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Sue and National Geographic Revisited

What spamming? You say I'm spamming? (smile) Sorry! (Honest!)

Marilyn and I decided if we skipped going out for Mexican food, we could afford to buy Sue that subscription to National Geographic for her birthday. (Yes, we've been going to go since my birthday, but we'll live!) So I've ordered it and the gift card should arrive in time. (Her bday is January 31.)

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I just tried to phone Sue again to see how the test went, and I must have reached one of her visitors! When I asked if I was speaking to Sue, the woman said, "No, this is Linda." I apologized for dialing the wrong number and called the hospital back, annoyed that they'd given me the wrong direct dialing number!

Turned out they hadn't! They repeated the number I'd just dialed. I tell them it didn't reach Sue. They then connect me with the Nurses' Station and they give me the same number. (I used to do phones for a living, so I rarely misdial when I'm looking right at the number -- and I knew I'd dialed correctly.) Anyway, the nurse forwards the call and I get Sue, who just returned from her test. (And guess who is in the room with her? Her friend Linda! Sue says she's sure Linda didn't pick up the phone, but I'm sure she did! That's just so like Linda...)

Anyway, the test news was good! No leaking at all.

Marilyn has a 5:00 meeting that will at least go until 6:00, so I wanted to tell Sue we wouldn't be up until later this evening. She'll need to come home to get me, so we should eat a bite before we head there...

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Well, better get it mailed off, hadn't I? (smile)

I promise this is my last spam entry for today!