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Ride up the Gorge -- Mexican Food for Dinner!

Marilyn and I both slept in quite late today. It was a busy week, so it's little wonder!

After getting up I washed my hair (Marilyn had done her hair last night), and then we took a ride up the Columbia Gorge. I should download the photos I took so I can share. I didn't take a lot, but I did take a few.

It was a LOVELY ride -- very sunny and pleasant! We stopped and walked on the beach of the river, which was nice. Marilyn was very surprised there weren't more people around, as nice as it was!

After that we went to Ross to get some clothes we both needed. It's great to lose weight and get in better shape -- but that does mean clothing starts not to fit right, so we needed a few things! We each got a couple of pairs of inexpensive pants (and a few other items).

While there, I had a low blood sugar incident. (sigh) Marilyn sent me to the car while she stood in line to pay for our purchases. Thankfully I had glucose tablets in the car and water, so I was over it really quickly. I'd had my Activia for breakfast and a slice of pumpkin bread from Starbucks (before we went up the Gorge), so it was a total surprise. Marilyn cracked it up to all the aerobic shopping! Hahahahahaha. I was in a total sweat from trying clothes, so... (grin)

We stopped home briefly and dropped things off, then went out for Mexican food. I had the best appetite I've had in more than a week -- and we each had a margarita (they had a special on), which was fabulous!

Marilyn had a very stressful day yesterday, so she had really earned that drink! While at dinner, Angel texted her to let her know he was thinking about her. (He'd seen at Facebook that she was having a bad time and he immediately starting texting her yesterday. He's such a good friend...) People can be so kind sometimes.

I've started a 'Health Report' that I'm going to keep here at LiveJournal. If you're interested in being included in that filter, just let me know. WARNING: It's going to be boring and TMI (too much information) -- and I doubt most people would want to read it. I'm doing this so I have a place to keep regular details about my health -- good and bad. Then when necessary I'll have a record I can share with my doctor/nurse practitioner. Right now it's filtered to myself, my sisters Marilyn and Sue and my friend June. I don't really expect anyone else to be interested, but if you are there's no reason I wouldn't let you read. (I'm really not private about my health issues -- as most of you already know. I've shared plenty of them here in the past and will probably continue to do so, Health Report blogging or no.)

Off to read and nap!

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