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Sick? Yeah, a Little -- But Much Better Today!

I had intended to get up and do my blood and take my meds, then go back to bed -- which is what Marilyn had told me to do last night. I'd told her I was going to be up and working (I have festival work to tackle) -- and that's what ended up happening!

I did throw together a 'poster' for one of our events. I'm not thrilled with how it turned out (sigh), but it will work. This is one of those times I'd like my artistic talents to be stronger! Anyway, I had a lot of trouble turning the image into a PDF. And this is apparently a known issue with Adobe that when you create PDFs you can't CONTROL the zoom factor!!! Why the heck is that??? I've been wondering forever why you almost always end up with a PDF that is zoomed in more than 100% -- especially when I'd like an item to be zoomed OUT, say to 75% or less! It seems to me that this should be something totally under the control of the person creating the PDF, but when I was researching I found that tons of people have the same issue!

Have I told you guys recently how much I basically HATE Adobe? Hahahahaha. Yes, I use it. But it's very EXPENSIVE software (especially for non-profits). And every time it updates it causes computer issues (often crashes), which drives me nuts. And then you have things like I just described... (sigh)

Anyway, it was good to get my hands back on with the festival website and updates today. The more I work on websites the easier it is -- but I guess that's true for anything we do, isn't it? If we do it a lot, it's more natural to us. Which is why I need to exercise regularly and organize and clean regularly and so on! It's not just work-related things that are easier with repetition...

Sister Sue saved my life today! Okay, maybe not my life, but she was a huge help! I needed to go shopping for hair color and to pick up my prescriptions, and Sue took me to do both (two different stores). PLUS I was talking about how I needed a hair cut, and Sue had me phone Dee (my hairdresser). So I ended up going to get a haircut (Sue dropped me off and came back to take me home) today! (woo hoo)

Plus I bought chili (Marilyn and I are on a chili eating kick right now) and cat food (always essential!) while at the store. And I treated Sue to Starbucks -- which she totally deserved, good sister that she is!

While having our Starbucks (at Freddies), she and I talked about "Fifty Shades of Grey," by the way. Sue read the first book and hated it -- I think as much as I did! But she said her daughter Candy, and one of Candy's friends, had both LOVED it. Neither Sue nor I get that...

I'd love to find people who like/love the book -- and then get them to EXPLAIN why to me! I understand that many women enjoy the erotic aspects, but so far I haven't found the sex erotic, personally -- I've just found it disgusting. I like reading about sex, but I like it to be well-written sex -- and stuff that I can find believable. Okay, I read Anne Rice's erotic books, and they're NOT always believable -- but they are VERY well-written! So that makes a big difference to me...

I don't understand why E.L. James has these books that have made women so excited. Why not read Anne Rice's 'Sleeping Beauty' stuff, instead? The difference in the quality of the writing is miles apart! If you really want to read some interesting erotica, try the Sleeping Beauty trilogy (written by Rice as A.N. Roquelaure). She also wrote the erotic novel "Exit to Eden" that was set in the current time (rather than a mystical past). Both women have written BDSM, but Rice did it well enough that people actually assumed she was a dominatrix! (Her husband responded to that by saying, "...she's no more sadomasochistic than she's a vampire.") By the way, if anyone is interested, the above link leads to a page that has a link of BDSM fiction -- just in case that's your thing! (grin) I don't judge! We all have differing ideas of what's sexy and what's not, after all...

Okay, getting off the topic of sex now. Hahahahaha. I didn't really mean to get on it in the first place!

I did also color my hair today -- which really, really needed it! So now I've had a cut (that should have happened early last month!) and color. So I'm good to go! (woo hoo)

Marilyn got home from work a little bit earlier than usual tonight (around 6:00). That almost never happens, as you know! She was so tired that she had a nap before even eating her dinner. And she has two more exhausting days in front of her, that include late night activities! I bet she can't wait for the weekend to be here...

I sent home clothes and other stuff with sister Sue today -- hope the clothes fit her! And I hope to have more to send her as I continue going through clothing. I gave her a bunch of note cards and stationery, as I'm terrible about using it myself. Which reminds me that I need to do some 'thank you' cards! At least I try to keep up with those when I can...

I need to meet with Steven next week about website submissions. He and I did work on some stuff via the phone today, so that was a good thing! I really like Steven and enjoy working with him -- and think he's a great addition to our Team!

And I need to meet with Rich next week, too. He's really been doing a lot of great work with SmugMug for managing our festival photos!

Tomorrow I hope to take things over to June, as well. I had some clothes I thought she'd wear that Sue wouldn't. I called her earlier today, but she was up the Gorge with Jim today and didn't get back until evening...

By the way, I read an entire book about teaching (that I got free for my Kindle) in one day! And I enjoyed it very much. Part of me will always be a teacher -- and I do have to do a lot of teaching at work. So though this was mostly about teaching for school, a lot of it did apply to me and should prove valuable. (And good writing will always be good writing, as I keep harping on! Hahahahaha.)

And that was my Wednesday! How was YOUR day?

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