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Busy Day -- and a Trip to the Emergency Room

For those of you who are in my 'health report' filter, you can read all the 'gory' details of why I ended up in the Emergency Room in that entry for today. That happened late this afternoon. Happily the whole thing took under two hours -- and I was released home and didn't have to stay over, which was very good news to me. (Many thanks go to Marilyn for taking me there and putting up with the whole process...) We'll see how things go with the suggestions the doctor made (and follow up with Leslie when I get in to see her).

Last night I felt really crummy and had a hard time getting to sleep. And I felt lousy this morning, too. Yes, I'm still have the crazy burning sensation between my shoulder blades, but am hoping the doctor's suggestion for treatment will start to take care of it. I guess we'll see!

So much for that, anyway...

This morning and early afternoon, I did a bunch of work on the festival website -- and with web graphics and IT stuff. I had to make a number of phone calls, work on some spread sheets, do more organization on my external hard drive (an on-going project) and so on. REALLY BUSY.

I got all the new Profiles set up on the Server (which I'm able to do Remotely) -- which is quite a bit of work (it's for six new people who start next week and the week after). I updated the Password spreadsheet -- which also lists the computer each person has and their location at our office. (Doing that was part of the need for phone calls as I verified where various pieces of equipment are and so on.)

So, I got a LOT done -- even though I have a TON more that needs doing! I'm hoping to do the actual setup of Profiles on each computer tomorrow. Well, I'm hoping to start it, anyway! I don't know if it's reasonable to expect myself to get six done in one day or not! (smile)

I think I've earned some time reading and napping, so I'm heading that way now. Tomorrow I'll work in my home office (like today), but Friday I have my meeting at the office with Kris. And if I can't get everything done before then, I'll work at the office on Saturday, too, while Marilyn is at court judging helping out...

Poor sister Sue went to her exercise class today and was told she couldn't participate for the next two weeks. Obviously she's not doing well, and it's terribly frustrating for her. Kind thoughts (and prayers) for Sue are greatly appreciated.

Off to read and nap. It's been a very long day!

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