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Still Sick -- and Now My Computer is, Too!

Yeah. I'm still sick with the flu. Better, I think. But still sick. (sigh)

And first thing this morning I discover that my computer is sick, too. I got some really lousy virus. So the computer goes in to the shop with my tech tomorrow morning until it's fixed. (My virus software did 'catch' this when running in the middle of the night. It didn't come in via email -- where it would have been blocked. But somehow I got it through doing a search. Probably when I ended up at this stupid porn website yesterday...)

Great news to wake up to.

But had an interesting talk with Donn (my computer tech) about all this. There are so many viruses going around online right now.

Just like the flu seems to be dashing all over the globe making people sick.

And now I think Marilyn might be getting the flu, too. Her legs were aching and she was just dead beat tonight. Poor thing. (That's what going on three weeks with outrageous hours and only one day off will do to you...)

Plus every person around her at home and work is sick with the flu. And she was caught out in a tremendous rainstorm today. Great.

Well, if I'm not around, you all know why, anyway.

I have some icons I'd like to post both here and at GJ, first, though. (sigh)

Maybe I'll try to spend tomorrow down in bed and see if I can't finally lick this flu!

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