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Quick Entry: Lazy Saturday!

This will be short and sweet... (Yes, for a change!)

Marilyn and I just watched "The Iron Lady," a film that had mixed reviews -- but for which Meryl Streep won the Academy Award (Best Actress), the Golden Globe (Best Actress) and the BAFTA Award (Best Actress). This is considered one of her finest performances in her acting career.

We lived during Margaret Thatcher amazing time as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but I have to be honest that I knew very little about her. Frankly, even after seeing this film, I still don't feel I know much about the woman... But I did enjoy the movie, even if it wasn't at all what I was expecting. It's difficult not to feel for her when you see her as an elderly woman dealing with dementia!

The rest of the day has been spent mostly lying around watching TV and SLEEPING -- and I've enjoyed it a lot!

I haven't really done ANY WORK today -- but I just checked my email. We get emails generated by our volunteer page at the festival website. Each time someone fills out the form on that page, an email is sent to us with their info. I get it and Christine gets it (for each person). Unfortunately in recent years we also get a ton of SPAM there. (sigh) Today I have 217 SPAM emails -- with not even one that's real. How annoying and sad. Considering only two people will even see what's sent, I don't get why these people want to bother sending their crappy ads. But it's easy to hit DELETE, so... (smile)

Anyway, I'm off to watch another movie Marilyn wants us to see, and maybe have a bowl of ice cream to top off our dinner.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

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