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Life's a Beach! Sunset Beach and the Lindgren House

Marilyn and I took a ride today, seeking the sunshine. It was completely socked in right around Seaside (Oregon). And when we headed south (toward Cannon Beach and beyond), it was equally socked in. Recently there's been a lot of fog (and freezing fog) -- both here and in Portland, too...

Anyway, Marilyn decided to turn around and head north, toward Astoria -- to see if we couldn't find the sun (and blue skies). She found them at Sunset Beach, Oregon, and we used the beach access to go to the Sunset Beach State Recreation Site. In the past we've driven on the beach (can you believe that???), but today we parked and walked there.

NOTE: Sunset Beach is a small community located between Seaside and Warrenton, between U.S. Route 101, Neacoxie Lake and the Pacific Ocean. It serves as the northernmost access to the resort community of Surf Pines, and provides motor vehicle (!!!) beach access. A beach of the same name is south of the community (that's where we went...).

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sunset beach 1
Marilyn climbs up to the dunes (zoomed in).

sunset beach 2
Marilyn above me, waving (actual distance).

sunset beach 3
Marilyn taking my picture! (smile)

sunset beach 4
A view of the ocean.

sunset beach 5
Notice the very blue skies!

sunset beach 6
Shell in the sand...

sunset beach 7
Hay strewn on the beach...

sunset beach 8
More hay...

sunset beach 9
This hay was put down to feed deer and elk who seem to keep wandering on to the beach, lately!

On the way back home to Seaside (it's around 8 miles from Sunset Beach), we saw a sign for the Lindgren House (Lindgren Home). So we turned back around and went to see where the signs would take us! (smile) One of our goals is to continue to know that area better and better, now that we have a house here...

Photo Share!

[Again, clicking these photos will take you to the larger version.]

lindgren 3
As you can see, the house is protected behind a fence, with a locked gate.

lindgren 5
The hand-hewn cabin was built in 1922.

lindgren 6

lindgren 7

lindgren 8

lindgren 9

It's closed this time of year, so we'll have to go back when it opens up again in June. I'd love to tour the house!

Anyway, it was great fun stopping to see it. And we'd never seen Cullaby Lake before, either, which was beautiful! (I can't believe I didn't take any photos of it...) It must be really popular during the summer!

Aside from this trip, we spent the day watching the Australian Open (tennis), reading, messing around on our iPads and sleeping. A really lovely time!

We're heading back home to Portland tomorrow -- with work again on Tuesday. I'm so glad we were able to come to the beach for this weekend get-away!

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