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4 December 1952
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I'm over 50 and loving every minute of my so-called middle-aged life. (heh) Seriously, I'm totally young in the way I live and have no plans to go to 'old age' anytime soon.

I work as a volunteer member of Staff for a local non-profit festival, where I'm the Webmaster and IT Manager. I also create our award-winning (Gold) eNewsletters, write parade scripts, do PowerPoint presentations and a myriad of other office and events-related activities, including graphic art. There's always a big pile of work, with loads of variety!

When I have free time (???), I still offer pro bono computer assistance to friends/family/others and try to help keep up the home my sister Marilyn and I share with our beloved cats Colin and Henry. (I'm not much of a homemaker, but I do my best...)

I love to write! This includes almost any form of writing (including fanfics). I do a lot of writing for work, but am currently trying to focus more on the writing I'd like to get published. I belong to a local writing group, and am a member of Willamette Writers.

I also love to read, and am usually in the middle of several books at once. This always includes several manuals (usually computer-related), which I enjoy almost as much as reading novels.

I love music -- especially pop. Yes, I'm a Backstreet Boys fan. But my iPod contains a huge range of music, including Madonna, Britney Spears, soundtracks of musicals (like "Phantom of the Opera," "Newsies" and "The Sound of Music"), classical, rap and much more.

I'm a cat person, and I seriously don't entirely trust people who don't like cats. (You think I'm joking, don't you? Think again!)

I happily co-hab with my sister Marilyn (better known online as 'Mistress Marilyn' mistressmarilyn) in a nice neighborhood, with friendly neighbors. We're happy to be in a racially mixed part of town, close to where we were born and grew up. We like people. All kinds of people!

Marilyn and I love running off to 'play' in Las Vegas, going to concerts, dancing, partying with friends and much more. But we also love our HOME and enjoy hanging around the house.

I'm a voting liberal with lots of gay, lesbian and bi friends. But I've got loads of very conservative friends, believe it or not! As I said, I like people of all kinds!

Oh. Yes. I am probably a lot naughtier than I sound... (grin) Cute Kitty likes to Type!
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