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Sick With a Bug (and in Bed) -- PLUS Worked in My Bedroom!

I always love trying to give entries a meaningful subject line. (smile) To me, it's like giving an email a meaningful subject line -- which is essential, I think. In my world, which can be full of hundreds of emails a day, the subject line is what helps me to find emails and deal with them.

But the same is certainly true for LiveJournal blog entries! In fact, recently I've felt like kicking myself for past subject lines that did NOT help me find certain posts when I went looking for them years later... (sigh)

I mention this because I know how bizarre my current subject is! First I tell you I'm sick and I'm in bed -- which was true much of the day! But then I also tell you I worked in my bedroom today. Say what???

Well, I made a goal to stay down and get better, knowing I was fighting something off. I've had body pains and chills and sweats and some head cold-type symptoms. And just have felt off. So I stayed in bed this morning and read and napped for hours.

Marilyn phoned me in the afternoon to check on me -- and to remind me to eat. I haven't been that hungry, so it's easy for me to get low blood sugar because I don't get the food I need. I had some leftovers for lunch, then I ended up with the runs. Sorry! I know that's TMI, but facts are facts...

Because I was up in the bathroom quite a bit, I just went in and started going through clothes in my bedroom (between dashing back and forth as necessary!). I went through all the boxes and baskets on the top of my large closet (I have two closets in my room) -- and ended up getting rid of a TON of clothes! I filled a very LARGE box for the Goodwill. And I have some clothes for my sister Sue and friend June, too (if they want them, of course).

I ended up doing one load of laundry -- and moving some stuff around in my bedroom. So while it's only a small start, at least it is a start! I can't wait to get rid of a lot more in there, to tell you the truth. I think life would be so much easier if I could put things away. It's hard to keep things picked up, organized and CLEAN when you have stuff everywhere -- and you don't have room to put everything away. I think we all know that having a place for things is what helps us be organized. I want to be able to find things without having them thrown over my exercise machine or chair (etc.) -- and I'm so bad about clothes being everywhere.

My bedroom is the worst room in the house. I've done a lot of work in the living room, kitchen and office. And Marilyn and I try to keep the family room decent (after the whole flooding incident in 2011). I've even done work in the laundry/utility room this past year. And I think Marilyn keeps her bedroom nice (often in spite of my stuff that ends up in there, like my books in the bookcases). But my bedroom is bad.

Don't get me wrong. It's not filthy. In fact, I'll share some photos. Okay, it's not GREAT, but I want you to get the idea...

(Clicking on the image will go to the larger version...)

My large closet -- yep, clothes on the chair and in a basket!

My bed, etc. -- yep, clothes on the sports rider!

My two dressers -- bags piled in the corner!

At least there aren't clothes and shoes all over the floor! (grin)

Dresser -- too many goodies on top!

I need to figure out what's in all those bags! Hahahahaha.

My other dresser -- I could clear more off the top of it, too...

My vanity table and bookcase BOTH need work... And there are MORE clothes in the corner basket! (sigh)

Anyway, wish me well with my RESOLUTION (!!!) to get this room in tiptop shape!!! I'm going to get there in 2013, I promise you! (smile)

Marilyn's checking on me to see why I'm still sitting up, so I'm heading back down to the family room now. Bye all!

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