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Photo Search and Other Work...

I spent nearly three hours looking through photos today for a project Rich and Marilyn are doing for Jeff. I'm pretty sure Jeff has NO CLUE the amount of man hours and effort that goes into this, seriously, considering it's unlikely he even has any idea I'm involved...

But after spending ages going through my Camera Roll on my iPhone, I found a bunch of this stuff on my external harddrive in digital camera downloads! Surprise! It's been ages since I relied on my camera, so I guess I didn't know what all I'd find that way.

The Princess selection for today was early on. I went back to bed after Marilyn left, but didn't sleep, as I was expecting text messages any time. This was number three, so I should be developing a pattern, but I still feel it's a bit clumsy. Oh well. There's no perfect way to do it.

I get a test text and respond to it. It's Kate seeing if she can reach us from a school auditorium (which isn't always easy). Later we get work the announcement has been made. This is a GO signal. Rich is on it fast, sending out the Press Release to the media. I'm waiting for a photo, which he doesn't need. In the meantime I'm usually already logged in to the website. I can load up the Bio and Speech and type in the name and school name. If there's a delay with the photo, I use a placeholder image I have ready.

When the photo arrives I size it twice -- once for Facebook (my own entry) and again for the website (200 x 200 pixels in size -- much smaller!). I put a pre-created frame the small version. Of course I sometimes have to mess around with the image to make it work... Then I load the image up to our library at the website and finally I go and upload it to the proper Princess page.

The first day I had to re-do the image, as I'd grabbed a frame Christine had tried last year, forgetting that we decided not to use it. It was purple and faded into the background, so we returned to my pink frame from previous years. The second Princess had a spelling error in her Bio and on the website (she has an interesting and somewhat difficult name -- and there's a capital I which ended up being replaced by an L and whatever... We finally got it fixed!) No issues today, anyway!

Marilyn will be doing the girl for tomorrow (at St. Mary's). So she just did the treadmill and her hair and is currently drying it before heading to bed (it's now past 2:00 a.m.).

These weeks where we have the Court announcements are stressful and very busy every year. I think moreso this year, but we're all doing our part.

I got word today that another member of our staff has a serious health issue and needs surgery and will be out for several weeks. Aside from me, there have been two other women who've had medical issues aside from this new one. It's that kind of year, I guess.

And Rich is sick (he was getting sick yesterday while I was with him), as is Jeff. Yikes. I hope it doesn't run through the entire staff. We just can't afford to have everyone out sick!

There's an 'Apple, Inc.' scam going on via telephone. I got several DOZEN calls today! I was sort of counting these at first. And then I actually talked to them a couple of times. They discuss your devices, but then want you to get on your computer. WTF??? Logic makes them hang up. So why call back over and over? I finally blocked the main number, then they started calling back with an 'Out of Area' number that you can't block! Geez.

Well, off to bed as it's late. More soon, hopefully!

Sweet dreams, all!

New Seasonal Receptionist Trained...

I've been writing up NOTES and trying to figure out how to catch up my blog. It seems hopeless. Hahaha. And I have a lot of IMPORTANT life moments to share and record. But maybe I just need to jump in and try to actually post an entry for a change. So not like me! I've been 'the person who blogs every day' -- and that's actually a part of my identity in many ways. And it's a part of my identity I like. So hopefully I'll start to do that again...

Anyway, for those who follow me at Facebook, you probably know my latest 'big deal.' I hate saying that, because as you all know: LiveJournal is my favorite Social Media activity. Period. Always has been and probably always will be. I love it here and Facebook isn't even a close second. Actually, I prefer Instagram to Facebook, so it's not even second. Hahaha. I guess the main thing about Facebook is it's quick... But it has a million strikes against it, aside from that.

Today was a training day at the festival office. The new person is Alyssa who happens to be brand new to Portland! She's only lived here a week and is coming to work for us. I was impressed by her. She'll sit in the 'front desk' position and is our Seasonal Receptionist who will assist Wanda (who I always think of as Receptionist, even though her official title is 'Administrative Assistant').

The training went well.

The day didn't.

I just didn't FEEL WELL. I'd had low blood sugar in the middle of the night. Woke up and went to test and fell back asleep. Marilyn woke me and gave me dark chocolate as I was in the 80's. I was so damn tired I couldn't stay awake to do something about the low -- that's the first time EVER that this has happened. Or as Marilyn said, "Did you just want to DIE, or what?" (Lows are no joke. You can easily go into a coma and not wake up again. But I have never gone back to sleep! Lows have always awakened me...)

I'll crack that up to my recent iron infusion from last Wednesday. I still plan to try and go back for myself and 'fill in' some of these past days. But anyway, last Tuesday was my follow up with Dr. Phan, my hematologist. I was so low on iron and so anemic that he wanted me to come in the very next day for an infusion. I was enthusiastic, so that's what happened.

Infusions are done in the same room that chemo (etc.) is done. It's a big room full of lounge-type chairs that can recline. There are a couple of small rooms for privacy, but almost everybody is just in the big room together. (They appear to put people who are vomiting and so on in the small rooms for obvious reasons.) My infusion takes several hours, and Marilyn had dropped me off at 9:00-ish as she had a meeting she had to attend. She did come back and sit with me for a spell before heading off to another meeting later.

There are side effects to the treatment. I've been EXHAUSTED -- more tired than I was before the infusion. This is mentioned quite a bit online, so I assume it's a common thing. Some days I feel like just sleeping the day away -- and I have been sleeping a lot. There are also other side effects (various pains and whatever), but whatever. If this ends up helping me, the side effects don't matter. I can put up with those to gain more energy!

I will supposedly see the positive effects of the treatment in 10 days to three weeks. And I go back again in May to test and see how it's all working out. I spoke to my medical manager (Nancy) from my clinic and it turns out her daughter has taken these all her life! She goes every six months or so (depending on how she's feeling). I've even said I'd go once a month if I could see real change.

Today the low blood sugar had me down, however. I was STILL LOW when we got up to get ready for work -- though not as low as in the middle of the night, thankfully! That always has me dragging, though. (sigh)

I could barely walk over to Starbucks with the gang. That's our new person tradition every time.

And aside from feeling puny, I was having some pain on and off, too. It really had me cranky, considering things were just not going well today. There were a ton of IT-related issues: Donn having a couple of issues I had to address, problems with the Court announcement for today, setup issues with the new Profile, a couple of issues on my computer (!!!), I suddenly discover I screwed up the new Profile and have to dump it and re-do it from scratch (a big hassle). I'm trying to do the phone setup (more complicated for the front desk phones). I'm trying to get Lisa to be able to do Jeff's calendar from her own Profile -- that was a huge waste of time! Marilyn finally said she could just sit on his computer to enter the info, which was great by me.

I was trying to follow very complicated instructions on how to go into the regedit and make some modifications. First off, I'm always reluctant to do it, but I have done it successfully in the past. However it does require really exacting details on HOW for me to even try it, which I could not find no matter how hard I looked. I was ready to have Kris assist me when we threw in the towel...

Marilyn is downstairs right now doing the treadmill so she can get her 10,000 steps. She went to Starbucks this morning then took a walk later on, so she had more than 8,000 steps. I just checked my Fitbit and I got 7,000 steps today -- not bad at all!!!

I also did some minor website adjustments today...

As I mentioned, Donn was there and we tackled some things. This will be on-going stuff. And Kris came in and he and went to lunch at the Turkey Place (he bought). I had half a sandwich and some soup. Very yummy! (Actually a lot of food for me these days...) Kris is trying to work on our internet connections and WiFi which is a big pain in the ass, frankly. But I guess that's pretty much true for everyone these days!!!

We came home around 6:00 which seems early. I remember sitting down in my chair in the living room and I guess I just went to sleep and didn't wake up until past 8:00. I was worn out.

We're going to head to bed shortly, which is fine by me. I know when the iron kicks in I'll feel like a million bucks. I just need to hang in there until then.

Two Princesses down and 12 more to go (we only have 14 this year, rather than 15). I still need to show somebody how to do the website upload, but for now I'm doing my best to handle it. We had a name issue today. It's an unusual name with difficult spelling. And even when you get the spelling right it looks wrong! Hahaha. Oh well. Plus I started with one photo and moved to a second one.

Weird thing about WordPress: even if you tell it to permanently delete an image, if you upload another image named the same it will revert to the original image! What a PITA!!! I can't overwrite an image with a new one unless I rename...

I think that actually might be true for ANYTHING you upload to the library, including PDFs. Again, that is ridiculous!!! There are so many things like this that I really hate about WordPress...

I'm sipping a ZESTY BLOOD ORANGE Diet Coke. I really haven't decided if I like it. Hahaha. I mean, I guess I like it, but I don't know if I love it. I think the skinny tall cans are weird, anyway. It doesn't fit in my holder that helps keep it cold. Geez.

The new people this year are not only liking, but seem to be loving my 'Beatles theme' for passwords. Haha. I like it, too.

And, yes, I wore a Beatles tee to work today. With my new gray pants. I was stunned to be down to that size when Marilyn and I went to shop for them! I thought I was an 18, but I'm now officially a 16. Shock. I also have new mini-boots that are gray that I adore. Gray has always been one of my fave colors.

Well, that's it for today and it's a start. I'm going to get back to this!!! And I miss all of you painfully! I hope things are good for you.

So many crazy things to share from February! What a busy month. Plus this change after turning 65 medically speaking has been very interesting. Man, it is so weird to be 65! I just can't even buy it most days. I don't feel 60, much less 65!!!

Sweet dreams and happy times, guys!
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Festival Office -- Work. Home? Garbage and Recycling!

Well, the day started with sister Sue, actually. And Marilyn and I taking her to Emanuel hospital to get a blood draw. We actually parked up above in Marilyn's 'favorite' spot (as even Sue called it) and we all three walked all the way over to the lab area. Good for Sue! She walked really well. (She needs more steps!)

Speaking of steps, I got 6,207 steps today. Not bad for someone who is 'inactive' according to Leslie, my nurse practitioner. (Thanks, Leslie. Every person I tell that to is astounded, by the way. The LAST thing they would call me is 'inactive,' I'm happy to report... And I've heard that now at least a dozen times.) I still love my Fitbit! (I had to change the battery while at Emanuel as it was low, yet again.)

The blood draw went quickly. The drive there, parking and getting Sue back home again? Driving -- especially during rush hour -- in the city of Portland and surrounding suburbs is always difficult now. So...

We had to stop at Safeway by Sue's to get her prescriptions -- and Marilyn got Sue Starbucks. We need to figure out the deal with her prescriptions and insurance, by the way. We're not at all convinced that insurance is currently covering things -- and Sue has GOOD INSURANCE! And boy, does she NEED coverage!

Then off to work for the two of us. Donn had texted me and was there before we could get there...

I went for Starbucks right after getting there. My regular baristas were all happy to see me -- and I them!

I had festival website updates to do -- from Jessica M. I love working with her!

And I gave Wanda the gifts I've had for her: a rock that reads 'courage' (in light of some recent things), plus a cross embedded in plastic to carry in her pocket. She's a delight to work with!

Donn and I met several times about his work and he kept plugging away.

Carol reminded me about the one printer that needed fixing. I phoned Kris and asked him to come by. He told me he'd be there by 1:00 and would could go to lunch.

I got the Band Program changes made after several attempts.

Aside: it's helpful if I touch the website more frequently than not! It just keeps me on my toes to see the coded part and do it so that I don't forget it. And I have certain ways I like the pages done. Just sayin'... Not that I'm anal or PICKY or anything. Right.

Kris comes in (a bit late) and he and I immediately go to the Mandarin Cove for lunch. That's always nice! But lunch always becomes a meeting, too, for the record! Discussing projects and so on.

We bring Marilyn back food. And Kris tackles the printer. Then we have another meeting in Marilyn's office about projects that need doing -- the second Server, the contract for Comcast and the other imaging thing that must be put off until the new fiscal year...

Kris decides to take the second Server home with him to work on (cheaper for us that way). I help his get it to the car (super-heavy!!!).

Then after he leaves I'm back to doing website work. This time it's court-related pages that are usually updated around October 1. We're doing them early for an event this coming Sunday where we want to pimp those pages out.

I need to put up the court application. The PDF is way too big -- the website rejects it! Jessica, Carol and I discuss it. Marilyn is also in the mix. I find a way to compress it. Later on it turns out it's dumped all the fillable stuff -- plus the red indicating that certain things are mandatory. Terrific. We leave that for now (sigh) and move on...

I do part of the work, check with Jessica. It's wrong. I tweak and check with her. More changes. And on and on all afternoon!

Marilyn and Carol have a meeting that runs well past 5:00. Good by ME, as my website work is also running long...

At around 6:30 Marilyn hits the wall and tells me to pack it up. I'm not done -- I'll have to finish things up tomorrow...

We stop at Safeway on the way home and get Chinese there for dinner (nobody feels like fixing anything!). And I grab rye bread and a couple other things, including kitty litter -- which Marilyn manages to remind me I need! Tonight, after all, is garbage and recycling (the real deal!!!).

We're both TIRED tonight.

And the SMOKE is still a hazard. Everybody is coughing at the office. My eyes are killing me. My seasonal allergies would always be bad now, but they are horrible right now. If you go outside you suffer. If you stay INSIDE you still suffer! There's no escape from the effects of all the wildfire smoke!

And, yeah, now I'm getting as pissed off as everybody else that our wildfires and all this misery barely even gets national coverage on the news. WHY IS THAT??? Our state is still burning like crazy. People can't go home. Major interstates are closed. The smoke is everywhere and nobody can breath. But we don't even get a mention on national news... Yet requests for assistance for hurricane relief are everywhere (Oregonians are really doing their part, believe me). I just don't get it. I'm now as big a whiner about it as everybody else. Hahaha.

I take a 'nap' because I can't keep my eyes open. And I blog, but I need to go finish the garbage and recycling NOW -- and get back to bed! We have another busy day facing us tomorrow.

Marilyn and I saw Sean at Safeway. He's a young man who is part Irish and part Scottish with a heavy accent. And a body covered in tattoos. And he's ripped with muscles! A very physical guy. And what a personality! We love it when we run into Sean -- he's maybe our favorite grocery clerk right now. He always makes our shopping trip, that's for sure! Hahaha.

Kris had a new buzzed haircut today that looked GREAT! He made Marine jokes, but it's seriously a good look for him.

And I need to get moving, as it's now 2:30 a.m. and I have lots more to do!

Sleep well and STAY HEALTHY, guys!!!
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Nice Visit with June (and Jim)

Still worried about Marilyn's knee. It's giving her a lot of pain...

I spent quite a long time over at June's house today -- we had a lovely visit! Chatting about everything, including iPads and clothes.

She was wearing the dark blue pants with stripes (light weight) that I'd given her and really enjoying them. So I came home and found two more pair like those (one red and black and another pale blue print). And I gave her my favorite pair of jeans, with pink embroidery around the bottom of each pant leg -- I sure hope they fit her!

She gave me a very sheer top for summer with a floral print. Nice!

I was in a terrible sweat twice today. Pouring sweat! I think I'm running a fever -- not sure why. (I feel hot right now...)

Talked to sister Sue today. Nice to be able to do that again!!!

Did some website work for Carol. Auction and Court.

And I FINALLY did my pills late tonight (it's now after 4:00 a.m.). I had been asleep and woke up and decided I'd better do it!

Time to head to bed. Sleep well, all!

Happy Mayor Harry Lane Day!

Yes, today is officially Mayor Harry Lane Day -- according to our mayor and because of Marilyn's efforts!

Here are a couple of interesting articles about Harry Lane: Meet Mayor Harry Lane -- Funmaker and Harry Lane War Hero.

Harry Lane was a well-known and respected Oregon politician. A medical doctor by profession, he was the grandson of the first territorial governor of Oregon. He was mayor of Portland after the turn of the century and established a reputation as a man of principle. He was considered the worst enemy of the corrupt politicians, cops and shanghai artists who were virtually running the city when he arrived. He had a reputation as a supporter of women’s suffrage and an advocate for more respectful treatment of Native American tribes in the state of Oregon. And he was a man of peace during a time of war.

Be sure to read more about him using one of the above links. Or go and google him. He's a man worth knowing! Portland actor David Rianda has impersonated Mayor Harry Lane as part of the festival's Living History program since 2007 -- that's ten years as of 2017! Dave is a wonderful man who takes this role very seriously. So David and several members of our staff -- including Marilyn, Angel, Adeena, Suzanne, Christine and me -- started our day in Lone Fir cemetery beside Harry Lane's grave on this very beautiful, sunny day. Soon joined by our 2007 President Leslie and the Court for 2017. Because this is a man worth remembering! I wish I had all the words of the 'Whereas' here in front of me that Marilyn wrote on behalf of the mayor, because it's very cool and very impressive!

After that the Court headed off on their way (they are very busy right now every day). And most of the staff went back to a busy day at the office. But Marilyn went off to discuss security for the festival in light of world events (and especially all the issues happening here in Portland). I met with Donn about the work he was doing in the office today. And with his granddaughter Ashley (who calls Donn 'Grandpa'), who wants to volunteer to help me at the Grand Floral Parade this year.

And soon after Adeena took me to Safeway for deli Chinese food (and peanuts), then home (before heading back to work).

I've been suffering with leg cramps. And today I was also having spleen pain (again). Good grief.

But what a gorgeous day! Perfect for our 'event' for Mayor Harry Lane!

I got a bunch of work done on the computer and rested as much as I was able.

And went briefly over to see June and Jim (who gave me some keyboards for the office).

Then after another crazy day at work, Marilyn came home pretty early for her! We were ready to lie down for a 'nap' around 9:00 -- which is unheard of here at our house! Hahaha.

Now it's past 2:00 and I'm blogging as usual. And I'll take my meds and head off to bed.

Tomorrow I train Tashae, who is my last trainee for this festival season (considering our festival begins on Friday!!!). Normally I wouldn't be training someone this week. But if you check out last year, I was training this same woman on May 25, so... Hahaha. Yes, I'm actually re-training her tomorrow.

And I have my NEW set of training notes ready! We've added a bunch of stuff. More about that later. I really need to head to bed now!

Good night and sweet dreams!
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Elmer's With the Court -- Shopping With June

Today was the appearance of our Clown Prince (the festival mascot, played by our friend Angel) and the festival Court, who helped serve customers at Elmer's restaurant. We were excited about it, because it's our favorite Elmer's right here in our neighborhood!

June and I were there at 11:30-ish, and the Court had already arrived. Several members of our staff were also there -- Christie, Adeena, Marilyn, Carol, Jeff and Rich. Leslie and Linda were there with the girls.

I just loved the General Manager, Joanna, who has worked for Elmer's for 27 years. Wow! She was delightful. But everyone on her staff was delightful, too.

We had three television stations show up: KGW, KPTV and KATU. The Court did a lovely job, as did Angel. It was a fun event.

The Rose Meal was delicious! I had planned to pick up lunch for June, Adeena and me -- but Jeff picked up the tab for the entire staff, plus June! Wasn't that nice?

Instead of going in to the office, I headed off with June. She and I went shopping to Ross (the Gateway Ross). She got some tops and another pair of really pretty (and comfortable) shoes, plus a purse. I got some pillows (good sale), a purse, some shoes and some other random items. The shoes are Pumas and very comfortable, and pretty, too (black and pink). And my purse is a lovely pink backpack-style bag.

It was actually HOT today! June and I had to stop for something to drink on our way home. The dog at the store -- a big guy -- jumped up on me several times. He was so friendly.

I did some work in the morning before showering and washing my hair. And some work when I got home from shopping, too.

Unfortunately I had low blood sugar (!!!) when we got back. I started to feel lousy and shaky. I was thinking 'this can't be low blood sugar,' because I'd had that big lunch (more than I'd eaten in days!). And my fasting number hadn't been all that low this morning. But, yes, it was low. So I had to have a piece of bread...

Marilyn and I chatted on the phone at 7:00 and she sounded like she was coming home. And later around 8:00. She ended up at work until 9:00, though. Little wonder she falls right to sleep after eating! She had yet another very intense day today. What a week for her!

Important Note: I got a text from SISTER SUE this morning, asking me to call her!!! Actually, she told me Abby had sent the text for her. But I called and we did speak, the first time we'd talked in weeks! She has a new phone, but has lost her charger! She's no longer sleeping in the room with the kids. Tammy cleaned out a back bedroom with a twin bed (Candy gave her new sheets for the bed for Mother's Day). It's small, from what she said. But at least she has her own room. And she might be coming to the parade! It was nice to talk to her.

I also spoke briefly with cousin Linda who wants to come by for her wristbands and the bag of clothes Marilyn is giving her. We're going to talk again this weekend and work it out.

And my friend Shari and I talked for around an hour later in the day, which was nice. I'd never thanked her for all her wonderful gifts, so I did that. I just love the cat hot pad she gave us, the cat bag, all the pencils (I spent ages sharpening a huge pile of those for the office) and so much more. She is very generous with us. And she gets us a lot of things we can use at work!

I just stubbed my middle toe on my right foot before starting to blog. It's still throbbing. And the nail is fine, thankfully! But it bled like mad. What a mess. I don't know why I'm always stubbing my poor toes...

I got 4,000 steps today. Shopping, I guess. But I was on my feet a lot at Elmer's, too.

We're working tomorrow and have a ton of stuff to get done. I'm actually looking forward to it!

We had sausage and cheese on crackers for dinner. Plus I made popcorn after that.

We're expecting some sunny, hot days coming up.

Oh! I wore my new uniform pants today, which I really love. Very comfy and light weight -- so they'll be nice for parade day, I think.

Can't think what I'm forgetting. Sleep well and have sweet dreams.
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Very Busy Day -- IT and Website!

The day started out with Sheila have issues with Quickbooks -- yes, again. I can't make this stuff up (as we like to say). Donn jumped right in. I started consulting immediately with Donn. And Kris was right behind that, checking on things. Crazy morning spent on the phone, I have to tell you.

And my friend Rob was sending me text messages and nagging me about going to dinner Friday night. It's hard to make people understand how our schedules work right now. But then we talked for ages while we were both working at the same time. Finally we hung up so we could concentrate better. Hahaha.

Worked in there was texting to both Larry and Candy, trying to pin them down about wristbands. And to find out more about sister Sue and her new cell phone. That was a ton of text messages to find out that Sue has a new phone, the same number and still isn't answering calls. Nor does she have her voice mail set up.

Anyway, everybody wants wristbands, which is good (including Nicole, who also texted me). And it's possible Sue might want to go to the parade, too.

There are a number of IT concerns that need to be addressed and are wrapped around security issues. Annoying distraction considering how busy we are. I spent ages on it, anyway...

My fasting blood was again good this morning. And I was eating peanuts in the middle of the night. Hahaha. Which shows you that peanuts are, indeed, good for you. Marilyn used to eat them constantly, by the way.

Speaking of Marilyn, she just looks MARVELOUS right now! She's lost a LOT of weight and her hair looks great and she looks young and stylish.

She told me tonight this might have been one of her most intense days at work ever! She had a lengthy interview, some very important and intense meetings and a ton of other work to do. She was at the office until well past 10:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, I was working on website stuff for many hours today. I was sitting in front of my computer and working through a bunch of complicated things.

One page just wasn't displaying correctly! Calisa had told me about it after Carol had mentioned it to her. So I went through that code with a fine-toothed comb. Over and over and over again! I was remembering the days when one little piece of code could completely mess up how a page displayed. I cleaned up the code several times, but couldn't find anything. Finally I turned to David at Fish. And it was an issue at his end! So he fixed it for me. Those are hours I'm never getting back again. Hahaha. Oh well.

Carol provided the Copy for several pages and I updated it all as we went along. Today was not about Sanctioned Events. Well, I did make one change to a Sanctioned Event page, but it was pretty simple. The rest of it was all MAJOR pages of our site, so I was happy to work through it.

Marilyn called to tell me that tomorrow is lunch at Elmer's for the Court -- and she's planning to attend. So she wanted me to invite June to go. She also suggested inviting our sister Sue, but there was no getting in touch with either her or Larry. I tried calling and texting, but no luck.

We've done the Elmer's lunch before, and it's fun. Angel will be there as the Clown Prince. And the members of the Court have lunch, then help serve patrons, mingled with those there.

This is a great group of girls! I really enjoyed talking to them at the Board meeting. So I'm looking forward to this tomorrow.

Hopefully June will feel up to it. She's dealing with the aftermath of her own bursa injections (for her knees). She did what I did and did not take it easy yesterday after her shots! And she was paying for it today. So I guess we'll see how she's doing. If she doesn't go, Marilyn is planning to come and pick me up.

Adeena and I wrote back and forth today. She's working on the Starlight script and plugging away at it. It's not easy work, but you can punch it out in a few days if you need to (which most people who do it have had to do). She's on deadline, but right now we're ALL on deadlines! It's that time of year.

It was COLD again today. I was barely avoiding getting chilled.

My friend Mark and I texted back and forth for a bit in the afternoon. If he's not tied up tomorrow, he might come to Elmer's, too. (The lunch is at noon.) When patrons order the Rose Meal, it benefits the festival!

It was amusing this morning! They're doing something at the office with Marilyn and needed a photo of her with Colin! And he just hates having his picture taken. It wasn't that easy to get any decent pictures. Hahaha. But Marilyn was sure looking good!

I got the recycling out tonight, barely. I was just so worn out. I know it's not physical, as I didn't get any steps to mention today. But mentally I was exhausted. By around 10:00 p.m. I was really done...

My blood sugar was good all day long! Of course, I wasn't really hungry, so I barely ate anything until tonight. And then I had cheese and crackers and some peanuts. Earlier I had a slice of bread. Haha.

I can't think what else I'm forgetting, but I'm off to bed. I need to get up and wash my hair in the morning before going to the lunch at Elmer's.

I was just thinking about reading all that code today. You know, I really do enjoy it! I don't get much opportunity these days. I used to be looking at code every single day a couple of years ago...

I need to post about The Big Valley that I saw part of today. About blue for boys and pink for girls. Hahaha. More about that soon, I hope.

Tonight is garbage night -- thankfully not 'real' garbage!

And now, to bed!
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Stomach Pain... | Go, Me! | AND Catching Up

Saturday, April 22:
We got up early with no trouble and packed up, put on our uniforms and drove straight to the Blessing of the Festival at St. John Fisher (a very modern Catholic Church in SW Portland), where Archbishop Alexander Sample became the first Catholic archbishop ever to bless the festival. (It's a pretty big deal to get an archbishop to your event!) The weather coming home was good and stayed that way for the entire event (there's always an outdoor rose planting ceremony after the service). Good service -- and the Archbishop was very impressive! Plus our President, Brett, did a good job (with the speech Marilyn wrote and he tweaked).

And the Court looked so nice in their pretty dresses! We have a VERY diverse group this year. (Click to see the full size.)
2017 court

Most of the young women on the court are there (there are 15 in all -- this is NOT a mandatory event for them to attend). And that's Jeff and Brett in the center (Jeff is left).

Once again, our Friday/Saturday morning mini-vacation at the beach was really LOVELY! We always hoped we'd take MORE quick trips like this to the house. Now we want to try. We realized that if we go the 'fast' way, we can be back in Portland a full hour (or more) sooner. There's no reason we couldn't stay over and still GO TO WORK (!!!) the following day, if we got up early enough...

We got Chinese takeout on Saturday for dinner. And watched our usual METV shows that night.

Sunday, April 23:
We did end up going to take cans/bottles to the BottleDrop (from both work and home).

We also went to Walmart -- the NICE (fancy) one over in Washington. We haven't been there in AGES! We went around 8:00-ish and were back around 10:00 p.m.

Our game finished up at 4:00 a.m. -- we both actually got up to check it out. Hahaha. I WON (!!!) the Mayor's Race for the very first time, which was exciting for me. Yes, we're still playing SimCity BuildIt. (But we no longer do the 'magic midnight' routine. In fact, it's been ages since we did it...)

Monday, April 24:
I stayed home today, good thing. I had terrible stomach pains much of the day! This started when I had my Activia yogurt for breakfast with a cup of coffee. Decidedly a gastro thing. I was having gastro issues on Saturday night, too (and didn't sleep that well for getting up and down). I'm sure it's because of being sick last week. I wasn't eating or drinking normally, or keeping a normal schedule at all.

It was a cold and miserable day. (ugh) Rain and more rain! Just nasty.

I finally forced down a bunch of apple cider vinegar in the afternoon. Not sure why I didn't do that earlier! We swear by it, and it does always seem to help.

Even though I didn't feel all that great (awful pain on and off), I still got a TON of festival website work done today! In fact, I'm really pleased by what I accomplished!

Part of it was making a new banner for one of the concerts. The one we'd been sent was pretty inappropriate for the festival, I'm afraid. So when we got complaints I made a new banner that we put up instead...

Then I set up an entirely NEW event page for our Eclipse Experience event we're having August 21 at Waterfront Park. It needed an Event Info page, so I got to test out that complicated procedure, using my incomplete (!!!) notes. At one point I was confused, so I phoned Brit. But she needed to go to a meeting. So I just stuck with it myself and reasoned it out. (woo hoo)

Tonight I made a banner for another concert on my iPad (!!!). Then I logged in to the site on my iPad, too!!! No, it's not easy to work on our website on your iPad, but it CAN be done. I totally proved that tonight! I added the banner I made and changed out the Copy/code and the event details. So it's now Live.

Marilyn had a massage therapy session with Amanda in Donald, Oregon tonight. Here's a photo of her back after her cupping therapy. (Click to see the larger image.)

cupping circles

The bruises are NOT painful. In fact, Marilyn was trying to put into words her experience after the cups were removed. Apparently it was difficult to describe, but she felt like she was floating. Cupping REALLY, REALLY WORKS for her to help with her tightness and pain. You can read a lot of supportive things about it, but also a lot of negative things. Western medicine is reluctant to accept alternative medicines, even if they help. Maybe especially if they help! Pharmaceutical companies have no reason to support things that don't make them money.

Marilyn said she knows her gastro expert will say the same about her taking peppermint capsules for her IBS-D, even though it's worked like some kind of miracle. He'll say it's in her head. Been there, heard that over many years. But she can't just PRETEND this is working! It's been a serious issue for many months.

And now she can even EAT AND DRINK on many days without a problem! That was impossible for ages.

Well, I'm off to bed, even though I've barely covered the past three days. I'll try and write more soon.

Sweet dreams!!!
charlie sick, sick in bed

Sick (Mostly in Bed Today)

Well, I've got a bug (a cold). It's not that bad, but mostly a pain in the ass.

Speaking of things that are a pain in the ass (smile), I'm trying to answer an email via Remote desktop (the way I connect to my computer at the office). But the connection is screwed up somehow (sigh) and I'm too impatient to put up with it! I guess I'll just wait until I've got my iPad and answer it that way. Hahaha. Remote is AMAZING when it works, and a huge PAIN when it doesn't. And after all these years of using it, I expect it to work when I need it to without issues.

But our internet connection in the festival office isn't what it should be. It seems to have slowed down considerably! I need to ask Kris about it, because it's ridiculous for those of us who rely on that connection from home offices to try and deal with it. He's mentioned getting us more speed, and I need to follow up and see that we do!

I stayed DOWN this morning, sleeping. That really seems to help when I'm not feeling well. Sleep is so healing, I think. But then I got a phone call and that was that. I really needed to address an issue with Donn.

I had to phone Marilyn and Jeff -- and fortunately they were already meeting in Jeff's office. So they put me on speaker phone and we talked it through. It was more about the Quickbooks issue that we've been dealing with for ages now.

Kris -- who has supported Quickbooks for years (he's quite an expert) -- has made it very clear he's NEVER seen our current problem in all of his past experiences. Nor have we had anything like it happen in all the time we've been using Quickbooks. It's been VERY EXPENSIVE this year trying to resolve things.

Today Donn had to tell me that our data which was being sent out for them to 'fix' won't be back until Thursday of next week -- instead of Monday morning, as we'd originally assumed.

Assumed is the key word here. I was more than a little disturbed that we supposedly had been told it would be back sooner. But as Marilyn pointed out, you get a different answer EVERY SINGLE TIME you talk to support at Intuit. They have the WORST support system I've ever dealt with in all my years doing IT. I'm not kidding. I got to the point where I wouldn't even speak to their support people, as they were SO RUDE to deal with! They've been consistently rude with Kris, Donn and me many, many times. But now it seems they just can't get their shit together and give us a straight answer. I don't feel that there should be so many different responses to a given problem! Every support person has something different to say. They can't actually guarantee anything they do for you, by the way.

Yes, we have a support contact, so it's not costing us additional money for them to help us. But it costs us TONS OF TIME -- and we're talking about the time of two of our most expensive personnel, Kris and Donn! And even though I'm a volunteer, my TIME is extremely valuable, seeing as I have so much to do and only so much time to do it all. (sigh)

Marilyn, Jeff and I came up with some ideas, which Marilyn and Jeff discussed further when I got off the phone with them and went into a lengthy phone call with Donn. At least I got some STEPS while chatting with Donn. As always, I pace up and down while chatting on the phone. I know I ended up with more than 1,500 steps today, but I never saw my final amount (and I'm not near my iPhone right now to check it).

I probably talked too much today, but it was hard not to. Donn has a pretty good idea of where we're going with this, anyway. And Marilyn later sent out an email that spelled it all out in detail, giving us a good plan to go forward. Now we just need to implement it.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and Angel finished up the Living History visits sans both Candee and me! I felt awful not to be there today. (sigh) I can't imagine how they managed, as there's so much to carry in for each performance! Two people can't do that alone in one trip. I do know Marilyn was EXHAUSTED tonight, little wonder. It's a hard gig. She was also having leg cramps -- you're on your feet for hours while doing this, plus there's always a bunch of walking involved.

I did check my email several times today, mostly on my devices (meaning I didn't have to sit up to my computer, thankfully).

Later in the day around 5:00-ish, I woke up and felt just AWFUL. I kept trying to go back to sleep, but couldn't. So I forced myself to go and check my blood sugar. It was in the 60's, which is why I felt so lousy.

For me, I've ALWAYS ended up feeling so crappy that it wakes me right up when this happens -- a lucky thing. My friend Shari has ended up in the hospital emergency room not remembering anything, and I can see how that would happen. If it goes really low, you just pass out -- and then you can actually die if not treated right away. While nobody wants to be really high, highs don't kill you like this. Lows, however, can. But as I say, I can't even sleep through being somewhat low -- it always wakes me.

I ended up eating some dark chocolate I happened to have, and drinking some Clamoto juice. Interestingly enough, it brought me back up rather slowly. Usually sugar will bounce you quite high, but the dark chocolate didn't do that! Something to remember for the future, I think. I should have gotten one of my energy bars, which are fairly low in sugar, but I felt too crummy to go hunt for one, and the chocolate was close to hand, fortunately...

I had felt I'd eaten enough today, even though I admit I wasn't all that hungry. This is the problem with taking your diabetic meds when you're sick, of course. And this is the first time, really, that I've been truly sick since starting my insulin. So I just injected it anyway. I don't know if it was the insulin or the pills (or both), but it's annoying, anyway. Hahaha.

Kind of like dealing with this Quickbooks crap all the time is annoying. Hahaha.

Carol was staying home today, even though Brian was probably not coming home yet. He hasn't been doing that well, so they were probably not ready to release him from the hospital. But it has to have been hard on her to try and work with his surgery and recovery going on! Marilyn and I felt her staying away from work today was a good idea.

Tomorrow early Marilyn has Media Training with the Court. She's NOT looking forward to getting up early yet again on Saturday, believe me. She's just dead tired. This training is to help the young women to deal with their interactions with the media. How to answer questions and how to entirely deflect them. Do you ever hear some celebrity who is asked something and then ends up turning the question so that they can say whatever it is they want to say -- and yet they do this gracefully? That's the idea. No, we're not comparing it to politicians who can never give anyone a straight answer. Hahaha. There's a skill involved in avoiding questions that are inappropriate. It's interesting: media training has changed over the years. Almost nothing shocks people anymore, for one thing. Anyway, Marilyn and Rich will work with the girls and it will help them.

I brought up that it's the time of year we do Media Training with our own staff. We're vulnerable to the media partly because we go places wearing uniforms or logo-wear, or with our name tags on. I had things like that happen to me years and years ago. Anyway, Rich usually creates a one-sheet he can give out, then discusses it during staff meeting...

Tomorrow is Lois Ingala's birthday party! She turned 100 on April 11 and we're all celebrating tomorrow. Marilyn said I didn't have to go, but I really want to be there!!! We haven't seen Lois in ages, and she's a very dear friend. She once even got into her jewelry and gave Marilyn and I each a valuable ring to remember her by (that was a long, long time ago). I can't get over her doing that, it was so sweet! And whenever we see those rings, we DO think about her so fondly. What a dear woman!

I guess she's not that good mentally now. I hope she recognizes us, but will understand if she doesn't.

As for going sick, I went to the wedding of one of our staff members several (several!!!) years back, and I was so damn sick! But I didn't want to miss it. So being a little sick won't stop me!

On that note, I should go to bed. It's now past 3:00 a.m. Colin kitty is on the chair next to me, sweet boy! Hopefully Marilyn is sound asleep -- she was when I headed here to my desktop computer to type this.

Sleep well, dear friends!
it management gotta

IT Win -- Garbage Day, Pouring Rain

The day started with work on Katie's computer. I thought I needed to add it back to the Server, but that wasn't the issue. The cable connecting the phone to the internet/Server wasn't plugged in properly. Anyway, to be safe, we're going to get a decent surge protector for her space (it should have happened ages ago), as that space seems to be prone to power surges. And it didn't hurt to take her off and put her back on the Server. Anyway, it's all working fine now.

But it was a bit tense in the morning!

Then Marilyn, Rich and I went in the POURING DOWN RAIN to get Starbucks. Rich and I were soaked -- Marilyn had enough sense to use an umbrella. My hood kept my head dry, but wow. Nasty weather!

Then Marilyn did bring me back home again, as I was still under the weather. These bouts of constipation (which I've had since childhood) also tend to make me dehydrated, and that tends to give me leg cramps. I've already been dealing with leg cramps like CRAZY recently. That means I don't get normal sleep, so I was very tired today. I ended up napping for hours in the afternoon.

Adeena and I talked in the afternoon, which was nice. And I also talked to Donn -- who did not get his appraisal today (they postponed until tomorrow, instead). He's on pins and needles, so I hope it goes well!

We have a couple of court-related meetings tomorrow. And Donn and I need to start making a plan for all the new people who will be starting quite soon... He hopes to be in late morning (or early afternoon). He'll be taking me home after, as Marilyn is going directly from work to a concert with Adeena.

Marilyn got home tonight, where I'd been working on the garbage and recycling (it's that day!). Yes, Dad, it always rains on garbage day. Hahaha. Thankfully it wasn't pouring this evening!

We headed first to the Freddies further away (but still on Lombard). I got socks, she didn't find the tee she wanted. Nor did we find Hickory Farms sausage! Apparently Fred Meyer doesn't carry it except during the holidays, for whatever reason. (All they've had at our local Freddies is TURKEY sausage, not beef.)

But we went to Safeway and they had LOADS of the sausage, so we got several. Plus more cornbread. And some cottage cheese. And that's what we had for dinner! Yummy!!! We both LOVE cottage cheese, by the way.

Then we watched Frasier on Netflix. Marilyn's asleep, and I'm just getting ready to lie down. I still need to get up and FINISH the garbage and recycling -- but all that's left is the cat boxes and taking things down to the curb, thankfully...

Can't think what else I'm forgetting to share. Oh, yes! I wore my new green top (with sparkles) to work today. (Got it at Ross.) Everybody loved it.

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Well, going to lie down now. I'm tired.

Oh! And I got more than 5,000 steps today, amazingly enough. I barely got 2,000 yesterday...