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June Called -- Pauline's in the Hospital (Again!)

In the middle of writing about Carol (and her funeral), June called. I haven't talked to her since last week, as she's been in Condon.

While there, they visited Rose (Dorothy's friend) -- and Pauline got bit by the dog. It's a long story, but basically Rose's sister died recently -- and the dog was her sister's pet. The poor animal is still grieving, and when Rose insisted that Pauline sit in the sister's chair, the dog kept circling round her! Rose suggested that the dog was accustomed to being petted by anyone in that chair, pretty much forcing Pauline to reach out and pet the dog. So, naturally, the dog reacted...

Thankfully, nobody wanted to follow up on Rose's suggestion to have the poor dog put down as a result of the bite! But the situation did go from bad to worse...

June managed to get Pauline into the Condon clinic, even though it was closed for the day. The doctor saw that the hand had a bad bite, so he rubbed something into it and then bandaged it and told Pauline to soak it in 'warm, soapy water' twice a day. That's it!

That was Monday night. June and Pauline were supposed to drive back on Tuesday. Interestingly enough, I was over with Jim several times that day. At one point he and I were waiting for a sign of June, as she'd been due home far earlier...

June says the hand swelled horribly, but she didn't need to tell me! I'll never forget the time Marilyn mistressmarilyn was bitten while at the TOP of Beacon Rock in Washington State. At. The. Top. Meaning we had to turn around and hike back down before seeking medical assistance! Anyway...

So June wanted to take her to emergency (which she'd have done in The Dalles), but Pauline resisted the idea. I can't say as I blame her. We spent hours in the emergency room when Marilyn was bitten! If it hadn't been on a weekend, I think we'd have waited, too...

Anyway, by Wednesday (yesterday) the hand was more than bad -- there were red streaks going up her arm! She was rushed in to the doctor and put straight into the hospital and operated on almost immediately. She fortunately enough didn't lose a finger (which June had thought she might) -- or her hand, which could easily have happened. In fact, June says the infection had gotten so bad they'd probably have had to take her arm off at the elbow if amputation had proved necessary!

And here I'd figured that June and Jim were tied up with the upcoming church bazaar -- and preparing for it! Not dealing with poor Pauline.

Of course it was her right hand, seeing as she uses that hand for her cane, in order to be able to walk. At ninety, any bite can be serious, but this had gone through a tendon, so I guess that made it worse.

What's shocking is that the clinic in Condon didn't even give the woman an antibiotic!!! What the hell were they thinking?

June sounded pretty frazzled, poor dear. And now she's supposed to be up at the church, just as I'd thought. I told her to rest, but apparently there aren't enough people there, so...

June and Jim's church was the one I mentioned before -- the church I was brought up in. It's pretty interesting, seeing as they're both now pillars of that same church! They didn't belong back when I attended. But now and then I'll go to something there -- and everyone there knows me. How the world turns! Does anybody really believe it's a total coincidence that Marilyn and I ended up living right next door to June and Jim -- and becoming close friends with them? And that we'd later discover we had the same church in common -- even if it was at different points in time?

Okay, this time I mean it! I'm off to write on my NaNo novel...

But I need to help out Michael michaelkillan at some point today! He shouldn't be carrying the burden of the new community alone, with all the other maintainers tied up. (sigh) I'll get to it. I've got an 'lj-cut tag hint' I'm dying to share there! (smile) I do love the idea of this community and can't wait to get it far enough along (ready to go, that is) that we can begin the pimping process! (grin)

More later...

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