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I finally 'get' the (new) Schools feature. (Thanks, Marilyn mistressmarilyn!)

I originally thought it referred only to people who were currently attending school! (Silly me.) But after all, the majority of the people who blog at LiveJournal fall between the ages of 14 and 25! (Those fools who are my age amount to well under 2,000 users -- or 1,827 currently, to be exact. Obviously most 52-year-olds aren't into blogging. At least not at LiveJournal!)

I added 'George Middle School,' although that's entirely inaccurate in my case. Back when I attended George School, it ran from kindergarten through eighth grade -- and I attended it from the age of six until I was 14. (I turned 15 my freshman year at Roosevelt high school -- which I don't ever remember even once calling 'Theodore Roosevelt.' smile.)

Anyway, if I hadn't noticed that Marilyn had actually added her schools, I'd never have bothered to add mine...

And I had to sit with pen and paper and figure out what years I was in school. Which I'm sure sounds weird to many of my LJ friends (who happen to be in school right now.)

For those of you who are still in school, believe it or not there will come a time when you won't recall what years you were there. (In fact, I've had a hard time remembering anything but the year I graduated since forever, I guess. Well, since my 30's, for certain. How often does anyone ever ask what year you were in kindergarten or the fifth grade, after all? LOL.)

I love LJ. Under normal circumstances I'd never think about this, except to feel both glad and sorry that in the fall I'm not returning to school! (grin)

Oh! And on a totally unrelated subject (smile), do any of you ever bother to use the 'spell check' here at the LJ website? (Built into Update, that is.) It doesn't find the word 'blogging'... (Excuse me if I find that strange!)

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