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Visit from Sue, Nicole and Ulises (on Sunday, December 30)

Because LiveJournal has been so messed up recently (!!!), I didn't end up posting an entry about the lovely visit Marilyn and I had with sister Sue, Nicole and her boyfriend, Ulises. They came down on Sunday morning (December 30) to our beach house.

Sue brought 'Happy New Year' greeting cards and a Starbucks card for each of us (even though we'd agreed NOT to exchange gifts for Christmas -- but I guess Sue can always say these were New Year gifts, after all... smile...). Well, we're always happy to get Starbucks and the greeting cards were really nice -- so I won't complain. It was thoughtful of her, really!

Sue loved our decorations for Christmas, I'm happy to report. In fact, she raved about the house the whole time she was here.

She mentioned the three of them staying over -- and Marilyn and I tried to get them to do that. But Sue changed her mind (not sure why), so I guess we'll try and have them down another time. There's certainly enough room. Either Nicole or Ulises could stay in my room and the other one could stay in Sue's room -- with Sue on the sofa downstairs. Or one of them could use the ottoman that pulls out into a bed. We don't have bedding for it, but that's no big deal... Or Sue and Nicole could sleep together in one of the rooms, as both my room and Sue's have Queen-sized beds -- certainly big enough for two people...

I'd love to have Sue stay again, as she's only stayed here at the house twice since we got it back in February.

So we chatted here at the house. And we gave Sue her gifts from friend Sue (who had giftgs for the three of us this year). Sue especially liked her new green throw (which she took home with her). Then Sue took the kids into Seaside so they could go to the Seaside Aquarium. (They love going there the way Marilyn and I used to years back... grin...)

Sue came back and we three visited some more. Finally we went into Seaside so we could play Fascination. Both Marilyn and Sue won Coverall games (Marilyn won twice), plus some regular games. The kids joined us at one point, but neither of them won, nor did I. That's how it goes -- sometimes you're on fire, other times you can't play at all. Usually at least one person won't be able to play if you go as a group... I have no idea WHY, that's just how it is! But Ulises seems hooked on playing, just like we are. I don't think Nicole likes it all that much, really...

We also used some coupons and got some things. They had some cool bags in little pouches, so Sue got one for Nicole and Marilyn and I each got one. (I've already used mine -- very handy! So light weight it's easy to carry around in a pocket...)

After that we went to The Lumberyard Rotisserie & Grill to eat (the five of us were rather expensive, but Marilyn is very generous and didn't mind). We had a great meal -- they always have good food and the service is excellent, too. It's a place we really love to go (we went there with June and Jim, too, when they came to visit). Sue loves it as much as we do, so that was cool!

Photo Share!!!

These were taken with my iPad. I'm sorry to report that since the new iOS, the camera takes pretty CRAPPY photos! I don't get that at all -- you'd think it would take BETTER photos over time with updates -- not worse. But Marilyn and I believe it's DELIBERATE (thanks, tons, Apple!). Oh well.

(Clicking on these photos will bring up the larger version.

Nicole and Ulises

Sister Sue

Marilyn (right) and me (left)

(By the way, I couldn't BEGIN to get the Scrapbook feature here to work today -- so I'm using (which seems to work well and is free). If you're looking for a photo host, they seem to be highly recommended...)

After we ate, Sue and the kids headed for home -- and we took a walk to sober up. (We'd had another 'bucket' drink, so that was a very good idea! Hahahahaha.) Then we came back to the house.

Anyway, it was a nice day! I'm so glad they were able to come.

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