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Hating Applr Right Now -- Damn iPad

I'm so annoyed with my iPad right now. And angry with Apple, too.

Why, you may ask? There are a lot of reasons to be annoyed by Apple and the iPad. I'm not going to start that huge list right now. But the main thing? The whole size issue!!! Whatever you originally get is what you're stuck with, I'm afraid. And that's a pretty big deal.

I've needed to upgrade to the not-so-new IOS forever. And unless I do, there's no way to upgrade a bunch of my Apps. One App I use all the time won't even work anymore (!!!), because of this! But my iPad is too full to install the IOS. Terrific, huh?

So I keep removing Apps and removing more -- things I use constantly and want to keep! But I still haven't freed enough room. It's incredibly annoying and disgusting to me. WTF Apple???

I need to download a bunch of photos, I guess. What a huge pain. Oh well. I'll figure it out. I certainly don't have the $$$ necessary to buy a new (larger) iPad. So...

Marilyn was home sick again today. She was pretty annoyed when someone from work contacted her about a work-related matter. She can't understand why people can't leave her alone when she's home sick for a few days. Can't say that I blame her. I know she's important at work (who doesn't?), but Jeff can be gone for weeks and no one bothers him...

I spoke to Hector while he was here doing the lawn. Marilyn had me give him his latest payment by hand.

Later in the day I actually walked out to the corner store to get a few things. It was really hot out!

I got my appointment for labs -- this Friday morning (July 11) at 8:30. My appointment with Leslie (my nurse practitioner) is NEXT Friday (July 18) at 3:20.

Meanwhile, I'm out of my thyroid meds, and they won't refill them until I see her. Whatever. That's up to them. I've no clue how that will impact my lab results.

On that note, diabetes labs need to be fasting -- but from what Marilyn and I have read, thyroid labs should be without fasting, later in the day. The woman I set the appointment with said it 'didn't matter' -- that's a common attitude, and problem. Oh well (again). You can't really buck the medical system...


Doctor Visit: Bad News? Mostly GOOD News!

This SHOULD be a lengthy entry, but I'm too tired for that. Maybe I'll add to it tomorrow. Anyway, Marilyn came home from the office in time to have me at the clinic by 4:15 for my 4:30 appointment. But I wasn't taken back until 5:00.

I love Leslie's assistant who has such humor and charm! She was really a delight to talk to. She informed us that I'd be seeing a trainee. Jamie is in her last year of school, and is going to be a wonderful nurse practitioner doing the same work as Leslie very soon.

She took her time and was very careful with me. We reviewed everything in great detail, down to the last medicine and each of my concerns. I just loved her!

After she had gone over everything with Marilyn and me -- and given me a careful examination -- she went to consult with Leslie. Then we meet with both of them.

It turns out that I have hypothyroidism -- interestingly enough, Marilyn and I have been wondering about this for some time! But the labs had never borne it out previously. Marilyn mentioned to me afterward that testing for thyroid issues needs to be done in certain ways, or it can give false results. There's good reason to think I'd have issues, especially as both my sisters Sue and Marilyn are being treated for these.

Hypothyroidism can cause a host of complaints -- and may be responsible for many of my problems, even those with my increased high sugar levels for my diabetes. Being on medication may well be a turning point for a number of my health concerns, so it's very exciting to look forward to this change! Even my recent hair loss can be traced to this, believe it or not!

So though my A1C test was much higher than last time (which we'd been expecting), this was really a GOOD and positive visit! My anemia is resolved (!!!) and I'm free to take Naproxen as necessary for my arthritis. There's more, but I can't say how delighted I was by everything!

I'd hoped to see Sue briefly, but decided to shower and do my hair before my appointment, so missed out. I had also hoped to see June (maybe after my appointment), but we didn't get home until quite late, so I cooked dinner and we ate right after we got back to the house.

I have work tomorrow, so I need to go and get the garbage and recycling DONE now, so I can head to bed!

This has been a very GOOD day, I have to say!


I Am a Genius. I Am an Idiot. Yes, BOTH!

What a day (so far)!!! I'm pleased to say that I am a 'genius' (it's all relative, after all!). But sad to report that I am also an 'idiot.'

Donn saved my sanity and was gentle with my wounded ego today -- God bless him! He said just the right things to help me through what could have been a disaster...

This is complicated, so hopefully I'll make sense as I share. Then again... Hahaha.

Part of our conclusion about WHY we couldn't Remote (use Remote Desktop to access our computers at the office) was that the new website was missing files necessary for this purpose. BINGO -- that was correct! But getting there was far from simple.

I was phoning and leaving John at FISH (the company doing our new website) well before 9:00 a.m. When I couldn't reach him, I immediately turned to another John at EasyStreet (our hosting company for many, many years) for his help. I couldn't find any record of the PASSWORD for the new website -- and I did not want to reset the password! (EasyStreet can't 'see' our password -- but they can reset it. But I wanted to get the current password from John at FISH, so I didn't mess things up for anyone else.) I am NOT at all hands-on with the new site, thus far. I might be involved going forward to some degree, but that remains to be seen. So it's not appropriate for me to be resetting the password, regardless of expediency.

John from FISH naturally called back while I was on with John from EasyStreet. Thanks, guys, for having the same name -- which makes this even more difficult to explain. (grin) So I ask John (ES) if he can phone me back -- which is a big deal, because he's covering incoming calls and needs to take them. But nevertheless, I get off with him and call back John (F). We start discussing FTP softwares -- and he recommends FileZilla. I'm on the phone with him and a bit stressed, trying to use the software I'd already downloaded last week -- no go! John (F) is giving me the exact info to fill in, but it's timing out... (sigh)

So I search on FileZilla -- and do what you are NEVER supposed to do, people! I automatically selected the FIRST link offered by Google. But it was the WRONG one. And I ended up putting malware on my computer. A nasty bugger called MySearchDial, which takes control of your web browsers -- adding a default start page, two nasty search engines (one as default) and a TOOLBAR (hate those damn toolbars -- we have a policy against all web toolbars at the office, one that I came up with). Sometimes these things are extremely aggressive and won't even allow you to use the necessary tools to remove them, which naturally ALWAYS includes the amazing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (which is a free tool that works absolute wonders). An aside: If you don't have Malwarebytes on your computer, you should add it -- and try to run it at least once every week or two weeks. Just sayin'...

Yeah, yeah: There were MANY steps aside from using Malwarebytes that were necessary in order to put things 'right' again. God knows I should totally know better! But even those of us who are pretty smart about these things can make mistakes. Happily, it's a bit easier for me than most of you to 'fix' my error! I was really ready to cry uncle and have Donn do the work, but seriously, I've done it all before. I'm never one who is anxious to go into the regedit, for example. (You can really mess up your computer if you're not careful there!!!) But I have done it in the past and am certainly able to make minor fixes when I have to. (Donn knew this -- but he was also ready to step in if I needed him to. What a great guy!)

Here's the thing: I knew my various files SO VERY WELL from years with the website, that even though I had nothing to do with setting up the way we use Remote Desktop, I was sure we had two files that were allowing us access. Once I got John (F) and his team to migrate these to the NEW website, we were suddenly 100% good to go! Donn was in, I was in without my little 'tricks' from yesterday -- and later I went in as Rich to his computer, just for good measure. So the issue that cost me a bunch of time both yesterday and today was happily resolved in good fashion. Honestly, I'm not sure someone else would have even remembered those files (!!!) -- or recalling them, would have realized the significance. So there's a bit of 'genius' involved there, for sure. For that matter, others wouldn't have the experience (hard come by, I'm afraid) to know how to deal with the malware situation, either.

Aside: LiveJournal doesn't find malware as being spelled correctly. Really???

Oh! In other happy news, I was able to go in as Rich and find the missing folder in his Outlook, as well. So that was good! (There were some 900+ items in that folder, so it would have been a shame if they had really disappeared for good.)

Now it's time to focus on getting ready to go to my doctor's appointment (I use the term 'doctor' loosely here, as so many of us see nurse practitioners these days -- and I certainly do). Another aside: I've always been fond of calling my GP 'doctor' -- so I end up doing that with her, too. Don't know if that's good or bad (I'd hate to offend), but I can't seem to stop myself entirely...

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going in to the office tomorrow, but will have a few LESS tasks to tackle than planned, as I was going to search for Rich's missing folder while there, and make sure Carol's laptop was able to Remote, as well. (She needs to check it tonight, but I'm pretty sure she'll be FINE.)

While I was decidedly stressed for part of today, I was still laughing as it all happened. That, to me, is a GOOD THING. And I feel great right now (though not excited about seeing Leslie, to be honest).

I hope that not all of my news about my labs is bad (I know some of it will be). And I hope it's not a difficult conversation about my meds. (sigh)