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LJ Friends Thief? Yeah, I Guess I Am!

I realized today that I'm a thief...

I have this habit of 'stealing' LiveJournal Friends from my own Friends here... Hahahahaha. Okay, it's probably more a case of BORROWING than stealing (grin) -- and I don't mind sharing. Hopefully none of YOU mind sharing, either.

When I first ended up at LiveJournal (way back in 2002), I came here because a bunch of my online friends were also joining up. We didn't know the first thing about the concept of blogging or social media, even though we'd all been playing for years at Yahoo! Groups (which had two previous incarnations before Yahoo! bought it out).

For a long time I had a very small group of LJ Friends -- and most of those people I'd come to know in other fandom-ish places. But I was immediately active here -- mostly in communities and then moderating communities. (I'd done a lot of moderation duties prior to being here at LJ, but that's neither here nor there.) I did gain some new Friends from communities, but I've mostly Friended when I go to the entry of another Friend -- and see someone interesting commenting there. Next thing you know...

I also used to just Friend -- and never post a word about it to the person I was Friending. I don't do that anymore, as I'm more careful of offending people. I love to be Friended, but not everyone feels that way! So I try to be more thoughtful about privacy and over-stepping than in the past...

Many of my old Friends have gone, I'm sorry to say. I guess they moved on to other cyber arenas, or got more involved with RL (real life) and less involved with online. Whatever the case might be, I wish them all well! I have some great memories from those days when I had loads of free time -- and I spent hours each day 'playing' online! (How did I ever find that much time?) I used to be far more involved in a variety of fandoms, but life hasn't given me a chance to continue that for several years.

Of course, I still love to write a tutorial on some subject when I can find the time! That came out of my background as a computer consultant -- and became important to me as a community moderator here. (Yeah, yeah: LiveJournal doesn't call them moderators, which I've always felt was just stupid. But that's what they are, regardless!) And writing tutorials is an important part of my work life, now -- so it's paid off that I honed the skill right here at LJ. (grin)

My new icon is probably not the perfect one for today, considering! But I felt like I needed a man with a gun, so whatever. Maybe we all need to lighten up about GUNS a bit. I'm pretty sure I need to, anyway! I have some strong opinions on the subject that I'm trying hard to keep to myself (especially at work) -- and it's hard not to blurt out my feelings. Bad Charlie. Bad! Anyway, the icon isn't meant to be threatening, so please don't view it that way. Let's face it, robbers, bandits and all manner of bad guys/gals are a fact of life. So we'll just have to live with it.

Going back to my original subject (I tend to digress!!!): Yes, I steal Friends! And I'm so happy to have found so many WONDERFUL new Friends here at LiveJournal. It's not different from how I feel about the friends who are right here in Portland, by the way. In fact, in many cases I'm closer to some of you than any other friends in my life. Friendship is friendship, cyber or otherwise...

More later (hopefully!).

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