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Coding? Sometimes You Love It, Other Times...

I was doing some work for the festival website today. And trying to make some changes to the CSS. I couldn't get this one portion to display the way I wanted it to (!!!), which isn't that strange, admittedly. But it can be so annoying trying to reason out WHY some days...

In the middle of this, I was reading blogs and commenting and doing a bunch of other stuff. I finally answered some emails I've let sit around for months in some cases (my BAD), trying to pull together loose strings. It's so easy to let time run away from me! Annoying.

One of my good friends here posted a photo of her bear (from childhood) -- and told us all about him. Then she asked about our stuffed babies. So I told the story of Donkey.

Well, I think I'll save that story for another time (!!!) -- let's just say I totally lost it. I started to cry and then I was sobbing for an hour or so. No, unfortunately I am NOT kidding. (sigh)

This emotional behavior would be fine, if I didn't feel completely out of balance and out of control. I've always been emotional, but this? It's ridiculous! I'm sure it's directly connected to my hormone imbalance. Wednesday I use the estrogen cream and Thursday I'm messed up. But now I was absolutely messed up again TODAY (!!!), so something needs to be done.

Marilyn wants me to see a doctor -- and she's going to come along for support. Good! I need to do that soon. Don't get me wrong: Crying isn't a bad thing. And I've always been one who could cry over small things. But being out of control is just wrong...

I posted to Facebook about it and got a lot of support and nice comments. People were encouraging me to cry it out -- and seemed to feel it was a good thing, interestingly enough! I love this aspect of Social Media -- where people let you know how they feel about various subjects -- things that matter, not just random crap. And I love the support people offer one another, too. I've found it here at LiveJournal for more than a decade, and it means so much to me.

Well, it was nice to pull Donkey out of his box in the closet and 'visit' with him. I've had him since I was a baby, but he's too fragile to touch much anymore. I decided to take a photo of him, so now I can look at him whenever I want. Good idea, huh? (smile)

Going back to CSS, I still need to learn more about it! These days I don't tend to learn new aspects of CSS or HTML -- I just use what's necessary to get the job done. Makes me want to go browse through my fave book on CSS! I used to read it almost daily, but I haven't touched it in months and months. Could be fun! Hahahahahaha.

And I feel like curling up with my Kindle and some fiction -- and maybe snoozing, too. Sounds like a plan!

Happily for me, sad things don't keep me down for long. I have a wonderful support system -- which includes my LiveJournal Friends!!! Marilyn is always wonderful (she's just the best), of course. I would have phoned sister Sue today when it happened, but she was out. She always has something sweet to say when things bother me...

I'm not even sure if I was really all that sad -- or it was just a matter of hormonal imbalance. Sucks not knowing! Have I said lately: Women need estrogen. That's no joke!

And that's it for now! Happy Friday, everybody! (hugs)

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