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Sunday? Both Lazy AND Busy...

This was an interesting Sunday... First, Marilyn and I both slept in quite late. The house was only 57° when we got up (yikes). Very chilly!!! It took ages to warm it up again...

We've tried just turning the heat down at night -- but that doesn't seem to work for either one of us. It drives us nuts when it comes on in the middle of the night! So then we turn it completely off, and it gets so cold right now. The weather here has been cold and dry, which Marilyn and I find do-able. As long as there's no precip, cold works for us. No, we don't love it, but we can live with it. It's freezing rain and snow and ice -- and just COLD rain -- that we can't stand. After sleeping in, I did tackle a large drawer in my bedroom. Here's the interesting thing for me: I feel like I'm BURIED in little stuff. Sometimes tiny things! It's not just the larger items that weigh me down. In fact, frequently it's piles of small stuff that really gets to me.

I've been so sentimental about THINGS that I've had a really hard time letting go. I have this memory that recalls every little item: Where it came from, or who it belonged to. I've found it especially hard to pry myself away from items that used to belong to people I loved who are now deceased... But I'm READY to let go! Yes, it's a process. No, I won't let go of everything right now. But I'm going to do it in stages -- and keep doing it again and again and again. I think every time it will get easier and easier to do! What matters is the CHANGE it will make in our lives. I do believe it's going to make amazing change in how I feel about our home and in how I take care of our home going forward.

It might also make me view THINGS differently, period. Maybe I won't buy certain things IN THE FIRST PLACE, knowing that they'll only add to the clutter I'm working to avoid! It's like training myself to view the whole world differently. I wonder why I couldn't have learned this years ago? Maybe I just wasn't ready, the way I am now...

Late tonight I did another large drawer in my bedroom. And I got rid of a good third or more of the contents! Wow. I really need to get all this STUFF out of here and over to the Goodwill this week, that's for sure! Hopefully this week I'll get back to going through clothes, because I've got a lot more to take care of. But that's another story!

The two drawers I did are probably as pared back as I can make them for now. One contains my jewelry, so it is practical stuff that I use. The question will be, how often do I use it? Maybe it's time to get rid of even MORE jewelry -- especially if I'm keeping it for sentimental purposes. I really don't feel like I am, I have to tell you. I was putting a LOT of stuff into the Goodwill bag and not feeling bad about it at all -- a good thing! That's the important part of this: To not feel bad about things I've gotten out of here.

I like thinking that someone else will get these things and use and enjoy them! That thought makes me feel really GOOD. And it is freeing to get stuff out of my space! More freeing that I would have imagined.

I also need to tackle my file cabinets in our home office. I'm dreading that task, to be totally honest. I have THREE file cabinets with FOUR drawers, each. These are stuffed full. In most cases you couldn't possible get another item inside them! (sigh) So I've got my work cut out for me, that's for sure...

The two drawers I did today? I originally did these both months and months ago. But they got piled up again over time -- and I didn't pare them back enough in 2012. Not true this time around, so I think it's going to be much easier to KEEP them nice this time. Again, they weren't horrible: You could open them and you could find what you wanted or needed inside. But I wanted them even nicer and easier to use -- and that's now true. When it comes to closets and cupboards and drawers, I'm not all that bad about keeping them organized. In fact, if you were to get inside and MOVE SOMETHING, I'd be able to tell the next time I got inside. I've always been like that! It's not that I don't keep these a certain way -- it's just that I end up with too much inside...

I'm going to the office tomorrow -- and probably Tuesday, too. I need to meet with Rich tomorrow about SmugMug so we can iron out some things before his presentation at Staff meeting on Tuesday morning. I think I'd like to be there for the presentation, so that's why I'm figuring on going both days. Plus I do have some other work I need to get to in the office.

I forgot to say that I finished reading Sandra Felton's book -- "Winning the Clutter War." She has a ton of other books (including at least one that deals with writing, by the way!), so at some point I might get more to read. That book was a quick read for me, even with all there was to absorb -- I guess because I was finding it so motivating and inspiring. I wish I'd read it a decade ago! (smile)

And Marilyn and I went shopping both yesterday (Walmart) and today (Freddies) -- today it was about coffee filers (!!!) that I hadn't known we were out of. (sigh) We did get more fish and chili and Brussels sprouts, too, though. (grin)

Time to get ready for bed soon...

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