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Vacation Fun: Trip With Jeff (Monday) and Breakfast With Sue (Tuesday)

It's late and I'm tired, so this will be down and dirty (so to speak). Hahaha. I'm tired and Marilyn is sleeping on the sofa as I type this (I think, anyway).

Tuesday, August 29): We took our trip with Jeff to the Ape Caves as I mentioned on Sunday (August 28). We had such a good time! The drive was great and we talked and talked.

Then we got to the caves and Marilyn and Jeff went inside. I grabbed my walking stick and a blanket and headed on a path into the woods (it was way too hot to sit inside the car). At one point I actually was lying on the blanket on a log looking up into the trees -- it was beautiful! Then I got up and walked quite a way up the path. I ended up getting a lot of steps that day!

After they were done hiking in the cave, we drove over and did the above-ground area where there are all these holes and things. You walk on a boardwalk set above the ground. Jeff did the crawl through area, which was cool of him! There's a 'tube' of lava with barely enough room to go through! And he's somewhat claustrophobic, so he was a good sport to do it! Marilyn went to the other end and 'talked him through' -- he said he wouldn't have made it without hearing her voice! Hahaha.

Then we drove up to where you get this AMAZING view of the top of Mt. St. Helens. An incredible sight!

Finally, we drove home on the Oregon side and ended up at Fultano's Pizza for pizza and beer.

We were all pretty tired by the time we got home, I'm telling you!

Then Marilyn and I had to watch "American Ninja Warrior." It was pretty depressing for most of the show, as nobody was getting through. It was Stage 1 of the National Finals. But the exciting moment was when Jessie Graff made history by becoming the first women ever to complete the Stage 1 course. And she came in fourth! She's incredible and such an inspiration...

I was so tired I went to bed without my Kindle (!!!) -- I never do that! -- and without taking my nighttime medications. I tried a couple of times in the middle of the night to rouse myself, by I just couldn't do it...

Tuesday, August 30: Today Marilyn suggested we three sisters go to breakfast, so we did exactly that! We went to Elmer's at Delta Park. Marilyn and I had seen a posting of French Toast at Instagram (by Britney Spears, no less) that made us order it (too much strawberry compote and whipped cream -- LESS is more). We got to tell Sue all about our trip from yesterday.

Be took two huge bags of cans to the BottleDrop after that. And we picked up all my meds at Riteaid.

We also went to the Dollartree, where I got a bunch of styluses (which I really needed). They wear out pretty fast when you using them as much as we do on graphics and so on.

Then we came home. We saw a bunch of tennis today -- it's the US Open (as is always true during this vacation, of course).

Hector and his son were here to do the lawn. His son is starting high school this year! Gosh, time flies. He mentioned that he angered a neighbor he used to work for during the time he was sick and lost him as a client. That's a shame. Hector sure had a rough go...

He asked if we might want him to paint for us, and we're excited about that. We've asked him to make a bid and then we'll probably have him paint the house, for sure. (Not sure about the fence and deck...)

He needs the work (and money) and we've wanted to get the house painted since last year, so...

This evening Marilyn had a massage in Donald, Oregon. She really needed one. But these are always hard on her. She ends up in pain for ages afterwards. (And very tired.)

While she was gone, I phoned June -- I wanted to chat, as we hadn't talked in ages. But she was in bed. Instead I got her husband Jim, who asked again about the exercise machine they're giving Marilyn.

I was supposed to move furniture to make room for it and then arrange to move it. They're getting a new piece of equipment tomorrow afternoon, so we need to move the old piece over here tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I started moving stuff around and getting ready tonight. Marilyn and I had already discussed where to put it, so I just needed to make it happen.

Everything is now ready, so we'll just move it downstairs in the morning.

It's 3:00 now, so I REALLY need to head to bed (obviously).

Jim says the machine isn't too heavy, so that's a good thing. And he says it folds up when you're not using it. Again, a good thing.

Last note: 10 years ago today we adopted Colin! (They figured he was around five months old at the time.) So we call this his birthday. It's hard to believe he's 10 years old! He was so cute today!

And happily Henry was okay with me moving his favorite chair for the exercise machine. We make a tent over it and he was sleeping in it tonight. (smile)

Sleep well, friends. More tomorrow!!!
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At the Festival Office -- Tomorrow's Trip to Mt. St. Helens!

Marilyn and I were actually out and about by 9:30 this morning, heading to McDonald's to get sausage biscuits (which we love). No, not all McDonald's breakfast items are sold all day long, including these...

We also had Starbucks (woo hoo)!!!

We took a short drive and went to a 'barn sale' that we'd gone to years back. They didn't have a thing we wanted, I'm afraid (and their prices were way too high on what they did have). It was something different, anyway!

Then we drove directly downtown to the festival office so Marilyn could work for several hours. She had thought about doing it yesterday, but decided to wait until today. She didn't REALLY feel like she was officially on vacation until after she got done.

We really don't mind working in the office on weekends, by the way. We're very used to it. Not that I worked today! I didn't have my external hard drive with me, so I just messed around on my iPad while Marilyn worked (very hard!)...

Then we headed home again and stayed there the rest of the day. (grin)

We just had popcorn a short time ago. And we ate some rice before that (I'm forever craving rice these days).

We've also both washed our hair in preparation for tomorrow. (And both still need to dry our hair before bed.)

Tomorrow we're heading to Mount St. Helens and the Ape Caves (which Marilyn and Jeff plan to hike). Marilyn and I have been there before, of course, which is where she got the idea for them to hike there.

I read the following online (which I just emailed to both Marilyn and Jeff): SUGGESTIONS: Bring clothing layers: it's 42' inside the lava tube. Wear rugged outer clothing, such as jeans, if you are going to crawl. Bring one headlamp and a spare flashlight per person -- it is also advisable to rent a lantern at the Ape's Headquarters ($5). Their lanterns have a wire mesh that protects the mantles, rather than glass, which could shatter in the cave. Wear protective gloves if you're doing the Upper Cave. Note that camera lenses will fog over as you approach exits and vents. It takes about four hours to fully explore the entire lava tube.

I'm going to stay above ground and entertain myself with my Kindle and iPad. I'm just not up for hiking still. (sigh)

And we're (finally!) giving Jeff his hiking stick that is his belated birthday gift!

We haven't driven up to Mount St. Helens in some time. In fact, I just found the entry where I talk about the Ape Cave (HERE). That blog entry is dated September 6, 2012 (!!!). Four years back! Good grief. Time flies when you're having fun! Hahaha.

Can't wait for the drive, which is lovely. And to see Jeff and spend time with him. We three have good times together.

More tomorrow! Sleep well, all.

Hiking the Mosier Plateau Trail

Marilyn and I went up the Columbia Gorge today, with a plan to get our steps by hiking a new trail.

Marilyn had done some research and discovered the Mosier Plateau Trail, so we decided to give it a try. (This is considered a 'moderate' trail -- but don't ask ME what I think about that! Hahaha.)

We grabbed something to eat at Arby's on our way there, and took along a backpack with water, veggies and apples, if we might want them.

It was quite a warm day, so I'm glad we wore our light weight white festival jackets, because our 2015 puffy jackets would have been way too warm! (Like me wearing my leather jacket for that beach hike we took!)

The views were incredible! What we didn't realize when planning this hike was how steep it would be. It just climbed and climbed. I have to admit I really struggled while we were going up, but we had quite a second wind on the return trip and could really appreciate the beauty. We're looking forward to hiking it again later on, when we're in better shape...

Photo Share!

I'm SORRY to say that I could only get a few of the photos to transfer from my iPad to my computer. It's so damn annoying! Hey, LiveJournal??? Could you PLEASE come up with an easy way for people to post IMAGES from their iPads and iPhones? I mean, come on!!! Marilyn and I take most of our photos on our phones now. And this is ridiculous!!! Anyway, these are FAR from the best shots, but it's all I've got...

A view from the trail.

Marilyn on the trail.

Marilyn has her hiking stick.

Charlie and her hiking stick.

We're way, way up there!

The ride home was really warm, with the sun beating in the car windows. We were glad to get home, you'd better believe it! And we were pretty exhausted after that. I don't recall much after we got here, except sitting in the family room, and then lying down for a 'short nap' that turned into hours of sleep!

Anyway, we're proud of ourselves. It was a great way to spend Palm Sunday. It's hard to believe that Holy Week is here, and that next Sunday is Easter! We'll be at the beach for Easter, so we'll go to mass there.

Well, another busy week is facing us. We had a nice weekend.

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Amazing Day: Long Hike and 16,000 Steps!

Marilyn and I took a wonderful hike today! We walked more than four miles total on this trail, which added up to LOADS of Fitbit steps.

I'm too tired tonight to go into details -- and I do want to share -- so I'll blog about it tomorrow. Right now Marilyn and I are both on the edge of falling asleep as we watch "Revenge" (which continues to be ANNOYING as hell, by the way).

Fitbit Update: Both Marilyn and I made 16,000 steps today. Yes, the zeroes are correct! That's my first time for 10,000 steps (you get a Fitbit badge for that), so obviously this was my first time for 15,000 steps (Fitbit gives you a badge for that, too). We're both really proud and delighted.

And it was a beautiful day at the beach! More like a spring, or even a summer day. Wonderful!

This evening we went into Seaside and walked around. We wanted to see if we could find a couple of t-shirts. I found one, but Marilyn didn't.

Then we went to the bar at the Shilo and had margaritas and food (she had a nacho, I had a burger). We had talked about ice cream (we can have sweets on Sundays, but haven't done that even once so far), but decided not to have any. We still might have jello, though...

Anyway, we're heading to bed.

Yes, we stayed down an extra night. We sort of discussed coming back Monday morning with Marilyn's assistant on Friday, even though we hadn't decided for sure. But we were way too tired to pack up and drive home today, after our hike. So we said 'what the heck' and stayed. We'll go back to work tomorrow afternoon.

Both cats seem happy to be here. So all four of us are very happy!