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December Vaca Day RANDOMNESS (grin)

Just some rambling and RANDOMNESS for today -- another lovely December vacation day for Marilyn and me. (grin)

We watched a bunch of episodes of "Undercover Boss," which is a series Marilyn and I both really enjoy. I hardly ever watch an episode without crying. Seriously, these shows can be quite emotional. Lives are changed -- and not just the lives of the employees!

Both Marilyn and I spent part of the day reading on our iPads using the Kindle App (love it). I was reading several different books, including an actual Sherlock Holmes story that wasn't a Mary Russell book (grin).

As to WHY I'm using my iPad and not my Kindle, period... Well, that was one of those STUPID CHARLIE things. (smile) The last time we were down here my Kindle died -- and I didn't have my charger with me. So I went and bought a charger at Radio Shack. Marilyn told me to keep it here at the beach house, but I took it home. I planned to carry it with me and leave the original one at home (where I usually charge my Kindle). But I had it in my pink backpack (that I carry to work) -- and I forgot to get it out for the trip here (!!!). Marilyn can certainly say 'I told you so' if she wishes! But thankfully my iPad works as a backup. I don't like the iPad/Kindle compared to just using my Kindle, but it's better than not having a Kindle to read. (Okay, my Kindle isn't actually dead. But it's close. I'm keeping it as charged as possible by not using it. Then if I want to read something I've already started on it, and I can sync my iPad Kindle App so that I don't have to go through trying to find where I was...)

Friend Rosanna was tied up with her dad today. Originally she was heading down for time at her own beach house after Christmas to get away and rest. But she had to bring her dad along. I'm sure she didn't mind -- but it would have been nice for her to get a break after all the weeks and weeks she's been wrapped up in his care (for terminal cancer), 24/7. Anyway, he wasn't doing well today, so she wasn't able to come over to see us. Her house is in Washington state, and it's about an hour drive for her to get her. She's hoping to come by tomorrow or Sunday. I guess we'll see how it goes...

Sister Sue, Nicole and Nicole's boyfriend Ulises are supposed to come down on Sunday to visit. We have Christmas stuff here (from Sue and Dennis) for Sue, so I hope she's able to make it. Besides, we'd love to have them all here! And it would be fun for them to see our Christmas tree and other decorations...

We were going to take a walk today -- and later we considered a ride. But we skipped both and just stayed in. The weather was nasty and we were in a mood to relax. We both did a lot of lying around and napping. (smile)

Hooked on drinking cups of hot tea right now, rather than coffee. Tea can certainly be a lovely change...

I saw a BARBASOL commercial on TV today -- it really made me think of my dad. He loved that shaving cream. It was his favorite to use. I've actually used it to shave my legs -- it works great! It was nice thinking about Dad... (Love you, Daddy...)

We're having a drink tonight -- Kaluha and cream. Aside from having a drink OUT with June and Jim, this is the first drink Marilyn and I have had while staying here. We bought lowfat eggnog and hoped to have it with whiskey last night -- but we didn't have whiskey here at the house! If we get out tomorrow, we're thinking of getting a bottle. Alcohol lasts a long time around here (and at our Portland house), as we just don't drink that much. At one point we had an open pint that we'd had more than five years. (grin)

We loaded Civilization on Marilyn's laptop today. She's still thinking about playing it any time now... She's loved that game forever (in many versions), so I'm happy for her to have it to play at the beach! Fun!

Is that all random enough for you???

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