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Food from Bell Buoy of Seaside

Marilyn mentioned wanting a crab cocktail just before 6:00 p.m. -- but she figured the place would be closed... I googled Bell Buoy of Seaside, then phoned them -- and discovered they were open until 6:30 -- so off we went (Christmas bottle of wine for John in the backseat!).Marilyn had a combo (crab and shrimp), and I had a shrimp cocktail -- exactly what we both wanted. Yummy!

And John was pleased by his bottle, and his usual friendly self...We came right home and ate those up -- a great treat! Neither of us had eaten much all day, so those really hit the spot. (Last night's dinner was a pan of refried beans with some green beans, and little else during the day. Cutting back and eating healthy foods remains a goal we've been really sticking with.)

Today Marilyn and I watched Hot in Cleveland for the first time -- and we love it! Very entertaining! Sister Sue has been after us to see it, and she is so right.

No word today from Rosanna. We didn't try to reach her, as we didn't want her to feel any pressure. We figure if she has time and feels up to the long drive, she'll call or text. Meanwhile, we hope all is well with her dad...

I did speak briefly today with our friend Shari, who saw the doctor and has bronchitis -- she got medicine and is supposed to stay in and take care of herself. She didn't seem to think that means beyond today (!!!), but she had a bad cough when we visited with her on December 22 -- and Marilyn was sure then she was bad off. (Shari has a bit of a shopping addiction, and wants to be out shopping. She asked me if we'd been doing any after Christmas shopping, and I honestly told we had not -- and mentioned being short on cash and worried about the economy and the whole fiscal cliff situation. I don't think it means anything to her, frankly...) Anyway, she got off the phone with me rather quickly -- hopefully to go and lie down to rest. I hope she's better soon...

I'm in my room sitting on my bed typing this on my iPad. Next I plan to read and snooze. Sounds like a plan!

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