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Sisters ROCK My World...

Saw sister Sue today -- we went to Freddies for a deli snack and Starbucks. We like to see each other at least once a week, so it was really nice!

She also took me with my HUGE box of stuff to the Goodwill. That microwave box held a lot of STUFF that I hope others will enjoy. I'm sure glad to get that out of here! (smile)

Sue's car needs a tune-up really bad (!!!), which will hopefully happen soon! She's doing well with her exercise program/class. I'm excited for her!

Marilyn put in a long day (with no lunch break!!!) today. She's still hopeful we might get away early tomorrow and head to the beach, but I'm fine with it if we don't. I was hoping to go in to the office tomorrow, but that's not happening. That's okay: I have a lot to get done that is easier to do here in my home office, frankly. The IT work will wait until Tuesday...

Looking forward to the three-day weekend, that's for sure!

I was just OFF today, I'm afraid. I felt tired and emotional and not-my-best. I used my Estrogen cream last night (before bed), and it seems to have that effect on me the following day. (sigh) I'm still thinking I need oral Estrogen to get balanced, because this is driving me crazy (not literally, but damn close!). I guess we'll see what happens when I go in to see the doctor (well, my Nurse Practitioner) next month.

I did dishes today, but no laundry (!!!). I need to get some laundry done, but I'm too tired to face it tonight... (sigh) I guess I'd better get with it tomorrow morning!

Talked to Donn at length today about IT and whatnot. I really love that guy!

Tomorrow is Rosanna's last day with the festival. She might come down to see us while we're at the beach this weekend. That would be nice! She's never seen the home since we had it painted and got furniture, so we're excited for that to happen...

I worked on festival website stuff today. I need to do more of that tomorrow.

Today was garbage and recycling day. Well, this week isn't what I call a 'real garbage week' -- meaning we don't put out the actual garbage can until next week. Only recycling and composting goes out this week. (Don't get me started -- I really HATE the system.) Anyway, I did the cat boxes and gathered and put the garbage in out in the can (which will stink by next week!) -- plus did do the recycling and composting, too. Sister Sue was lucky! Her daughter Candy is doing the garbage and recycling at her house today!

Candy also gave Sue money so she could afford to go to cribbage tonight. She has a tournament over the weekend, so can't go with Marilyn and me to the beach house (we'd wanted her to, but that's okay...).

Several neighbors have offered to watch the house for us this weekend -- they're all so nice about it! We have neighbors who have keys, so they can come in and out and make sure things are as they should be...

I guess that's it for now. Nap time!

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