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stormy beach

Sick. Stormy Night!

Marilyn worked another long day. (She had a difficult day, from all accounts.) She was kind enough to pick up my pills for me after work.

I did quite a bit of IT, plus website work, for the festival today. I talked to Donn for ages, and to Kris for ages, too.

I also cleaned the large cupboard directly below where we keep the salt and pepper (and Marilyn's pills). And in the pantry cupboard, too. Apparently molasses spilled there -- what a mess!

I need to phone my hematologist tomorrow. I have those marks on my right arm again. Marilyn and I are wondering if they're related to the need for another iron infusion...

Marilyn got sick after dinner tonight. She's been fighting a bug and feeling a tad under the weather lately. (I actually felt poorly, too, but hopefully it's nothing. I did throw up on one of my favorite Beatle shirts. Yuck!)

We're having quite a storm tonight! Rain and cold -- plus wind! The wind is really rattling the house. Terrible.

Marilyn is asleep on the family room sofa (her cozy spot). I'm in my family room chair, watching TV while I type. ("Hart to Hart" is on.)

Marilyn and I did watch some Australian Open tennis.

(It's actually 3:30 or so in the morning.)

I'm thinking about giving us a jolt of heat. It's really cold in here...

(I'm trying not to worry about Marilyn...)