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Busy Friday at the Office -- IT, Mostly...

I spent much of the day working on IT. Organizing my desk/cube, setting up Profiles for new Staff (four start next Monday and Tuesday), setting up phones (complicated procedure done on the phone Server), typing up detailed instructions and more. I also did a couple website things (minor), helped co-worker (and buddy) Rich with some images he needed, helped Christine setting up Ricoh copy machine/printer for the new Staff (there were some interesting issues there) and on and on. I had to phone Jason (our dotCal contact -- and a friend) to discuss our billing. We had this happen last year, too -- them sending an invoice in February when we normally pay in August. Um... that's not going to work! I mean, we paid last August, so if we're good for a year, we shouldn't need to pay AGAIN until August -- right? Right. Explaining that and 'cash flow' and whatever took some time...

Jason may come by and bring his baby girl to see me next week. I've never seen her in person since she was born, for whatever reason. That would be nice!

Kris came in around noon-ish and helped me with a new issue -- one of the (damn) VOIP (voice over IP) phones was out, and I couldn't get it working. So he was barely in the door before I put him to work! Hahahahaha.

One of my 'issues' with computers and Remoting turned out to be that the computers weren't ON (!!!). We had a power outage on one side of the building recently, so it knocked those computer off! It just hadn't occurred to me, so I didn't check. Sometimes it's the little things that get us... (grin)

Kris, Marilyn and I went to Subway to grab food (she paid: Thanks, Marilyn!) -- then back to the office to eat and talk work. He's going to try and help us find a cyber solution to our Server backup (fingers crossed). The two of us tried to work through Steven's computer and not being able to Remote, to no avail. (He's going to research it this weekend.)

Kris came in tonight (after everyone had left) to swap out the 'bad' battery/surge protector in the IT Room. He also tested a couple of monitors for me (I'm down one on the floor). He phoned me here at home to give me the status, so we chatted for some time.

Dinner was yummy leftovers (seriously!): fish, roast beef hash (a touch), green beans and cottage cheese. Marilyn and I both enjoyed it. (And no cooking -- just heated up in the microwave!) I had a Subway salad and soup for lunch -- plus almonds in the afternoon. (And my Activia and half a slice of pumpkin bread for breakfast.) And I'm avoiding coffee and drinking tea right now. That's the most I've eaten in a couple of weeks (!!!), and I'm feeling really GOOD today. What an amazing difference. I guess the (fake) Mylanta treatment is doing the trick! Hopefully my health has turned around now...

By the way, my bloodcount is really good. I was 98 this morning and 135 tonight (a couple hours after dinner). That's really perfect! I took a full Glipizide last night, but only half this morning. I can't get over how good these levels are. (woo hoo) I might be able to get off diabetes medication at some point.

Well, Marilyn and I did get home before 6:00 (woo hoo), but it was a busy day and I'm tired. So I'm off to read and nap. I should wash my hair before bed, as I have to work tomorrow (Saturday) at the office (and won't want to do it in the morning...). Another busy day is facing me, but that's okay.

I'm leaving stuff out, I'm sure. But I'm done for today -- stick a fork in me. Hahahahaha.

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