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Merry Christmas, 2012!

I was planning to blog earlier today, but that just didn't happen. What can I say? I was also planning to phone a bunch of friends to wish them 'Merry Christmas' -- and it didn't happen, either... Ah, the best laid plans!

But this was a lovely day for Marilyn and me here at the beach -- and our cats Colin and Henry, too!

We started out by sleeping in, which was nice. The neighbors were rather noisy (!!!) until quite late last night -- and I was up late blogging and messing around with Facebook and so on. It didn't matter, after all, as it was just the four of us here today -- and we could do whatever we wanted! (smile)

Actually, the boys woke me this morning. First they wanted breakfast (of course). Then they seemed anxious for all of us to get up -- it was sort of like having kids in the house on Christmas morning! (grin)

We had coffee with pumpkin pie for breakfast. Yeah, a splurge, but Marilyn and I have been really GOOD for ages now. So a small treat didn't seem too bad. We haven't been eating cookies, cake or whatever for a couple of months. (Pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day was another treat we allowed ourselves...)

Then we opened our presents from friend Shari (that she gave us when we saw her on December 22) -- and gifts from friend Sue (some small things -- nice of both to think of us). Frankly, it wasn't about PRESENTS for either of us this year. We've been trying to enjoy the spirit of the season and not focus on material things...

It was fun giving the toys to the boys! I stupidly forgot their cat socks (!!!). But we had 'Ratty' (that we bought on Sauvie Island at the Blue Heron Herbary), thankfully. And we bought a couple cat toys at the store here -- Angry Birds toys (a yellow bird and green pig). Very cute! And they also enjoyed some sheets of tissue paper, the way cats always do.

Before I forget, for all my friends who celebrate:

Merry Christmas!

And Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever you believe in and celebrate during this special time of year...

More later!
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