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Quick Dash to the Beach House -- PLUS: Red Letter Day with Sister Sue!

This was a RED LETTER day, to me! Sister Sue has her car back -- and after her show (Young and the Restless, on from 11:00 to noon) she came over so we could go to Freddies. I wanted to pick up some more Muscle Milk -- and for the two of us to have Starbucks together!

We had a nice time. We sat there and chatted while drinking our coffee for some time.

Other things I got done today:

I called Recology in Seaside about our garbage for the beach house. The woman said the can had been EMPTY when they went by in both July and August. I didn't want to call anyone a liar, but Ralph (our amazing handyman at the beach) had TOLD US there was garbage in the can. And he certainly wouldn't lie about it! I told the woman I'd check with Ralph again and get back to her. When I told Marilyn about it, she decided we'd drive to the beach house after she got home from work to check for ourselves.

I took out all the garbage in the house today (always a good thing).

I called the vet to get Harry's meds refilled. And I set up for text messages, so I got word via text when this was done. Hopefully Sue and I can pick them up tomorrow.

Sue and I made plans to go to COSTCO tomorrow morning. After that we're going over to her house so I can check some settings on her computer (and see if I can fix them).

I sprayed the floor of the garage and the can. We got some special spray to deal with odors. It seemed to work great.

I set up hair appointments for Sue and me for Thursday. Cut for me, and cut and color for her. Kathy (my hairdresser) is on vacation, so I'll see someone new. Sue will see Merrilee. I'm seeing Kelsey, who is also a Roosevelt graduate... (At one point it looked like we wouldn't be able to get in before September.)

I was worried about our cable in the office, but fortunately it was working today (not at all last night!), so I didn't have to phone Comcast today.

Adeena phoned in the afternoon and we spoke briefly, before Marilyn phoned me.

June called and has an exercise machine she's offering to Marilyn, who very much wants it! I'll need to do some rearranging to make room for it in the family room...

Can't think what else I'm missing!

As soon as Marilyn got home from work we headed down to Seaside, Oregon. We stopped on the way to see the ocean! Lovely.

We also got McDonald's on the way. We ate the fries while driving, then ate when we got to the house.

As for the garbage, I opened both cans and they have loads of stuff inside! So both Marilyn and I took photos so I can send them to Recology. Obviously I'll be calling them again tomorrow!

We didn't stay long, but I did grab some books that were there that I wanted in Portland. And left off stuff we were taking down to the beach house.

The drive home was fun. We listened to Monkee songs and sang along!!!

Home just past 10:00. What a nice drive!

Marilyn has a very busy week in front of her (and today was a hard -- and early -- day for her, as well). She has nominating tomorrow night. And a massage Thursday night.

OUR MOVIE ARRIVED TODAY! We're both very pleased!!!

I guess that's it for today!

Henry's Vet Appointment -- Trip to Costco

Marilyn had her hair appointment this morning with Summer (her hair dresser). She had been saying she was going to get PINK hair, but I guess I didn't really believe her! But she DID IT. She got pink streaks in her hair! And it looks really, really cool. (I'm really envious. I've been wanting pink hair for years now...)

This is her PINK year. She has her amazing neon pink nails and now pink hair. And she had them do the Grand Floral Parade script cover in pink. I have a great photo of her on a pink throne from when she visited the float warehouse (the throne will be on one of the floats this year).

I had to sit right down to my COMPUTER (for a change, huh?) and make another correction to the damn Coronation page. Rich had been in touch with the woman who already contacted him saying there was no ticket in formation on that page -- which there wasn't. It's complicated. The Coronation of the Queen is held DIRECTLY PRIOR TO the Grand Floral Parade, for those viewing inside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

To better explain, we've got the only parade in the world that first goes through a major venue (the Coliseum), then past LIVE television and finally on to a 4.2 mile parade route. It's almost like THREE EVENTS in one! For the paying crowd in the Coliseum, they get the added benefit of seeing the Queen crowned, right before the parade takes place. Then the Grand Floral Walk leads off the parade, and the Court and new Queen appear in the parade. Got all that? Hahaha. It's a pretty COOL day, I have to tell you.

So the TICKETS the woman was referring to are actually for GFP (what we call the Grand Floral Parade). There are both PAID indoor AND outdoor tickets -- inside the Coliseum, then directly outside near the television area (right after the parade passes through the Coliseum). Anyway, those tickets get put on the GFP page at the website. So they CAN'T actually go into the real ticket area on another page. So I had to come up with a work-around (what's new) -- which I did. I had both Carol and Rich check that page, by the way...

So Rich contacts the woman (media) who had initially pointed out the error. And now she's asking why we don't list BOTH the $15 and $30 prices on the Coronation page. Good damn question! I should have heard that correction from Carol or Rich, NOT somebody from the media! Anyway, it's fixed now...

Henry Update: Well, another $80 later. (These weekly check-ups are murder on the pocketbook.) Henry was NOT anxious to get into his box to go to the vet. And it was POURING DOWN RAIN when we got there, so I was dashing to the door. Today we saw Dr. David Mallov, who we both liked very much. And he brought Dr. Jennifer Long (from last Saturday) in for a consultation! Henry's weight was back up (he'd lost some weight the previous week from not feeling well), so that was good news. They seem to think the eye is 'regenerating' (that's what Dr. Long said). So I'd take that to mean it's healing.

They weren't unhappy about us not using the cone, thankfully. And we're down to his usual daily pills (forever, basically -- no surprise), plus the Ofloxacin drops that he did this past week. Dr. Mallov wants him to have FOUR drops a day -- which is more than he had this whole past week! As Marilyn says, they all seem to want to treat him just a little bit differently.

Then they want to see him NEXT SATURDAY. Um, WTF????????????

We explained that the festival STARTS on next Friday. Marilyn made a point of saying that we'll be working a minimum of 70 hours a week at that point (hell, she's been doing that for ages, frankly). It's pretty hard for others to get it. I've had people in the past act like I was lying or exaggerating when I told them our hours. Hahaha. Right. Well, that's how it goes...

Marilyn set up an appointment, but we plan to cancel it. Saturday is an event day! There's really no time to deal with taking him in. Dr. Mallov suggested early Saturday morning, but we plan to sleep as late as we can that day! We have a CONCERT event Saturday night -- and we'll have had a very long, long day (and late night) on Friday. So...

We know what will be said in advance: Keep giving him drops every day while he heals. That's pretty much a given. It's clear the drops are good for him. In fact, his other condition seems much, much better right now, so maybe there's some added benefit from the drops! It certainly seems that way, anyway. We'll save the $80 to put toward the NEW prescription of those drops (which it won't quite cover) -- that was called in today...

We're going to do the best we can with giving Henry drops when we have the time. But we've also got to do the best we can just to get by during the next several weeks! We've got three very busy weeks facing us. But we'll be fine (we always are).

After we brought Henry back home, we decided to go to Costco. We've needed new PHONES in the house for a couple of years, actually. Our last set of Panasonic phones did a good job for us when you consider how long we've had them! Hahaha. Those batteries don't last forever. And my poor watch (also old) needs replacing (Casio). So Costco seemed like the place to go.

The only Casio watch they had was HUGE. So we didn't get that. But we did find a phone set -- another Panasonic (love that brand). It has FIVE (not kidding!) phones! So we put the main one back in the living room (I still have done the recording for the answering machine). And we've got one in the family room, one in Marilyn's bedroom, one in the office and one in my bedroom. (The only rooms that DON'T have them are the two bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry room... Hahaha.) We're used to having only two phones that we have to move around the house wherever we happen to be, so this will really spoil us!!!

We also got a couple of new throw blankets for the living room. (We love the ones we got for the family room right before Christmas.) And some Chinet paper plates (we like the Lunch size -- but I screwed up on the dinner plates and got the one with dividers, yikes), which we use a lot. Plus garbage bags (great price), Ziplock storage bags and several other minor items. Then it POURED DOWN RAIN again when we were headed to the car, and we got drenched! The blankets were so wet I had to put them each in the dryer when we got home!

We got sundaes and pizza at Costco to eat at home. And we watched some TV and then crashed for long naps.

I did have a nice chat with both sister Sue and June today ON THE NEW PHONES!

I also Remoted in and set up our PHONES for next weekend. (woo hoo)

We got a bottle of Sangria (which we've been going to make forever now) to have tonight. So we're probably going to have popcorn and Sangria before heading to bed.

TOMORROW IS A WORK DAY. There's a lot to do!

Bad News: I've got ANTS to deal with again. (sigh) I had a bunch in the spot in the living room where we feed the cats. So I moved their dishes. NOW I have a lot more in the new spot! Damn ants. It's not like I have a lot of free time to be fighting them right now.

Did I say it's really LATE right now? No. Well it is. Oh well! Hahaha.

Sweet dreams, friends!
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Trip to the Beach (Day Trip) -- Work at the Festival Office

First off, the Henry Tudor Cat update!!! (grin) He's being a very, very, very good cat. Which has been true this entire time, of course. He's pretty sick of being treated, but still cooperates. And as far as I can tell (fingers crossed), he's NOT scratching at all, much less his eye. I sure hope it stays that way!

Marilyn and I didn't get in to the office until past 11:00 a.m., what with one thing and another (and Henry). That's okay. We did get a bunch of work done, even so.

In my case, I FINALLY was able to take the eNewsletter I'd created for the Grand Floral Walk (GFW) and make it work as HTML inside Outlook. It's a fairly nifty trick, I'm telling you!!! And, remarkably enough, it does NOT require any special software to do. At some point I need to teach others how to do it, but probably not this year. It's just too damn complicated for me to write out until I have more free time.

I also 'found' the permalink for one of our recent eNewsletters that our president, Frank, had wanted -- and that Carol had promised (???) to Executive board members. (Um, why would you DO THAT if you weren't sure you could provide it? I mean, Carol couldn't have come up with it on her own. And she hadn't discussed it with me when she told them she'd get it. Oh well. I guess it's a good thing I can figure this stuff out!)

We used to ALWAYS provide a permalink for our eNewsletters between 2008 and 2013. Amazingly enough, it's provided by our eNewsletter service, CoolerEmail -- and that's a pretty wonderful thing for them to do! Anyway, I worked on our templates (yet again) today, and added a place for the permalink to go.

We have a couple of options, actually. We can put the eNewsletter up at our website and link it there. I'd been having issues with that previously, but TODAY (in fact tonight -- just minutes ago!!!) I figured out how to make it work! That's a very big breakthrough, I'm telling you.

I reasoned it out while deciding I wanted a permalink for that GFW eNewsletter -- and because we're not sending it out via CoolerEmail, we needed another host.

I feel like something of a (very minor!) genius today, I have to tell you. I'm pretty convinced that even FISH wouldn't have had some of the answers to this stuff I got done. And happily I didn't have to ASK ANYBODY ELSE how to do it.

Sometimes I'm like a dog with a bone, seriously. Hahaha.

The work today was one thing, but Marilyn, Adeena and I took a day trip to the beach! We drove down the 'fast' way (which only takes around 90 minutes). The weather in Portland was WET today, and we did have rain on the drive. But it was dry in Seaside, believe it or not!

We did invite sister Sue to come along, but her leg was bothering her (from her fall of weeks ago), so she declined. I totally understand that. When you're sore, it's just not pleasant to take a long ride in a car!

We three stopped at the house and I actually changed into longer pants (I'd had on what I call my clam digger jeans, that go to just below the knee) and from sandals into boots. Just to stay warm enough.

We drove in and went to the Shilo Inn bar for food and a drink (introducing Adeena to Lemon Drops!). We love to go there, because it's right on the beach and the view is fabulous!!! (Marilyn had the waiter take a photo of us so she could text it to Jeff and tell him he should have been there with us!)

Gosh, we really like their food! We went there to celebrate back when we first got our house, by the way. Such a nice place.

After we ate we went over and played Fascination. Adeena had never played before! She and Marilyn both won several times -- and even I managed to win twice. We gave Adeena the tickets to start her collection. Someday she'll be able to get something nice with them. We need to trade some in, as we've got an awful lot now...

Then we went to the candy store and I bought some Sea Foam (which I adore and haven't had in ages!). I totally FORGOT to have Adeena try it (Marilyn is not a fan).

And finally we got ice cream, before heading back to Portland. We needed to get Adeena back before 7:30 and were actually in the parking lot of the festival office by 7:14 p.m.

Then Marilyn and I talked over the project she needed my help with -- the formation map for the Grand Floral Parade. I went upstairs to get started with that, and she was working on her many projects downstairs.

The cleaning guy was there as we were working. It's a bit distracting, but I suppose not as bad as when the staff is around (always needing things).

Henry came in at some point and is lying in his chair behind me. Colin, however, refuses to settle down. He keeps messing with things in my bathroom and making a bunch of noise. I guess he wants some attention. Colin, timing is everything! (smile)

Finally we both hit the wall and decided to come home...

It looks like I'll be staying home AGAIN this week. It's not like I can't get a TON of work done here.

First thing tomorrow morning I'll continue my work on that map. Marilyn needs to have it by afternoon for a meeting with Gary.

I have some website stuff I really need to get to! I can't believe I haven't done that, yet. And I should check in with Marissa and Katie on parade scripts, too...

And now I need to teach Kate how to code the permalink into the eNewsletters. Ideally I'd like to Remote in and watch her work on an eNewsletter, seeing as we had some coding issues last week again. I think I need to see what it is she does that messes up the code so I can help her avoid that. I guess it could be easy to cut pieces of code (???). It wasn't that hard to reason out last week. And Kate seems very eager to do the work without help (I get that). But it is my job to make sure these eNewsletters end up working the way we need them to.

Well, I guess it's time for bed, seeing as it's going on 2:00 a.m.

I still can't believe we got away for a few hours to the beach. How lovely! Yes, all three of us had a lot of work we could have been doing -- but sometimes a few hours of recreation and make all the difference, we find. And we're all willing to put in early and late (and long) hours to make up for it...

Anyway! Goodnight!
henry sweet, sweet

Henry's Vet Appointment

Don't you love this icon of Henry as a kitten? What a sweet boy! He was then and he STILL is today! Marilyn and I love this cat!

We BOTH slept in today. There was no going to the St. Johns Parade, as we had too much to get done this weekend.

The day was overcast and gray -- and there was drizzle for the parade and rain on and off all day.

We went over to Hayden Island to get our pedicures and manicures, but they were full and needed us to wait. We went and got Starbucks for sister Sue and dropped it by the house.

Then we decided to get our pedicures before heading to the vet appointment. (There wasn't time for both.)

They're using some NEW cream on your legs -- and it smells strongly of ROSES. Yuck. I tried to make it clear I was allergic, but they just don't understand English well enough to get it. (Or just don't care.) In the future I'll ask them to LEAVE MY LEGS ALONE -- just like I won't let them do anything to my arms (they often use a cream that smells of roses for that, too). WHY wouldn't a place like that get it that many people are allergic to various smells???

We got back home and packed Henry up, then took him (and all his meds) to the vet.

Marilyn had figured it would take an hour, but I thought that was crazy. Of course she was right! It's very hard to understand what the hell was taking all that time.

We saw Dr. Long (another female vet). She gave us good news. Part of Henry's cornea is dead and turned into something like a 'scab,' which should eventually fall off (if all goes well). This is a sign of HEALING -- which means things went well this past week (we think). I'd like to sound more certain of things, but like last week, the vet isn't all that sure.

She sent us home with an Elizabethan collar for Henry, to keep him from scratching his eye. I get why, but it's a big pain in the ass. I just discovered that he can't use the cat door to get back to the laundry room where his potty boxes are located, because the collar won't fit! We were told he could eat with it on, but he can't. (I'm assuming he can't drink with it on, either.) He just seems MISERABLE with it, period. Much more unhappy than he was last week!

He's down to only two medications now -- his liquid pain medication and his antibiotic drops (one version). He doesn't need the second version, nor the dilating drops. (And of course his usual daily pill, too, which makes three.) He only needs this stuff twice a day -- so we're doing it at 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight. (Works great by me!) He just had his midnight dose.

Both cats are currently in the office with me as I type this on my desktop computer. There was just a moment of drama! Some crazy big flying bug (like a giant mosquito) was in here. And Henry went for it, while Colin was apparently afraid of it (really???). Anyway, I killed it, so all is quiet again. Henry is lying calmly in his chair, and Colin is doing the chicken-sit on his stool.

I had to take the collar off to do meds. Then I put it back on again and left him up on Marilyn's bed downstairs. But he got down and tried to go back to potty -- but couldn't make it back there! Then he went over again to try and eat. He just sits unhappily by the dish looking at the food! So I took the damn collar off. And he ate and ate. Then used the potty. Then followed me upstairs.

I know we don't want him to scratch that eye -- but he wasn't scratching it at all last week. He was barely even scratching, that I saw. Still, he's going to be itchy while he's healing! And I'm scratching myself all the time (until I BLEED). So I know how that can go! We want to save the eye so bad. But I figure as long as I can watch him, I'll keep the collar off... (for now).

After the vet we did leave Henry home in his collar. (I never thought about him not being able to get through the cat door! I only thought about him getting into the potty box (which has a cover). It was a big door, so no worries. But I'm not sure what we do about the door. Prop it open?

I know we used Eliabethan collars in the past for cats. They used to be bigger and heavier. But I don't recall ever having an issue with a cat not being able to eat or drink!!!

And if it was about the cover on the potty box, I'd just take those off for now. But the door is another issue entirely...

Henry eats ALL THE TIME. I don't even know how many times he gets up during the night alone to snack. But it's frequently. This probably sounds crazy to the average cat owner. But he's not an average cat because of his health condition. We worked VERY HARD to get this weight on him (and keep it). One of the reasons his eyes are so deep in his head has to do with him losing so much weight in the past! So keeping him eating is very important.

But it's ONLY A WEEK with the collar! And we really want to save that eye!!!

It's going to be another tough week, that's for sure. I think I'll have to watch him even more carefully than last week, to tell you the truth. Because last week when I'd done the medicine (which only took minutes), I had long breaks where he could just do his own thing (whatever that was).

Anyway, right now he's sleeping beside me in his chair. And Colin is lying sort of dozing (not really asleep) on his stool. There is no scratching going on.

But the infected scratch on my own stomach tells us that Henry will scratch sometimes! When I head to bed, that collar will need to go back on, I think... (sigh)

We went back to get our manicures after his appointment -- even though we were BOTH REALLY TIRED. We were tempted to put it off until tomorrow, but couldn't face doing that. We have plans for tomorrow and they didn't include time for our manicures. But we needed to get them done! So...

We called and knew they'd be open until 8:00. We got there and they were PACKED with people. They wanted us to wait around 40 minutes. So we ended up at McDonald's to pass the time.

We got back and finally got our manicures done. Marilyn got a very bright, hot pink color. Mine is copper -- very cool! I've never done copper before. (I was pretty sick of red.)

We ate some things when we got home, then I made popcorn and we watched some TV. Now Marilyn's napping on the sofa while I blog with my cats. (smile)

Both sister Sue and friend June checked in about Henry. And so did Jeff! It's nice how concerned they've been (they all ask frequently).

Colin just ran off somewhere. But Henry is fast asleep.

We feel BLESSED that Henry is doing so well (so far). We're not taking it for granted that the eye will actually heal, as that seems to still be up in the air. But the news today was good.

As for tomorrow, we plan to get up and go to work in the morning. (I need to get to bed soon!) Then we want to drive down to the beach house in Seaside -- and take Adeena along! Marilyn left her coat down there, and she really needs it. And we'd love the drive. Marilyn said maybe we'd go to dinner while we're there...

It's past 1:00 a.m. now, so I'm off to bed.

To collar, or not to collar? That is the question.

I wonder what Henry's thinking about all of this? It must seem like we're really torturing him, I guess. But even in the collar, he was lying by me on the bed purring. Sweet boy!!!

I certainly don't want to take any chances. And the vet really wanted him in that collar! (sigh)

Good night, friends.

Adeena Turns 21 -- Henry Isn't Doing Well...

It was a CRAZY BUSY day again today! At 11:00, I finally broke away from my computer (in my home office) to doctor Henry's eye -- and to do my blood sugar and eat some yogurt. Yeah, I was that busy doing festival work.

I still haven't reasoned out the Grand Floral Walk eNewsletter issue!!! (sigh) It's just so complicated. I even tried buying a software that was supposed to help. But I couldn't get the damn thing to download!!! What was that about? So when I got to the office I spoke to Sheila about challenging the VISA payment (I'd used Marilyn's festival VISA to buy it). The software had recommendations (I never buy unless they do). Maybe they'll end up helping me figure it out, who knows? I'm anxious to hear back from them... (I did try to contact them first before stopping the payment.)

I got a bunch of calls and had piles of work to do, anyway.

Adeena came by to pick me up at 1:30 to head to the office. Then I had people constantly coming to see me about one thing or another. There's so much work...

MARILYN had her oral surgery today, poor thing. She was pretty miserable at one point. I brought her ice packs from home and she used them for ages as she continued to work! You know, most people would have gone home after oral surgery. She's such a trooper!!!

Adeena and I walked up to get McDonald's, then got Starbucks. Gosh it was a HOT walk. Really uncomfortable! I didn't hear, but it was supposed to be in the high 80's today.

Marilyn did a great job decorating Adeena's desk! And we'd gotten a bunch of fun cards and a cute plant and balloons and magnets. Very fun! Everybody kept wishing her happy birthday.

At around 4:00 we headed over for her birthday drink (her first legal drink). Most of the staff showed up (including Jeff), Carla and Gary and Roger and Candee and David (Candee and David do Living History with Adeena and Marilyn). Angel was there, of course (he's staff). And our friend Mark came -- it was HIS birthday, too (he turned 51 today).

Such fun drinking punch bowl drinks and having snacks and food and everybody laughing and chatting. Marilyn had made a reservation, and they'd had a couple of tables -- and had to keep adding to that. We were a pretty big group!!! And we sang to her more than once. Really a great party!

(I don't know if Marilyn gave her our presents, which I hadn't managed to WRAP... sigh... But there was an Oregonian Sunstone crystal necklace, some small bottles of booze and other cute stuff. A rose shaped leather purse Marilyn bought somewhere. Damn! I think I forgot a couple of items. Well, we can give those late. They're just small things... And maybe Marilyn waited to give those, anyway. I never heard.)

Mark brought her some gifts, too. He's such a sweet guy. And he thinks the world of Adeena. I guess it's obvious that we ALL do! (smile)

I don't know Marilyn's steps for today, but I got 7,806 today. That's the best I've had all week.

Anyway, I think I really need a nap now. So I'm off.

Marilyn had told me we weren't going to the St. Johns Parade tomorrow. But tonight she sounded like she actually wants to. So I'm not sure if we will or not.

I need to remember to put the FOOD OUT for the Postal Workers annual food drive!!! I've had it ready for weeks and weeks!

We take Henry to the vet in the afternoon. I wonder what we'll find out???

Marilyn and I both have PILES OF WORK to get done this weekend. We can't go to the office tomorrow (there's a race near the office), so we'll probably go in on Sunday. And we must do our pedicures and manicures this weekend (that we failed to get done last weekend).

And we need to VOTE this weekend, too! It's the Oregon Primary!

Time to go give Henry more medicine!!!

Sleep well, friends.

Just One of Those Days...

First off, it's nearly 3:00 a.m.

I have a stomach ache. Not sure why.

And I'm really, really, really TIRED. I've been tired all day. I know it's just a week and I can get through this, but I can't deny I'm tired. And we have a busy weekend facing us, so I doubt I'll get much rest then, either.

Talked to both sister Sue and June today.

It's crazy at work for all of us right now. Today was City Hall (Staff and the Board goes there every year right before the start of festival), but I missed it. I heard it went well. We also had Kick-Off today (late afternoon/evening) and I also missed that. Again, I heard it went well...

My work on the eNewsletter for Grand Floral Walk? I thought I was pretty well DONE with it last night, but that wasn't the case at all. I was actually pissed off about it, to be entirely honest. I don't know WHY I thought I'd get the clean Copy period for this. Our staff can NEVER do anything without tweaking and tweaking and tweaking. Over and over and over. It's been one of my main frustrations in my work for years now. I'm surprised we're EVER done with something! We're notoriously bad at letting go of a product and calling it good.

Turns out that aside from all the Copy changes (and -- surprise! -- yet another logo change) that there was an issue with the bullet coding! I actually found that REALLY INTERESTING. I kept looking at my code for the bullets and trying to reason out WHY IN HELL it would display correctly after it went through our eNewsletter service...

The good news? I finally reasoned it out! It was about the code that's specifically for devices (mobile coding -- for cell phones and tablets). If you code, you've never seen coding this crazy to make a simple <li> (bullet) display right!

Here's an example:
<li class="iOS" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;margin: 0;text-align: left;color: #414042; font-size: 17px;line-height: 22px; letter-spacing: 0em; font-weight: normal;">Giveaways at the start and finish areas</li>

THIS IS JUST GREAT!!! More than HALF of my blog entry has disappeared!!! WTF???

Wow, I wish I remembered all of the rest of this. I guess I'll just have to try and recreate it... Seriously??? Thanks, LJ. Thanks.

I know I mentioned more about the eNewsletter, but I can't recall exactly what. Let's just say that I wasn't all that happy about the way things happened. And by the way, when you're expecting a lot of additional work to be done, perhaps you might be respectful in dealing with people. Yeah, I'm only a volunteer, so my time is all free. But still. (Of course, we can all afford to be respectful ALL OF THE TIME, regardless of our expectations.)

I was hard on Marissa today -- but apologized more than once. She's amazing and I love working with her. And knowing her. She's always pleasant and supportive and warm.

Today was the day staff and the board go to City Hall right before the start of the festival (an annual event). I missed it. I heard it went well. I also missed the Kick-Off event today. I heard that went well, too.

I spent hours doing what any teenager could probably do in half and hour (or less). Here's an example of the video work:
1) Finding ways to download video from online (they don't make this easy, by the way, as they don't want you to do it!)
2) Finding ways to convert the format to .wmv (which is necessary for using it with PowerPoint)
3) Finding ways to clip video shorter

Then often when I clip a video the software will change the format -- and I have to convert it all over again!

Guess what? A very DEMANDING Henry just got in my lap here at the computer. He probably wonders WHY I'm blogging all over again (so do I!!!). He's purring like mad.

Gee, it's now 4:00 a.m. And no hair colored. Clearly it's not happening.

I had a ton more, about what's up with Henry and Marilyn's long, long day. But I'm now toast and quitting this. I just can't rebuild the damn entry. I'm too annoyed and too tired.

Good night.

Busy Tuesday -- Henry and Festival Work

Well, I'm still trying to take care of Henry's eye. I just don't know. I have no clue if it's better or worse. He seemed good today -- but then he seemed feverish tonight. So I really have no clue...

I should be in bed now (it's past midnight). I'm tired out. I had a lot of festival work to get done today...

I need to go into the Server and the Exchange tomorrow. I tried tonight without success. (sigh) I think the Exchange needs restarting. I was having trouble getting email late tonight, anyway.

I finished up the Grand Floral Walk eNewsletter today. And I've got a banner ready for the next one, too. (There are three in all.) After doing it, I decided it's difficult and confusing and I think I just want to do them all and save time and trouble. I was going to teach Adeena, but I think that would make a lot more work, in all honesty. The code for this was confusing. I guess I've forgotten, as I haven't done a zero item one in some time... (Hard to explain, but the template is tough to read.)

I called and left a message for the vet today when by late afternoon I still hadn't gotten the results of the blood test we were promised we'd have by Monday. She called late, but did phone -- and chatted with me for around half an hour. The interesting news? Most of his blood test results were excellent! He has NO SIGN OF KIDNEY DAMAGE, which is pretty amazing considering he's been on steroid pills every day for years now.

He's slightly anemic, believe it or not. But she doesn't want to treat it. I didn't really understand what the heck she was telling me about his version of anemia, aside from her not wanting to treat it. Confusing.

I had to phone David at FISH about the damn Fleet pages -- and still couldn't reason out what he was telling me. So I just deleted all those pages and started over again from scratch. I finally got the pages to work the way we wanted -- and to match the printed versions of our fleet info.

Rich contacted me with a mistake on one of the Sanctioned Events. I had used the information I found at their website, which is apparently WRONG. Um, so why don't you focus on fixing your OWN website, before you start bugging us to fix ours??? Typical. Anyway, I just went in (past midnight, mind you) and fixed it. So...

I treated Henry again all day -- but less frequently than before. I think he seems better, but what do I know? He and Colin are terribly needy and want my attention constantly. I'm doing the best I can with both of them.

Lovely day -- but I didn't get out.

Christine needed help with some video clips. It took me ages (!!!), but I finally got them done. Hopefully they'll work out okay, anyway. It's for the PowerPoint for the Board Meeting this coming Thursday night.

There's a big event tomorrow. Marilyn plans to go, but not stay (she has so much work to do). I don't think I'm even trying to go in for it. I think I should go for Thursday, though...

And Friday is Adeena's birthday -- she's turning 21 (and will now be legal). The plan is to go for a drink with her in the late afternoon. I'll be there with bells on (but don't plan to go in for the entire day).

I did get a lot of WORK done today, even if it doesn't sound like it. But I never even looked at my steps. I really have to let something go -- and that's it, for now. Sorry, Fitbit...

Skimpy info, I know. I'm just doing the barest outline of my day. I'm tired and want to head to bed.

Speaking of tired, Marilyn didn't get home until 9:30-ish tonight! What a freaking LONG DAY she had! And she was starving from no food to speak of all day long. Poor thing!

I did talk with sister Sue and June -- and I was happy to hear the clothes I gave June fit her! (Three pairs of pants I love.) That was good news!

Both Sue and June have been very supportive and encouraging about Henry.

Oh! And Marilyn told me this happened to Candee and Roger's dog recently!!! He ended up losing the eye, but is hanging in there three months later (without surgery to remove the eye, mind you).

I was candid with the vet that we would not have surgery on Henry. And she seemed fine with that. So I guess we'll just see how it all goes.

Bad news from Jeff tonight. Poor guy! I'll have to go into it later. But I'm praying for him...

Anyway, so much for today. Good night!

Quiet Monday -- Caring for Henry

I was up most of the night with Henry. I don't know whether or not it's a good sign, but he just couldn't seem to sleep and kept howling to wake me up to keep him company. I have to say that I really didn't have any sense that he was in pain, just to be clear. He seemed remarkably perky, actually...

I did give him medicine during the night (as I was awake, anyway). I finally drifted off toward morning and woke when the office phoned. It was Steven telling me his computer was out.

Fortunately, I already had Donn going in today to move Marijke's computer to her new location. And I'd given her the day off, so Donn could prioritize Steven's computer, and then do hers. (And also work on the Finance laptops for CityFair.

I hadn't set up the emails that Donn needed for the laptops, so I had to do that and some other IT related things. But I didn't work at all on the website or the Grand Floral Walk eNewsletter. Oh well. Henry is more important.

And I was dead tired from not sleeping well last night.

I finally took a nap in the early afternoon and slept late for one of his eye drops. But I did it as soon as I woke up. (Three hours apart instead of two, but that's close enough, I think.)

Sometimes I'm not perfect on the timing, but I've been pretty close!

And I shouldn't say this, because I'm no expert -- but his left eye looks BETTER to me. The vet made it clear that it's hard to tell. And that it should actually look worse if it was healing (???), so I don't know what to make of it, really.

The really good news? At one point Henry went downstairs to get in his tent (we have a chair that is always draped with a blanket where he likes to sleep sometimes). I went down to check on him and discovered his rope wrapped around a food dish! He pulled it all the way from Marilyn's bedroom, through the hall and into the family room. That seemed great to me! (It's sexual for him, so I'd say he was feeling like his usual horny self. Hahaha.)

His appetite seems fine, by the way. He might be sleeping a little bit more than usual, but he is on pain meds. Of course, he was up most of the night last night!

Marilyn came home around 7:00, then got ready to go to Donald, Oregon to see Amanda for a massage. We both see this as therapy -- and it's probably her last chance before the festival. Her back has been bothering her, so Amanda focused on it, I'm happy to say. She didn't get home until after 10:00 p.m. That's a long day!!!

I didn't make my 4,000 steps today. And I'm just NOT focused on Fitbit right now. It's going to need to wait until after this week is over...

Colin has been needy -- I think it's hard for him to understand why Henry is getting so much attention. So I tried to spend time with him today, too. We had a nice nap on my bed, anyway.

I talked to both sister Sue and my friend June today, which was very nice.

I did work on my home email for HOURS tonight. I finally did some major tweaking that I've needed to do. I'm glad I spent the time on it!

I was supposed to phone Christine about doing the volunteer page at the website, but didn't get to it. Maybe tomorrow...

There's nothing much else to report, really. My focus was caring for Henry. And it might sound crazy, but that kept me busy. I know it's only a few minutes out of every two hours, but it really does break up the day and make it hard to do anything between treatments. Oh well.

I wish I could say I thought we'd save that eye, but I honestly don't know if that's true! I do know we're trying very hard, anyway.

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm still really beat.

Sweet dreams, guys.

ERRANDS (a Ton of Them). Plus: Henry's Eye

Marilyn and I did get to SLEEP IN a bit today. Well, I guess she got up early, but I slept quite late. (I don't know how she does it...) She had washed her hair and done some other things before I ever got up.

Anyway, then we left the house and spent hours (!!!) running errands.

One of our errands was taking our cat Henry Tudor to the vet. His appointment was at 1:20 and it went TWO HOURS LONG. (No, I'm not kidding.) And I'm sorry to say it didn't go very well.

The Bottom Line: Henry has a very bad left eye -- and he's probably going to lose it. Yes, we're going to try very hard to save his eye. But we have to be realistic and prepared for the worse, just in case.

Today was very expensive. I don't think either Marilyn or I expected it to cost that much. Aside from his normal medication (that he takes daily), he's now going to need FOUR other medications. Two of the medications need to be administered every four hours. I'm going to do my best to do just that. I'll be staying home all next week so I can treat him.

(I'll just have to do my work from my home office.)

If we don't do this, the chances aren't good for saving the eye. Actually, even if we do this, he will probably still lose the eye, it's that bad. If he does lose the eye, the surgery to then remove the eye is ridiculously expensive. Far more money than we can possibly afford to spend. So if it comes to that, Marilyn and I have already agreed between us that we'll have to have him put down. I know it sounds terrible to say that, but the cost is well over a thousand dollars -- and he could still die (or get another eye infection).

I will pray (and already have been praying) that Henry will be okay. But I'm preparing myself for what might happen. I'd love to have a miracle, God knows. But I'm not counting on one. I feel so bad for poor Marilyn. The finances are a tough one and I know she feels bad about it. But Henry is a cat, and there need to be limits.

And the timing is awful. I know it sounds bad to mention that, in light of Henry's suffering. But we're in the middle of the festival and things are crazy right now. As it is, Marilyn has her own oral surgery set up for next Friday -- and that's very important!

I'm up right now so I can do Henry's 11:00 meds. It's more complicated than it sounds, because he can't have his drops on top of each other. You have to leave 15 minutes between each application of the various medications.

He's on Ofloxacin (eye drops), as an antibiotic (to prevent melting his corneal ulcer from bacterial infection -- which is even more awful than it sounds). He's on Tobramycin (eye drops), another antibiotic (for the same purpose). Those must be given every four hours. (I'm doing 7:00, 11:00 and 3:00 -- then around again.) He's on Buprenorphine (ingested) for pain (he gets it every 12 hours and it may cause mild sedation). Finally, he's on Atropine sulfate, which dilates the pupil (it helps with pain caused by iris spasm and also prevents a condition called synechia).

I wrap him in a big towel to medicate him and he's been WONDERFUL about it, so far. I've only treated him twice -- I'm not counting doing it in the vet's office when Dr. Henry was showing me how it was done, so I guess three times...

Henry was such a good boy at the vet. I mean, two hours was hard for US, much less him. And he's been so good today, all day long.

I admire this cat so much! He's really an example to all of us. I think of how much I complain about my own pain. What a whiner and wimp I am! A couple of times I think MAYBE Henry was crying at me about his eye -- but I'm not even sure that's the case. He just does his best to hang in there and be as NORMAL as he can. He limps down the stairs, but up and down he goes. He's in a LOT OF PAIN from this eye -- and has probably been in terrible pain for weeks now (we're not sure how long) -- and yet he goes about doing his normal activities every day.

The good news was that his weight was actually up. We used to struggle to keep weight on him. The first thing he did when he got home was go and eat. And we both saw him take a huge drink of water later in the day.

He has a re-check next Saturday (after the St. Johns Parade). Dr. Henry won't be there, but we'll see another doctor who will have her case notes to reference. Hopefully by then we'll get good news. I guess we'll just have to do our best and see what happens.

As for the rest of our day, we got to the bank, went to the post office, made a trip with the car entirely FULL to the Goodwill (glad to get all that stuff out of here), and went to sign up for the bottle return program (BottleDrop). Marilyn found out we can DONATE the money to the festival (which is a non-profit charity), so she really wants to do that (the man running the place was AMAZING -- just so kind and warm with everyone, no matter who they were). We also went to Walmart where I got more noodles (I run through them pretty fast right now) and my soy sauce (!!!) -- yes, they do carry La Choy (woo hoo).

We ran out of time for getting our manicures and pedicures, I'm afraid. So we'll need to do that tomorrow (no matter what!).

I honestly can't remember if I've forgotten to list all the errands from today. Plus Marilyn did a huge amount of laundry that needed doing (she's incredible, as always).

I forgot to mention picking up prescriptions. We'd done that before going to the vet, then had to go to Freddies (Interstate) to get two of his new prescriptions. They weren't ready, so we had to hang around for half an hour (we'd been told twenty minutes) to get these.

She kept saying, 'This is my day off.' I felt so BAD for her! Those two hours at the vet and the extra half hour at Freddies were murder. It was FREEZING at the vet office. Yikes. And really HOT outside.

Marilyn's asleep right now. I'm sure she's exhausted after her long week -- and today! It was it tough day, to say the least.

Fitbit Update: I got 5,587 steps today. I tried to find out what Marilyn got by looking at the Fitbit App on her cell phone. But it hasn't synced since around 4:00! I wonder what the heck is wrong with her Fitbit? We already had to replace the battery TWICE recently. (sigh) I didn't want to wake her trying to 'tap' her device (around her neck), so I just let it go...

In good news, our friend Merlin (Rich's wife) got a Fitbit for Mother's Day -- so she joined our friends today.

I need to head to bed so I can get up at 3:00 a.m. to doctor Henry. No big deal -- I get up like that all the time, after all.

Marilyn wants to go in to the office tomorrow...

I'm off to get some sleep. I need to set an alarm to wake me!