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Busy Thursday -- IT, Website, Garbage and Recycling...

I'm feeling better today -- the fake Mylanta treatment seems to be helping. And I'm still carefully watching everything I eat. Right now it seems I need to cut out (or at least cut back) coffee -- I'm pretty much sticking to tea, which really seems to agree with me. Anyway, I felt much, much better than yesterday -- and was able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (even if dinner was really, really late).

The day started with an 'IT emergency' -- which Marilyn took care of without dragging me in to the office. (Wow, was I glad about that!) The special (HUGE) battery pack/surge protector that is used in the IT Room for the Phone Server started to go OUT today. Hopefully Kris (and I?) can do something tomorrow to take care of the issue before it does go out. We can't afford to have our phones go out, needless to say!

So much work to get done! And even though I only stopped to go to Freddies with sister Sue (for Starbucks and some quick shopping -- nice of her to take me!) and to dash next door to see June and Jim (very briefly -- they're always so warm and friendly!) -- and to do the garbage and recycling, of course (if you can call that a break). I got up just before 8:00 and was really tired -- I didn't sleep that well, mostly because the cats were both bothering me (!!!). But even though I'd planned to lie down for at least an hour, that didn't happen. And I was too busy to really care...

The cats were REALLY GOOD today, by the way. So I forgive them for not letting me sleep. (smile)

I got CoolerEmail (our eNewsletter service) back up today -- finally! That was good news. I also did extensive research on Adobe Suite software (really, really expensive stuff!) for the office. That's not looking good at all -- aside from the price, we don't use the right Operating System for the latest version of the software.

I have all the new Profiles created (with passwords set and computers assigned) -- and I started to Remotely do the Profile setup on each machine. That takes quite a while, so I didn't get very far. I think I only have two done at this point. (sigh) I just need to keep plugging away at it!

What else, what else?

I finally finished the latest News item for the website. It's officially dated for tomorrow (Friday), but I put it Live tonight. I had to get the new Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon ROUTE MAP up at exactly 7:00 p.m. -- and I had that almost exactly on the nose! (Go, me.) Rich was contacting me to remind me as I was FTPing the page! (woo hoo)

I had a lot of phone calls about work today, too... Busy, busy!

Tomorrow is Jim's 85th birthday! (June and Jim are our friends and next door neighbors -- I speak about them often.) Let me tell you, you'd never believe he's 85 -- and he told me today that he doesn't feel 85. Good for him! The way to stay young is to think young. It seems like I know a lot of people who are 50-plus and who feel and act very young! I know: If you're under 40 that all seems very OLD to you. But believe me when I say that the day will come when it doesn't seem old at all...

I'll be in the office tomorrow -- and meeting with Kris. There's a ton to get done and I only hope he has time to cover everything really essential while he's there! I'm leaving out a lot about today, but I'm seriously DONE for now... I guess I'll live without more details.

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