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Manicures and Pedicures -- Movie: Hidden Figures

Marilyn and I actually DID get up this morning and go directly over to our nail salon to get our manicures and pedicures. We're always proud of ourselves when we just jump in and do that. We tend to put it off because it's such a pain to have it done.

This time we did something totally NEW! For the first time ever, we got gel on our toenails, as well as for our manicures. What that should mean is that our pedicures will last the way our manicures do -- without chipping. I always end up stubbing my toes or being rough with my pedicure in some way. And it ends up looking pretty bad after several weeks. Hahaha. But this might mean that doesn't happen. Or so we hope!

Marilyn is never quite as hard on her pedicure. It reminds me how I was always harder on things as kids. I'd bang up my knees and elbows, for example (though that might partly be due to having psoriasis, which Marilyn didn't have). But I was also harder on toys when we were little (which might partly be due to my being left-handed, which Marilyn was not). Anyway... Marilyn always seemed more dainty and feminine than me. I was such a tomboy, with my big 'man hands.' And such a klutz. Hahaha.

I just looked at my manicure and felt delighted by the color. I need to share a photo (when I have one). We both did matching, manicures to pedicures, for color. She got a blue shade, and I did a sort of bronze that is orange-ish. I selected mine to match our Brilliant. festival theme for 2017.

Directly after that, we drove straight to the office. We considered going home first, as we could now have PUT ON SHOES, something we normally can't do the day we get a pedicure! Gel nails cure immediately and can't be spoiled the way other pedicures can. But I said I didn't mind being in sandals, so off we went.

We got to the office at just past 1:00 and stayed until just past 6:00. So we got a good five hours of work done. Marilyn was working hard on timing the Grand Floral Parade (more complicated than it sounds -- there are several versions of the lineup). I spent some time moving all the files and folders that were on my jump drive over to my NEW external hard drive. I knew that would be a huge pain, as well as a time suck. But now it's done, thankfully! And I was working on getting my email down and some other projects.

I had the email report for the entire office, and decided to just go on the Server to the Exchange and up the quota amount for both Steven and Jeff. They were getting up there, and I didn't want any bouncing during this season... That's an interesting process, actually. And I was doing the math to make it a reasonable jump up, without making it as high as Carol is set, for example. (Actually, once I'd done that, I lowered Christie to the same number -- I had had her at the same as Carol, which is WAY TOO HIGH for most staff.)

The day was chilly again, and rainy -- but not nearly as bad as it could have been! I actually saw a bunch of blue skies and sunshine.

I was trying hard at work to walk less than usual, but I don't think I managed all that well. There's no way to avoid the up and down stairs because of where my work station is located. Oh well.

When we got home we had some leftovers to eat.

After dinner, we decided to get a movie to watch. Originally Marilyn tried something we'd both agreed on that ended up being HORRIBLE. (sigh) But then she suggested the 2016 film "Hidden Figures," the most wonderful, feel-good movie. For those who don't know, it's about three amazing black women who were involved with work at NASA, Katherine (Goble) Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan -- and you just have to love all three incredible women. And talk about BRILLIANT! These women have WONDERFUL minds. I know I'm being effusive, but it's totally warranted. These are names we should all know.

As an IT person, I just marvel at the knowledge of these women. I envy their mathematical abilities (I'm really pretty bad at math, even now).

By the way, if you don't already love the recently deceased John Glenn, this movie helps make you an even bigger fan.

Marilyn frequently sends me notices about inexpensive books that I can purchase for my Kindle. She just sent me "Clan of the Cave Bear" (which was published in 1980), and I immediately bought it. Of course I had read it right after it was released. The author Jean M. Auel is a Portland native, and I got to meet her years back at book signing where I was buying a couple of her hardback books that I had signed for my Mom (who was also a big fan of the series). It's been some time since I re-read it, though, and now I'm really enjoying starting the book all over again! (smile)

Well, time for bed (it's 1:30-ish). My plan for tomorrow is to take it pretty easy, if I can. I'm still having a reaction to my recent shots -- and I'm not supposed to be doing as much walking as I have since Friday...

Tuesday I'll be training Queen Grace (an intern for 2017). She's not quite my last for this year, but certainly getting there! I have training with Tashae (from last year) on May 24. (Strange, as I don't usually train on a Wednesday. But oh well.)

Donn will be in tomorrow setting up Grace's Profile! I'd better send him all the info soon! Hahaha.

Good night and sweet dreams, dear friends.

Dinner With June and Jim (Celebrating Jim's Recent Bday)

I'm WEEKS behind on my blog. Just a heads up that I do plan to 'go back' and fill in as best I can...

Marilyn and I had a BUSY (and stressful) week last week -- which included her iPad dying, many IT issues at the office, a TON of meetings, plus early mornings, late nights and long days, too. My glasses were done incorrectly, so I had to send them back to be done again. Henry still isn't doing that well, but we're nursing him along as best we can. (Debating whether to take him to the vet again or not.) I think if we can get him through all the cold weather he'll be much improved. So far all the local flooding has not included our house. We had a couple more branches down in the driveway (sigh) again, but I was able to drag them out of the way...

Thursday night we went to see the new Fifty Shades movie directly after work. I managed to only fall asleep three times during it. Hahaha. (It had been a long and tiring day, what can I say?)

Friday night after work we went with Jeff to Hooter's after work (he really wanted us to go) and had food and beers (I also had a couple of tequila shooters). I should have skipped the food, as I'd had a bad reaction to my soup from lunch (too spicy). But what the hell.

We'd been planning to go to dinner for Jim's (and sister Sue's) birthday Saturday night, but when we discussed it with June, they weren't available because of company they were expecting on Sunday (and wanting to get ready on Saturday). Marilyn and I were fine with that, but did explain we'd have to put it off at least two weeks because of many other evening commitments coming up...

Yesterday we went to the Interstate Bridge 100th Birthday Party. I still plan to do an entry for yesterday, but will mention here that Marilyn had entered their essay contest -- and she ended up taking second place in the adult category!!! I was very proud. It's a wonderful essay that I should share here for sure. Her win was a total surprise as they had NOT contacted anyone to let them know they were finalists (!!!), for whatever reason. We would have gone regardless (obviously!), but were especially glad she got the chance to speak and tell the background of her essay.

We had been RUNNING ERRANDS all day long prior to attending that late afternoon/early evening event. So we were pretty worn out after. I know we were sort of watching the METV stuff we always do on Saturday night, but I barely recall seeing all that much aside from "Wonder Woman" and "Batman."

Today we wanted to get out and have a drive as it was a clear, sunny day. We decided to drive up the Columbia River Gorge, stopping at Arby's for a bite to eat. We were having a lovely time, but we hit HIGH WINDS in the Gorge and decided to turn around and head back home.

When we went to get gas for the car, I went inside. I ended up buying four magnetized hematite balls (around the size of shooter marbles). Great fun to play with. But hematite is supposed to have many medicinal properties. I used to ALWAYS have a stone in my pocket for my bad hip. (I wonder why I stopped that?) And supposedly magnets have medicinal properties, too. I still have a magnetic mattress on my bed (I tend to forget that!) in my room... That's all a crazy aside, but just sayin'...

When we got home June had phoned and their company hadn't shown, so they were open to going to dinner. So we set up to go to Elmer's at 6:00.

I'd been trying to reach sister Sue for hours, but couldn't. Now I called and called to try and let her know about going to dinner. It turns out she was at dinner with her friend Larry so couldn't go anyway, which was fine.

We took naps and woke up LATE! We were rushing to get there. I tried to call June on her cell to tell her we were on the way, but couldn't reach her. We ended up there half an hour late (!!!), but it worked out fine. We had a really nice dinner, then went out for ice cream after that. (Marilyn bought dinner and Jim paid for the ice cream.) Oh! And we gave Jim a Hooter's calendar (signed!!!) for his birthday. Hahaha.

We've been watching the Grammy's since we got back home. We tend to watch large national events on TV when we can, just because we are in the event business -- and we'll probably discuss it during our next staff meeting...

Marilyn's iPad RESTORATION -- from the backup of her old iPad -- went really, really well, by the way! She got all of her 13,000+ photos back again, which was nothing short of a miracle!

Say what you will about Apple (and you know I complain a lot), they certainly stand behind their iPads! When she took it in and they tested it, they told her she had a battery issue -- and they'd have to order a new iPad. And that her cost would be $99. She mentioned that she had an $800 device, but they said battery problems always cost the user $99. How about that??? And they got it in within 24 hours of when she went in to the store (even though we had to wait another day to pick it up).

We had to back up using the iCloud -- the port wouldn't work, so plugging it in to the computer to use iTunes didn't work at all. Anyway, it took ages to back it up -- and we were worried it might not back everything up decently. Then it took ages to restore entirely. But, again, it went really, really well. There were a few things that didn't back up or restore, but for the most part it was perfect. And now she has a brand new iPad -- after three years with the old one! We're both really pleased and happy.

My computer had another FAILURE today. I'd been using it in the morning, then in the afternoon I had a black screen! I unplugged my external harddrive (which is a WD My Passport) -- for whatever reason, this keeps the computer from booting back up again properly. Anyway, I got the computer back up again, but had one hell of a time getting my desktop wallpaper to display again! Hahaha.

I recently resolved my crazy Outlook issues, by the way. Which were tied to the SPAM blocker we use both at home and at the office. But I've been locked out of my email constantly for a couple of months! What a pain that's been...

And my home email is via Century Link (sigh). I've gotten nothing but damn messages that I'm exceeding my Qwest.net email box size. My limit is 25 mb. Are you KIDDING me??? That's all??? What the hell.

But I did clean out my email, which I really needed to do. I'd already done that at work. I get a ridiculous amount of SPAM, I kid you not...

Well, I'm dead tired and we're facing another busy, busy week. (Two, actually!) So though I have TONS more to share, I'm off to bed. Goodnight!!!

Busy Day at the Festival: Friday

I started my day with yet another low blood sugar incident. Considering I had ice cream before bed, I think I have to 'blame' the quinoa we had for dinner. Look, it's good to be low, just hard to be very low. I was shaking and feeling lousy and confused. Very confused.

I tested my blood, then went to the kitchen and wolfed down a bowl of cereal (I felt like I was starving, which is often true). Then I went back to bed as it was very early...

I was moving slowly when I did get up. And I had to shower and wash my hair because I didn't do that last night. The morning was more than a little annoying!

I get to work and can't find my wallet! Marilyn and I search around, then dash back home and find it in the garage. Back to work -- I've left my external hard drive at home!!! It's very hard for me to function without it, but I just had to today. There was no way we had time to run home yet again. (sigh)

Marilyn tried to get me to stay home today, but I did okay today. In fact, both Marilyn and I had more than 9,000 steps today on our Fitbits, what with lunch and walking to the park.

I did get a bunch of stuff done at the festival website, both during the day and late in the evening.

KPTV 12 did their annual special show about the festival, and Marilyn spoke at one point (great job, as always). Also, they played the feature today about the mini floats for GFP. I was in it quite a bit, even though I never spoke a word. (I was painting like crazy, however... Hahaha.)

Tonight was the VIP Party (Marilyn and I did NOT attend -- we stayed in the office and worked), plus a concert in the RoZone (we went over briefly, but didn't stay long).

I got the GFP script late today, and have barely started to edit it. I'll work on it tomorrow until it's done. Marilyn finished up the Coronation script and is ready to start the GFP script for inside the Memorial Coliseum.

I'm really excited about some of the website changes I made. They really improved the look of several pages.

Have I mentioned there are 16 (!!!) various CityFair pages at the website? That's actually wrong. There at 17! Hahaha. I had to edit every single one today.

Zander (Christine's son) walked with Marilyn and me to the park (CityFair). I gave him some $$$ to eat, as he'd left the money his mom had given him at home. Seriously, I love that kid all to pieces! He's a sophomore in high school, and just the nicest guy ever. I don't know why he'd want to hang out with the two of us, but he stayed right up until his shift sitting in the museum.

Oh, I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. Again, it gets so busy it's difficult to remember all the details of a long day!

We were at the office until really late. We got home right around 11:30 p.m. Gosh, it was a long and tiring day...

We both made ourselves peanut butter sandwiches and had some diet Orange Crush, while watching "Jeopardy" (taped). Now Marilyn is sound asleep in front of the TV (on the sofa), and I'm blogging before heading to bed.

Damn leg cramps, by the way! I'm still having them all the time. And now it's worked up into my butt muscle on the left side! So annoying and painful. I was having trouble sitting today. (sigh)

Well, there's a very busy weekend in front of us, so I need to head to bed.

Tomorrow morning is special needs, with autistic children visiting CityFair. All the noisy stuff is toned down, and the kids can move around with other children like them plus their families. It was very popular last year. Eventually it would be nice to make it available to more kids, but it's a rather small group right now.

We did see the lion today at CityFair. They used him to replace all the snakes, reptiles and spiders! Marilyn loves those and was disappointed.

More tomorrow.


Work and Fitbit

Marilyn and I had a hard time getting up this morning. We're still not getting enough sleep, I guess. But not for lack of trying...

Anyway, we went for Starbucks this morning, before the meeting with John and David from Fish.

I met with Donn, who had my new external. More about that later on... He also worked on Shelley's computer, replacing a fan that was going out.

The training meeting did NOT really go as planned. First off, they were late! They phoned AT 10:00 (when they should have arrived!!!) to 'confirm' the meeting previously confirmed twice (???). As Marilyn said, they aren't especially businesslike, but whatever.

I had Carol and Marilyn sit in at first, so we could mention a few changes that need to happen. The tweaking I keep mentioning. Then it was Christine, Steven, Rich and me -- with John and David. Steven got most of the training, but eventually we'll have them back to work with Christine and me.

Marilyn and I eventually went home for a late lunch (I made cheese sandwiches). Then she headed back to the office.

I stayed home and started trying to mess with my new external, having nothing but trouble. I finally had to call Donn, and we tried a bunch of stuff for ages. Thankfully, we finally got it working!

I can now get some work done work done that required info from the device!

Marilyn and I are motivated by our new Fitbit devices. we have what is called the Zip Fitbit. It's like the face of a wristwatch, and goes inside a frame that has a loop that can be attached to clothing, etc. Marilyn got a black one, and mine is pink.

Yesterday I only had my on for half the day, so I didn't do that well. But today I did 6156 steps! Marilyn did 7116! Anyway, we both did really good today.

We're continuing to eat Amy's meals, and that's what we had for dinner.

It was a really busy week. I'm worn out. I'm so glad the weekend is here.

Marilyn and I really need both manicures and pedicures really, REALLY BAD! Tomorrow, hopefully.

Oh!!! I got some lightbulbs at the Dollar Tree -- and they're awesome! I want to get more! I put one in the hallway near my bathroom. That light has one of those switches that turns up and down -- which didn't work AT ALL with the expensive bulb that was in it (meaning I've had NO light in that hall for weeks). And I replaced a bulb in our office. It had been so dark in there that I'd thought a bulb had burned out, but not so! Now I can actually SEE in that room!

It might sound crazy, but I'm loving these lightbulbs and am excited to get more. Way to go, Dollar Tree! Plus the price is GREAT! The new bulbs cost a ton, and don't work. The old ones from the Dollar Tree are cheap and work great! Go figure...

winter branch

Lunch with Sister Sue

My sister Sue and I had lunch today at The Fishwife restaurant (on Lombard). We had a nice visit and talked and talked. Then we went shopping at the Dollar Tree. It's a good place to pick up greeting cards and small odds and ends.

I actually got a stylus there that's not bad! And I picked up some light bulbs that we're going to try.

I spent part of the day working on laundry, doing our bed linens (then making the beds). I did some other laundry, too (a few loads).

I also spent some time working on organizing my emails for work (home and my devices). I need my email in really good shape whenever I'm working on the festival website (like now).

Anyway, it was a good day.

I did break a fingernail while making the beds. What a pain. Marilyn and I really need to get our manicures done...

I brought food home from The Fishwife for Marilyn for dinner (plus my leftovers to eat). So we had clamstrips for dinner. Yummy.

Donn was working on my external hard drive today. I'm very excited to get it back. He told me the case failed, but the data is all just fine.

Well, time for bed.

mom young

Our Mother, Gloria -- and Grandma Elsie

Mom got some important mail recently. at least, it was marked WARNING URGENT NOTICE. The thing is, Mom died on January 6, 2000, so she's been gone for 15 years. Somehow I don't think she's going to be rushing to reply to that mail... (smile)

All joking aside, it's still a shock to get mail addressed to Mom. She never lived here at this address. But after her death we sold the house, and put a forwarding order in case of any unpaid bills. So now and then something shows up. (Dad was long dead by then -- he passed in 1998 -- so we don't receive surprise mail for him.) When she was first gone, I found it upsetting enough that I'd follow it up with phone calls and letters. But now it sort of makes me smile...

For those of you who have lost a parent, or both, I don't need to explain how strange it feels. No matter how old we are, it's odd when we become orphans. Maybe it's different if you had a seriously difficult relationship with your parents. Or if it happened when you were very young. I don't know. But I do know it's a very strange thing for the rest of us...

I didn't spent much time on Mom on January 6 (Little Christmas), which was the day she died. Usually every year that gives me an excuse to talk about her -- as if I need one!

Our mother died on her own mother's birthday! Considering the issues Mom had with Grandma Elsie her entire life, there's some poetic justice going on there. Our grandmother wasn't the easiest person in the world, that's for sure. In spite of that, Mom took her mother's death very hard...

In the book I'm reading, I just read about the day when Cheryl's mother would have turned 50, had she not died at 45. I won't go into this in detail, but she spends much of the day expressing anger at her mother. For dying so young and for the things she did and didn't do as a parent.

Marilyn and I have felt strongly for most our lives that by the time you hit 30, it's time to let go of all your issues with your parents (unless the actually abused you in some way, of course). By 30, you should be mature enough to start dealing with your life issues without blaming your parents for everything. But of course, Cheryl was 22 when her mother died -- and only 27 at this point in the book. So she hasn't reached 30, yet...

And by the end of that day, she manages to express positive things about her mother, anyway. Her experience hiking the PCT clearly puts her years ahead of the average person. (smile)

In other news...

The training I was going to set up for tomorrow, is now happening on Friday. John and David will be coming out at 10:00 and working with Christine and me. Christine is going to be my backup at the website.

Donn has ordered a new external hard drive to replace my old red external. He's coming by tomorrow to pick up the old one and prepare it for moving the data when the new device arrives on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to getting my new external, so I can move on. I totally rely on this device in my work. The new one can 'talk' to my iPads, which is pretty exciting.

Marilyn went with Sue to her doctor appointment this afternoon. And she went to the urologist this morning. Pretty damn impressive, Marilyn! A new week, and another medical appointment!

And that's Monday (pretty much).

it management gotta

More IT Issues -- Plus Website Issues -- Just Shoot Me

Just shoot me now. After all the crap today, I thought my head would just pop! I am not exaggerating.

Today was more about trying to save my external hard drive contents. Donn might have an answer for me. I guess we'll see. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to Restore the Backup. Plus do a straight Copy from the old device to my laptop. It takes forever!!!

And today it was a real website mess. I just need a lot more training to be able to use Wordpress. Trying to get this over the phone? Not that easy! (sigh)

I spent hours on the phone, anyway. By the time Marilyn got home from work, I just wanted to lie down and nap -- and forget this long day and long week.

We did watch some tennis, though, sitting upstairs in the living room. The new tennis season is started.

Marilyn went to her endodontist today -- five appointments in five days! The news was not good. She might lose her front tooth. There was talk about implants (very expensive) for two different teeth. Anyway, the work must be done. I'm so glad to see her doing all this!

Well, that's pretty much my day...


IT Problems

I don't know WHY I didn't do it AGES ago, but I finally went in and took OFF the Auto-Capitalization that's the default on an iPad. I don't suppose I should even bother to say how much I hate certain aspects of iPads -- especially the way it deals with text management. From the minute we learn how to type, we learn that we need to hit a key to capitalize, so why should we allow ourselves to get used to Auto-Capitalization?

Besides, the damn capitalization works with very odd parameters! If I'm waiting on it to make a capital and it doesn't, then often I don't catch the mistake. Obviously now I'll have to teach myself NOT to expect things to capitalize -- and it doesn't take any time at all for a person to get used to things like this. We've had these iPads since 2011, so I've certainly gotten used to this (stupid) feature. (Thanks -- NOT -- Steve Jobs and crew for trying to shift how we use text.) But after yet another situation where I was typing many lines where things needed to be lowercase, I finally had enough!

This was a very annoying day, with a ton of IT issues -- both here at home, and at work. I'm out of patience with all of it tonight.

My red external hard drive contains my world, in a sense. And it has for years. And today I had a failure with it -- I simply could NOT get it to connect to my desktop computer! I had backed it up very recently, so I decided to restore it to a different external. I'm sad to report that it was having failures during the restore. (sigh) Which will be restoring for hours more (I've no clue how long).

I did get the red external to connect to my laptop, however! Great news! So I'm trying to copy everything off it to the laptop. That's very slow going...

IT at work was in Donn's hands. But he must have phoned me a dozen times about what he was doing. I shouldn't be annoyed, because I'm the same way. But I had so much going on here, I just could barely stand it.

Marilyn's personal website is down. I just tried to fix that, so hopefully that will be worked out.

I need to go do the garbage and recycling. I should have done that hours ago! I'm mad at myself for screwing off about it...

My back is still bothering me. My yeast infection is still itching and painful. I'm going to be fine, I'm sure. But I am so done with not feeling well. It just makes it so hard to get motivated to do things.

I did do a little around the house today, snyway. So that felt good.

Marilyn went to her dentist this afternoon and had a filling done. She's had four health-related appointments in four days! And she has another one tomorrow, plus one on Monday and another on Tuesday. Good for her!!!

I'd better run. So much to do before bed.

how to, teach

Training -- Linn.

New staff person (seasonal) joined us today -- so I was training Linn (that's a he, for the record). Linn seems like a nice guy -- and he also appears to have a decent amount of experience (and training with the necessary softwares). So I think he'll be a good (late) addition to our Team.

Training actually went smoothly, with only one interruption. (No matter what, I'm almost always interrupted now. I guess it's good to be needed, but it can be a bother when you're in the middle of something as important as training new personnel... Oh well.)

Marilyn and I got home at a really REASONABLE hour, believe it or not! Pretty refreshing! That rarely ever happens this time of year. (And she can use all the rest she can get!!!)

Oh! Mark was at the office today. He gave me a replacement cable for my external harddrive -- which makes me so HAPPY I hardly know what to say!!! What a kind thing for him to do! He's such a good friend (buddy, I guess). It makes me happy just to have him around.

Sister Sue brought over spaghetti pie from Candy, which is what I ate for dinner. So nice of them! Nice of Candy to make it and Sue to bring it.

Planning to head to bed at a decent hour. This will be a very busy week.

We're expecting some HIGH temperatures, believe it or not! This morning it was so cold we had to turn up the heat, but we're supposed to be in the 80's this week. Wow! Isn't that how it always goes in Portland? We jump from cold to hot, with no real transition time...

But you won't hear me complain about HEAT. We really need the good weather, after all!

Cinco was starting to set up in the park today. I sure hope they don't tear things up before we can 'take the park' for the festival (as they frequently do).

REALLY BUSY WEEK coming up next week!!!

Good night!