at all! I'm really proud I got it done. It turned out good, too. (woo hoo)

I also talked to Donn today about work -- AND about June's computer. I also talked to Christine about Inflow, and our Shoretel phone software upgrade. It was happening tonight on the phone server v(Inflow was going to do it remotely -- it takes several hours). So tomorrow we'll do the software updates on each computer. But 'we' won't necessarily include me. Donn and Christine will probably do it alone, and I'll stay home. We'll see how I am in the morning. Maybe I'll just go in for a bit, then come home...

I just want to feel good for the party on Friday, if at all possible.

Anyway, after those phone calls, I did a load of dishes and picked up the kitchen and took out some garbage. Then I picked up the family room a bit.

Then I took more Meclizine and went back to bed. I was reading my book, my I conked out again, really hard. I didn't wake up until Marilyn called me while she was driving home from work around 7:00. I guess she had to call several times to wake me.

Then I was iMessaging with June for a bit, mostly about her computer. Donn's going to look at it tomorrow.

And Marilyn and I were watching "White Christmas" on TV. But I needed to go make dinner. I fixed stuffed green peppers. Later we had some cheese and crackers for a snack.

And that was my day. My ear still hurts, but it is a little better.

Sister Sue still feels crappy, too. This damn bug. Well, I guess it could be worse.

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Another Sick Day...

We were planning to go to work today -- and I was supposed to have Donn in. But Marilyn was very sick this morning (yes, again -- or still), so we stayed home.

I was iMessaging with our friend Adeena today, who wants the three of us to go to the show. So when I mentioned we were still sick, she asked about seeing a doctor. Needless to say, done that. I explained that it's a virus and they can't do anything. Believe me, as annoying as it is for our family and friends, it's not like we're happy about it. We're very sick of being sick.

And on the sad side, Marilyn said this sickness has made her feel old. Poor thing...

Talked to the actual home owner of the house behind us today (he rents it out). Then later, to his property manager, Kim. So they're sending out a tree service to tend to the curly willow.

I did some work-related emails, got on the Server remotely to do some work, and spoke to both Christine and Rich. I need to do a News item for the website about Sanctioned Events. Christine is trying to set up a meeting for Thursday with Inflow...

I walked Rich through how to use Outlook's web app, so he could access Danielle's email.

I did make a big brunch of hominy, eggs and bacon. The for a late dinner we ate one of the Amy's frozen dinners (healthy food).

And I slept for hours! I was trying to read, but did very little of it. It was wonderful to be able sleep...

Marilyn and I did watch some Christmas shows on TV tonight. And played our game on our iPads, too.

Tonight June iMessaged me about her computer, which has issues. I'm going to talk to Donn about it. I want to get together with June and teach her more about her iPad, because I think she'd love using it once she got used to it.

I didn't know she had polyps removed during her colonoscopy. That's actually surgery (having something cut out of her body), so she needs some recovery time. She also has diverticulitis, which our friend Leslie also has so bad. It requires avoiding a lot of foods, like popcorn (!!!), nuts and seeds. How does that suck?

Well, work tomorrow!

charlie sick, sick in bed

Another Sick Day.

Good news: I'm starting to get my voice back a little!

Bad news: Both Marilyn and I feel worse today. This is one crappy bug.

I did put on a mask and go to June's to set up her iPad today. I was in such a sweat. Yes, it's a good thing I wore a mask (and didn't stay long), because I'm clearly still contagious. (sigh)

I'm so glad I got her iPad ready, because I was missing our sessions of iMessaging that we'd been doing! It was just the change of her ios from 7 to 8. (Anyway, she has the Air, like Marilyn. So she shouldn't have any problems with the new ios...)

Aside from that, I've stayed down the rest of the day. Either in bed, or reclining in my family room chair. That chair is so lounge-like that I've been known to fall asleep there. In fact, I almost did twice today.

I had a GREAT nap today, I have to say. Maybe some of the best sleep since getting sick. It was wonderful.

So, Marilyn and I talked about whether or not we'll feel up to going to Amalfi's tomorrow to get a pizza for Thanksgiving or not. It's bad enough that we're not up to our trip to the beach house for Thanksgiving. But our entire holiday is looking really sad this year. The pizza from there used to be our favorite annual tradition before we got the beach house...

Marilyn and I did watch the finale of "Dancing With The Stars" tonight. I was pleased with the results -- Alfonso Riberio was my personal favorite.

Aside from sleeping and lying around watching TV and playing on our iPads, I really have nothing much to say. Except that I'm really tired of being sick! Marilyn just said she didn't know what we could have done differently not to be so sick. She said lots of people would have just gone on living their lives. Maybe so, but we haven't been functional, so I doubt we could have done that. Of course, I was training a new Staff member last Tuesday, and I was already sick by that point. And Marilyn worked three days sick last week!

Well, we'd both hoped to be better today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

I hope all my friends are doing well -- and staying healthy!!!

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This was another lazy day, happily. We decided to stay home and get more sleep, something we both enjoy -- really cherish -- these days. It's still funny to me, having spent years just letting sleep go...

Just got word that Carol is at the hospital with her husband, Brian (who has had a bad flare up of his Crohn's). Praying for him. Your good wishes and prayers are appreciated! Thanks!

Crohn's is awful. We know more than one person who really suffers from the disease.

The high winds never showed this weekend, but we're expecting some serious high winds tomorrow, I'm afraid. I guess we're going to have wind issues this winter... (sigh)

It's certainly good to see Marilyn sleep. I never feel that she gets enough sleep. We both like our weekend napping, that's for sure!

Watched "The Walking Dead" (TWD) tonight. No spoilers, but we really enjoyed this episode. And we watched "Revenge," too. Again, no spoilers, but there are any number of things to be annoyed about this season. I did enjoy the end of the episode, though. It really delighted me!

I've been enjoying iMessaging with my friend, June. We frequently connect in the evening and go back and forth.