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Goodbye, Christmas. And Heading Back to Portland Tomorrow...

Marilyn and I had a WONDERFUL holiday season this year! That includes the time spent at our Portland house, prior to coming here to Seaside. But it's especially true for our lovely week-plus of vacation time here at our beach house.

We were just talking about the cats (Colin and Henry) and how much they seem to like it here, too. Not sure why -- but it may be about how relaxed we are, as cats are pretty psychic creatures. Maybe if we're really happy, then they are, as a matter of course...

Anyway, we took down Christmas here at the beach house today. We put the tree -- with the lights and decorations still on it -- directly into the garage. The goal will be to get something (a sheet, sheets, plastic... something!) to cover it with. But for now, it's just standing out in the garage uncovered. All the other decorations are boxed (or bagged) up and out in the garage, as well. I remembered to pull the batteries from the two strings of lights that operate on batteries. Interestingly enough, today I got in a drawer upstairs and found some batteries that had DIED -- making a mess in the process. It doesn't matter what part of the house they're in, apparently. We knew there were issues with the garage (not insulated at all), but we've had batteries go bad in several different rooms, after only having them for a month or so (and sometimes less!). You just can't keep batteries here at the beach. I admit I haven't tried the fridge for that, though -- so it might work. I remember Mom always kept them there years back -- but that might be nonsense for all I know! Hahahaha.

Marilyn walked today -- and said there was ice (!!!) out there! It's certainly been COLD here, that's for sure! Hopefully we won't hit any ice when we head home.

I washed my hair -- Marilyn did, too. I need a hair cut (!!!) really bad. Plus I need to color my hair, too. (I knew that before coming here, but didn't want to go for a cut when there was a chance -- and didn't want to bother bringing along the stuff to color, either. Oh well!)

We'll drive home tomorrow, as Marilyn is back to work on Thursday.

I have some reflections on the end of 2012 that I was unable to share due to all the LiveJournal issues in recent days. (It was hard posting at all! In one case I spent an hour to post a couple of paragraphs!)

And I have thoughts about the New Year to share, too -- but I figure any time this month should be good!

This time off has been great -- what a nice vacation! We really needed it -- I'm ready to face this busy time of year after those two weeks ( ) off, that's for sure.

Marilyn and I have the goal to continue to get here to the beach house on a regular basis to stay, even if it's only for one night!

By the way, can't wait for all of our fave shows to be back on TV.

I didn't even mention that we have Charter Communications for both cable and the internet here at the beach -- and we were DOWN for hours today (!!!). How annoying! I'm certainly glad they finally got it back up again.

Also, sure glad the White House, the President, Senate and House FINALLY decided to 'Come Together' and fix this whole Fiscal Cliff thing today!!! You can read more about it HERE. Talk about waiting until the very last minute!!!

I have to admit I wasn't very kind about this. I felt they should have kept their BUTTS IN THEIR CHAIRS until they worked it out -- even if it meant they didn't get to spend the holidays with their loved ones! I mean, they put this country (and the world???) through some hellish times recently with the worry over money and the future. (sigh) What a pain...

I didn't get the stuff about the World Day of Peace in here -- maybe I'll do so (belatedly) tomorrow. I did like a lot of what the Pope had to say...

Anyway, that's it for the first day of a brand new year! Love you guys!

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