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Eggnog ROCKS!!!

I know it's pretty LATE for this (smile), but Marilyn and I are having our first eggnog of the season.

Actually, this is pretty LATE for us -- we usually have eggnog before and around Christmas -- but rarely after the first of the year! (grin)

There is a reason, though. We couldn't find the whisky to mix with it! Marilyn was sure we had a bottle, as she'd used it at one point in making baked beans (it's her 'secret' ingredient). But while in the fridge today, I suddenly saw it! (woo hoo) The bottle in this case is TINY -- one of those little 'airline' bottles (well, that's the size, if you follow). It was hiding behind something, which is why we didn't see it before now...

We bought the eggnog planning to have it sooner, obviously. But better late than never, after all! Just finished mine, and it was delish! (smile)

I don't think I ever had a chance to use my 'Time for Nog' icon in all of 2012! What a shame, as it's a fave...

Time for bed soon...

ETA [edited to add]: GUESS WHAT???!!! I was looking at some entries from January of 2012, and I found where I'd used this 'Time for Nog' icon for a comment. I may well have used it several times for commenting! (grin) Not sure why that pleases me so much, but it does...

Tags: 2013, alcohol, eggnog, food, icons, january-2013, marilyn

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