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Update on Nicole's Ear Injury...

Sister Sue took her granddaughter Nicole to the doctor today. As I mentioned before, Nicole took a fall and ended up poking the wooden stick of a lollipop into her ear canal. It bled and there was a lot of pain, but when Sue tried to set up an appointment she couldn't get Nicole in right away.

I have to admit I was immediately WORRIED. I wondered if she could have punctured her eardrum. And I thought it was ODD that they wouldn't want to see Nicole right away when they heard about the accident...

The doctor couldn't see inside very well because of blood. She used those long medical cotton swabs to clean it out, but I suppose swelling still made it hard to see anything. The doctor didn't seem to think the eardrum is punctured, but I guess even if it is they let it heal rather than do any treatment. So Sue will take Nicole back again in two weeks and we'll know more then. In the meantime, she needs to leave the ear alone as much as she can.

Today we also were working on an important email for Sue. Marilyn originally helped her with this weeks ago (as did I) -- we sent it to Sue's union on December 16. But we discovered today that we had the WRONG email address -- so there's no way it reached the man it was being sent to. I used TeamViewer to remote to Sue's computer so I could help her find and resend the email -- this time to the correct address.

Sometimes I think it's a difficult concept for people to grasp: If you have the wrong email address, then you're simply not going to reach the person you're trying to reach. And there's no way for you to know that they didn't get it! You can try using Return Receipt -- but a lot of people turn off that feature (I always have myself). It's really no different than sending a letter or package in the physical mail, by the way. If you don't have the correct address, then whatever you're sending isn't going to reach the destination.

Marilyn figures we miss a lot of email at work for wrong addresses. Just from people sending to .com rather than .org -- or using different forms of our names. At our office we use first name and last initial. But many offices use last names, first and last names, or just first names -- and so on. It's pretty easy to make one mistake in an email while typing it -- and that's all it takes to have the wrong address, after all!

It's after three and Marilyn's still awake. I'm guessing she'll be staying home again tomorrow...

I made a few new icons today and uploaded them. That includes this cute cat 'Worried' icon. (smile) I want to make some more, too -- it seems like I never have the right icon for the right occasion. This from someone who has a total 314 icons! Hahahahaha. Well, I have room for 41 more, so why not? I pay for them even if I don't have them, after all.

I'm yawning a ton now, so I guess it's bedtime. More tomorrow!

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