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End of an Era...

Well, it's the end of an era for me. (sigh) And I'm trying not to be really unhappy about it. Today I read in the St. Johns Review (HERE) that Steve Weir has RETIRED -- and sold his family business to Don Richards. I've been going to Weir's Cyclery for so long I can't even remember how many years it's been.

Because of the change of ownership, I can't say for sure that this link will continue to work in the future, but for now you can visit the Weir's Cyclery website -- and read a (very) little bit about Steve Weir HERE. (The above article tells a bit more, happily.)

Gosh, I love Steve! He's an amazing guy. And he sure helped me take good care of my bike over the years...

I was sad when his shop moved from the spot on Lombard that's pretty close to our current house into St. Johns proper (still on Lombard, though). I didn't spend much time in the 'new' location (not that new -- it's been there for years) -- but I used to go to the 'old' shop all the time. They'll be moving again -- and it looks like the new location will be closer to me, again (woo hoo) -- so that's positive! I guess it's currently closed, but it's supposed to re-open again next week.

I've needed to get my bike in to be worked on, so maybe this will motivate me. (I don't think I know Don, but I'm not sure. I might remember him if I saw face-to-face...) Having the shop closer to home might also motivate me -- hopefully!

I hope Steve enjoys his much-deserved retirement! And I hope Weir's Cyclery continues to be around for another 87 years!

More about the rest of my day later...

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