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Busy Monday -- Website Work and "The Biggest Loser"

It takes me more time to blog now, with my added 'health report' entry each day. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I'll do that faster. I can't really do it earlier in the day, because in order to reflect the entire day it should be the last thing I do before bed! I need to think about that...

I did (finally) finish the header banner for the Home page of the website today. That's no small feat, really! Hopefully others will end up liking it. But I won't be surprised if I'm asked to 'tweak' it, considering I never sent any drafts past Marilyn (or anyone else) before simply uploading it! As I look at it, I'm not sure if I'm that crazy about it. Last year's banner was really popular -- and I've had others since 2007 that people have really liked, too...

This may well be the LAST banner I do, as we might be getting ready for a major overhaul of the website (probably in summer, after the festival is over). The company that might do the new design is interesting and has a LOT going for it. I'm frankly impressed! Anyway, hard to know what will happen at this point. But my days as webmaster might just be coming to a close.

Meanwhile, I've got a LOT of website work to do -- and I did quite a bit of it today.

I'm also waiting to hear from Oliver about our eNewsletter website (they provide the service we use for our eNewsletters). We're currently locked out, so I've been trying to get it working again. No word from Oliver since the weekend before this last one, so... (He's a busy guy, so that's okay. But hopefully we'll resolve it soon.)

The company that might do the new website apparently also has a way to produce eNewsletters that would match the site (!!!) -- and I think that's utterly awesome! (Which means this might be my last year producing eNewsletters, as well. Just thought I'd mention that in the four years I've done our eNewsletter, we've won an award every single year: One Gold, one Silver and two Bronze. So I'm fine if it's time to move on... For that matter, the website won a Silver award in 2008. So I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished. Hell, I'm proud, awards or no!)

BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!! You've been warned!

"The Biggest Loser" was good tonight -- except I thought the challenge was pretty ridiculous! And to go through all that crap to only win a letter from home is stupid. By the way, where do people go where they can't have letters from home??? You even get correspondence when you're in PRISON, for crying out loud! Really??? I think the show might want to re-think this...

For that matter, I don't like the way they RISK their contestants each season!

Falling off of a treadmill is NOT a good idea. It's dangerous. You could get an injury that you might never recover from. Knocking people around and off of platforms and so on? Again, what about the potential for SERIOUS, permanent injuries??? This unfortunately reminds me of "America's Next Top Model" when they have ridiculous catwalks that are slippery or dangerous in other ways -- and that's not a comparison that "The Biggest Loser" should be going for, in my humble opinion.

During training there are times when the coaches do things I find inappropriate, too. Generally I respect and admire these people and think they're quite good at what they do. But when they seem to abuse the contestants, I think they're carrying their training too far. (If you or I did that with someone in a gym, I bet we'd be facing a lawsuit! Just saying. Actually, if a coach did that in most gyms, I bet the same would be true for them...)

I was sorry to see Dave go off tonight -- I really like him. But it was wonderful to see how well he's been doing since going home.

Danni is amazing!!! I love that girl. She's really an inspiration. And way to go, Jillian!

I was planning to go to the office tomorrow, but I think maybe not. I am going in for a meeting with Kris on Wednesday, though -- which meant I had to cancel my dental appointment for this week. I tried to see if they could take me any other time, but they didn't have anything before my next appointment (next Wednesday). Oh well.

Sister Sue isn't doing very well right now. She went to her cribbage tournament this weekend, but was short of breath the whole time. (They had her playing anchor so she wouldn't need to move.) She had fun, but bad cards, apparently. (No. I don't really know much about cribbage, except what Sue tells me about it. It's not a card game I play...) Anyway, Sue didn't get to go for her exercise program today, so she was bummed out. But as long as she's got the fluid on this bad, they won't let her participate (and rightly so). We talked briefly today.

My friend Clint sent info about the funeral for his wife Gloria. It's on Thursday, which means we won't be able to attend. But we will donate on her behalf, for sure.

I guess that's it for today!

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