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Saturday in January...

Marilyn and I just watched the movie "Joyful Noise” with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. I said "I love Queen Latifah" and Marilyn replied "What's not to love?" -- and we were both just all over her. How can you not be? She's an amazing woman -- an amazing talent. And I love Dolly, too. Plus there were other characters and voices to enjoy. The Asperger's story was personally meaningful, as well...

Not surprisingly it didn't get good reviews -- but I still recommend it. If you enjoy "Glee" and /or musicals, this will fit the bill. You don't need to be a Christian to find it touching or moving -- but I think Christians will enjoy the inspirational aspects... There's not a truly unlikeable character in this movie, by the way. Yeah, that may be unrealistic, but it was one of the things I liked about it. (grin)

Marilyn and I went out briefly to get Starbucks. We were going to drink it there, but thet were out of cinnamon powder (!!!) and packed, to boot. So we came home, again. I feel slightly under the weather today (fighting a cold?), so I'm in bed typing this on my iPad... (Thanks for buying me the treat, Marilyn -- I know it's not cheap and we need to do it less often now.)

Still hating "Fifty Shades of Grey" (shudder) -- so I'm giving myself a day OFF reading it. (smile)

Seriously, are any of you fans of the book and/or series? I'd love to hear from people who like it what exactly it is that they like, because I honestly do not get it -- and I'm trying hard to have an open mind! Anyone care to share with me -- and feel free to be detailed and frank...

Me? I'm about to re-read a Mary Russell book, or something equally well-written and entertaining. Yes, I still plan to discuss what it is I don't like about the book, but I'd prefer to do that when blogging from a computer, and not my iPad...

Spoke with sister Sue who seemed in a good mood, even though she hasn't been feeling all that well. She is excited about hearing back to her email, by the way. And about her new fitness routine, too...

I had leftover chili to eat today -- my, it was GOOD! Great time of year for it!Speaking of TV and movies (I did at one point)... Marilyn and I saw one of the worst movies EVER yesterday! It was a Lifetime movie, so our expectations weren't high to begin with. But this was lower than low, I kid you not. It's called "Cold Spring" and features a not-at-all-impressive Sean Patrick Flanery (mind you, I'm normally a fan). If the chance comes around to see this, SKIP it! What a waste of time. (And he's not even appealing -- much less sexy -- in this role!)

That's it for now!

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