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Happy Easter, Everyone! CATCHING UP: Saturday and Sunday

I'm struggling with keeping up my blog. Kind of like I'm struggling with EVERYTHING these days. Hahaha. Look, some days and weeks are just like that. And I'm not going to let it get me down. Being constantly fatigued is the most annoying thing (more so than the pain, believe it or not). It makes it hard to do things.

But I'm proud that I'm hanging in there, in spite of drawbacks.

Saturday, March 26:

Yesterday Marilyn and I decided to 'chase the sun,' and she'd heard there was sunshine in Hood River, Oregon. So we drove up the Columbia River Gorge. We actually went across the bridge at Biggs Junction and drove to Stonehenge, where it was not only sunny, but WARM!!! We parked and headed right through Stonehenge to the path that leads down to Sam Hill's grave. There's a path and it's a bit of a climb, but we really love it! And there's a big rock we like to sit on down there. I even leaned way back and let the sun beat down on me. It was wonderful.

We took the alternate path to go back up again. We were going to try a path that heads up the side, but it was pretty steep -- and we weren't sure if it actually went all the way up, or not (as we'd never done it before). We now know from looking down after we reached our car that it does go all the way, so next time we're there we'll try it again!

On the way home we went over to our local Walmart and did some shopping. We picked up one of their delicious hams to have today and some other items -- including just a little bit of Easter candy. We haven't been keeping candy in the house and don't want to get back in the habit.

We've been watching a bunch of religious movies this weekend and really enjoying them...

Sunday, March 27:

We got up and ate some chocolate bunny (grin), then I made breakfast. I fried some of the ham we bought and made some hominy to eat with it. Delicious!

I discovered an infected blister on the bottom of my left foot. It's really, really painful. Yeah, yeah, I know: It's always SOMETHING with me. I'm sure it gets annoying to always hear about this stuff. Sorry!

I guess I got the blister walking yesterday. I was wearing GOOD shoes -- my Rosie shoes, which are a good height, comfortable and water-proof. They have good traction and are great for walking. But I think it's more about the way I walk when my right hip is bothering me so much. I limp, and I suspect I compensate by using my whole left side differently than normal. Anyway, I never even noticed it yesterday at all! I didn't see it right off, this morning, either. But suddenly the foot was hurting, and there it was... I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol, and put a bandage on it.

Marilyn went downstairs to take a nap, and I did a few things upstairs. Then I finally went in to sleep. I tried to read a bit (still reading "The Robe"), but I was SO TIRED I drifted almost immediately off to sleep. The phone woke me, and I was pretty cranky. But I eventually got over that...

Marilyn was going to go out and take a walk and leave me home. But she suggested she could drive somewhere to walk, and I could ride along in the car and maybe read a book while she walked. I went and spent more time on my foot and changed socks and shoes. It felt so much better that I was walking pretty normally.

So I suggested we go to the trail down on Sauvie Island, and that's what we did! We'd tried it last weekend, but gave up quickly. Today we took along our walking sticks (GOOD THING!!!!!!), and decided to try again.

Let's just say it was a stupid idea on my part! We should have turned around and quit early on, but didn't, so then we just felt we had to stick it out. It's a two-mile loop around a lake and most of the path was terribly muddy and slippery! It was quite different than walking it when it's only a little muddy (which we did last April), because you have to walk so carefully in order not to FALL DOWN in the mud! We were gripping our sticks like crazy and using them to keep ourselves upright. And walking in the grass on the side of the trail when we could -- but this was brush and frequently full of thorns. What a mess!

Several times we both slid and would have fallen except for our sticks. Plus we were there pretty late, so then we were racing the sun!!! The last thing we needed was to be in the woods in the dark -- especially with all that damn mud. As exhausting as it was, we both had fun, anyway. But it was sure a relief to see the car at long last! This shouldn't have taken so long, but it seemed a lot longer than two miles with the mud and darkness coming on.

We'll be back there again sometime. It's probably only around 6,000 steps or so. Anyway, Marilyn has a little over 8,000 steps for today and I have around 8,500. I'm just proud of us, I have to tell you. We stuck in there! Marilyn currently has 70,000 steps for the last seven days! Awesome! (I'm not that great. But you know what? A lot of people wouldn't have as many steps as I do if they were dealing with my flare-up and now this blister. I'm convinced of that.)

We stopped at Safeway on the way home and picked up a couple of things we needed. We were hungry and had a bite to eat when we got back. And watched some TV.

We both had mud all over our shoes and pants! And my feet got wet, I'm afraid. But I've treated and bandaged my foot again, so hopefully it's going to be okay. I'd have to have to go to the doctor with something as stupid as a blister!

We watched "The Walking Dead" and "The Talking Dead." Warning: I'm about to spoil. So quit reading if you want to!






If you haven't heard (are you never online anywhere, or what?), they very clearly show Daryl getting SHOT at the end of this episode. Of course, they supposedly showed Glenn being killed, so whatever.

My thing? They will kill who they want. They don't care what the fans think. They just kill and kill and kill. They've killed off some wonderful characters during the course of this series. And I don't believe they care. Someone said tonight that this is a zombie show, so we should expect people to die. Well, you know what? I do. I expect everybody on the entire series to die at any time. And because that's what I expect, I don't really feel that engaged with the show anymore. I'm very much WHATEVER about the whole thing. I'm most assuredly NOT emotionally engaged.

But what the hell! They killed off all my favorite characters on "Revenge"!!! So how is that any different? Modern TV shows enjoy killing off characters. It's the exact opposite of the old days on TV. It used to be that you knew a main character could NEVER die on a series.

But I suspect someday there will be a happy medium. Or maybe not. Who knows? I can remember some very emotional experiences when characters did die on shows we loved. How we (cried and cried!)

Marilyn is playing Zuma to keep me company while I blog. I like that!

I hope everyone had a nice day. Happy Easter! And I hope you all have a great week. Sleep well and pleasant dreams, friends!
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Huge Loss on "Revenge" -- Audrey's Bday

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. It was also the birthday of a very dear friend, who has been dead for many years now. (Actually, Audrey died on December 11, 2001. She was 74 years old -- which doesn't seem all that old, frankly...) I was thinking about Audrey on and off all day long. Missing the entire family. (She was our friend Mitch's mother...)

This was yet another do-nothing day. Marilyn and I slept in very late (but we were up really late, too). And I'm still struggling with the end of this bug, even though I'm starting to feel better, at long last. (sigh)

Watched "The Quartet" again today. As I've mentioned before, this 2012 film is one of my favorite movies, featuring Maggie Smith as Jean Horton, Tom Courtenay as Reginald "Reg" Paget, Billy Connolly as Wilfred "Wilf" Bond and Pauline Collins as Cecily "Cissy" Robson. I can't recommend it highly enough! And it's very much worth watching more than one time.

"Revenge" was on tonight. The writers have been BRAGGING about killing off yet another character (shudder), so we knew they were going to do so. And we'd had a pretty good idea who it would be, too. They already killed off our favorite character last season (Conrad Grayson), and now they killed off our second favorite tonight. I won't say who and spoil, but it's trending -- so if you've been online at all, you probably already know.

(The whole spoiling thing makes me nuts. If you don't want to know, then don't go online. Don't blame others for discussing what's currently important -- and news. I just don't get it. I really don't... Oh well. I get tired of being beat up, so I try not to spoil. But really???)

Even though we knew, we're sad. It's a big loss for the series.

Last week we had a loss for "The Walking Dead" of a major character, too. I think it's safe to mention that it was Beth, who had been on the show since the group had been at the Greene farm. Sad.

We're back to the subject of constant TV deaths, yet again. Makes me want to have a good cry about Davy Crockett. Hahaha.

I'm off to wash my hair. Then we have to dash out and shop, even though we don't want to. (sigh)


"The Walking Dead" -- Major Character Death

I really wish Marilyn and I were much better than this (healthier). Marilyn has her doctor's appointment first thing in the morning -- but she's having a hard time trying to imagine going into the office, even briefly.

I've got Donn slated to come in Tuesday...

Speaking of Donn, Shane passed away. I didn't end up speaking to Denise, but Donn felt like a father to Shane, not just his step-father. He'd known Shane for 15 years. Shane used to work for him before he married Tina. Only 45. It's so very sad. They've decided not to have a memorial. They plan to have a true Irish wake, as Shane was quite an Irishman. Donn assured me that Marilyn and I would be invited to attend...

Donn actually seems anxious to get back to work. I suppose it helps to have work to do, rather than just dwelling on the loss.

This was another day spent staying down, for the most part. I actually felt proud just standing up long enough to unload the clean dishes, then load the dirty ones into the dishwasher, and clean out the sink. We ate peanut butter toast for brunch, and later had leftover spaghetti. We haven't been having more than a couple of meals a day. Partly due to lack of regular appetites, and partly because we haven't felt like fixing anything much. We snack on unhealthy 'comfort' foods (cookies, donuts, crackers and a few chips), but I just can't fault it right now. When you feel as awful as we have, you just eat when you feel like it, and what you feel you can stand to eat... We have been getting down a lot of liquids, though. So that's a good thing...

We both need to shower tonight, before bed. Not looking forward to it. (It can be so hard to stand up and shower when you feel so puny.)

Well, we had both "The Walking Dead" and "Revenge" on tonight. There was a major character death on TWD. Actually, there had been rumors flying for ages about who it would be -- and if you've been online at all tonight, then you probably know who it was, as it's trending like mad! But I won't spoil and say here. I'll just say it's another hard loss for the fandom... Maybe I can discuss it later.

Not sure WHY they must constantly kill off characters all the time. If I were a parent, I'd have a lot of reservations about current TV and the deaths on almost every series that my children watched. Yes, we had deaths on shows we watched over the years -- and some of them hurt me to this day, by the way! We come to care about these characters. And to love them! And the losses matter to us.

I clearly remember my first great character loss as a little girl. The series originally aired in 1955, so it's impossible for me to pinpoint WHEN I actually saw it. Certainly not that year, as I'd only have been three at the time! But it replayed into the 1960's. I was little enough to believe that if I prayed hard enough God would let my beloved Davy Crockett come back to life (smile). I don't even know if I knew at that time that he was an historic figure. To me, he was the wonderful character I'd watched on TV, and grown to love! My loss was so big and so personal that I recall not discussing it with anyone. I would go to bed and pray and pray, then lie there crying and crying until I cried myself to sleep. I don't even remember if my parents eventually found me crying, or not. (In later years Marilyn and I would always comfort each other, but at that point she would have been very young...)

I think it's natural to care about the characters from TV, movies and books (fictional or not). It's like caring about living beings, and teaches us to feel more deeply for others.

But we used to know that MOST of the major characters on TV wouldn't die! Yes, I know that lacks realism, but TV is about more than realism, after all. If we only watched TV shows to experience realism, we'd have to quit watching most shows. There's a lot to be said for having a part of our lives that's solid -- that remains 'safe' and secure.

Over the years I've spent many occasions sobbing over the loss of a TV character. The list would be quite long, actually. (Thinking about it, it might be interesting to revisit those various losses in my blog -- maybe I'll do that...)

Do TV losses help us to deal with our real life losses? Maybe. I know it really hurt to accept Davy's death, but I did finally realize he wasn't coming back. And that I could go on without him! (But I still feel really sorry for that sad little girl!)

And on that note, we're going to have a death on "Revenge" next week -- and the rumor is that it's one of my favorite characters on the show. I wonder if my little-girl-self will pay me a visit next Sunday?

Off to wash my hair!

Oh! And tomorrow I'll try and share about the book I read today, which I really enjoyed!!!