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Random Update...

Why random? Because I haven't posted since November 3rd! (smile)

We finally 'officially' closed the ALF list at Yahoo! Groups, on November 1. We'd been planning it for several weeks. I'm glad that's done with... The Aragorn/Legolas fandom is one of the few fandoms that I've played in during my life that wasn't a friendly place. Happily, when Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I did our 'top LOTR couples' list, A/L was only fifth. I'm surprised we ended up as involved as we did.

We also closed down our little freebie ALF website, which wasn't much to begin with (if I'm being honest). I did have fun messing with the code there, though. There's something so satisfying about creating a website from scratch -- and making the various elements work the way you want to! Like the 'search' tool, the Javascript navigation and so on...

I didn't take it down entirely, as there are some GREAT research links there. (Which I won't mind using again in the future.) Yes, I have the links anyway, but why not share them with others? I'm fine with that... (We'll see what happens with Geocities later on, though.)

Hopefully now we'll both feel more positive about LOTR fandom -- and be able to move on and write LOTR fanfic again.

I'm 'behind' on NaNoWriMo, but not worried about it. Both Marilyn and I figure we can easily 'catch up' in a day or two of heavy writing. I've been very entertained by what I'm writing so far. I often laugh out loud while I type, which I figure is a good sign! Even if no one else ever reads -- or enjoys -- my NaNo novel, I've already been enjoying it immensely. (grin)

I'm also enjoying reading Marilyn's novel. We started a community where we can post our novels. Originally we were going to simply put them in our own blogs, but that was a bit confusing. (smile)

I have to admit that I'm surprised by how frantic some of the NaNo writers seem. Maybe I'm just not taking it all seriously enough. I don't know...

I joined up with several online friends and agreed to help moderate yet another LJ community. I have a hunch it won't be all that much work. (Certainly not compared to the PSP communities, anyway!) I've been pretty bad about our Y!G moderation recently. Marilyn's been doing almost all of it for weeks and weeks now. LOL. Oh my! (My bad.) I've just been wrapped up in other things...

The weather here is nasty. Quite cold (for Portland, folks) and rainy. Ugh. We're constantly running the furnace -- then turning it off. Then turning it back on. It's O L D. So it doesn't exactly work perfectly. Yet it's done a great job for all the years we've lived here, so I'm not complaining.

I'm concerned that we're supposed to get FROST tonight, which is pretty early for Portland. And I don't have the flowers I'd hoped to 'winter over' covered yet! Damn it. At least I got my houseplants transplanted -- thankfully! I hate doing it, so I always put it off and put it off...

I used to be a BLACK THUMB plant person. But I'm rather amazing, now! Still, transplanting makes me nervous. I'm afraid I'll kill my beloved plants. LOL. So far so good, this time around.

Got my application for health care done today. It's very time consuming, and I have to do it every six months. But otherwise I wouldn't have coverage, so I'm not complaining! (Much, anyway.) Tomorrow I'll go through the hassle of making sure it's mailed properly.

My plan is to have sister Sue over for lunch. Marilyn and I had 'sloppy joes' for dinner, so I thought I'd make us the leftovers. Yummy! And share the last of the pumpkin ice cream with her -- which I promised her last week. (Before it goes bad and ends up down the drain!)

I also made acorn squash, but we decided to 'save' it for tomorrow tonight's dinner. I'll fix roast beef hash and stuff the squash. It makes a tasty meal, actually.

I diced up all my onion and green pepper today -- and will do the celery tomorrow. I'm going to make two large pots of my curried noodles -- one for Sue to have. (She loves my curried noodles.) We haven't had them in several years, as we weren't 'doing' pasta for ages. (While following the protein diet.) I figure we might as well enjoy them now -- who knows when we'll decide to go back to protein again?

Curried noodles are a 'Fall' food. They 'warm you up' nicely, aside from being a 'comfort food.' We've also been eating macaroni and cheese, which we did without for years (and years) -- and which is one of our FAVORITES. (smile) It's hard to imagine anyone who doesn't love mac and cheese...

For some reason I do tend to like to cook more in Autumn. I'm not sure why... We had some WONDERFUL fried green (and a few red) tomatoes (and zuchinni) last night for dinner. They're probably in our top five favorite foods (for both Marilyn and me). Sue gave us a bag of tomatoes she got from Bob, who lives in The Dalles with his wife Sue. Bob used to be my boss at one point, aside from being a close family friend. The tomatoes were small, but quite tasty! And it's a huge treat to have green this late in the year! Generally if you have a mess in late September/early October you're feeling lucky!

If you've never tried fried tomatoes, you should. We used to always eat them with a pot of white rice. The tastes seem to 'mix' well. I like to fry either using butter-flavored pan spray (when I'm being good), or a combo of cooking oil and butter (when I'm being bad). We slice them and then put them into a container of flour and let them naturally coat. (No batter and no dipping in liquid before going in the flour.) We often use a mix of regular (all-purpose) flour and Wondra flour, which coats nicely... Slice thin and fry a pan that's a mix of 'flavors' (green and red tomatoes -- plus the zuchinni slices). Delicious!

This past summer we also had some yellow tomatoe variety, something we 'U Picked' entirely by accident. They're a lovely yellow when totally ripe, so we were thrown off, thinking they were a partially ripe red variety (like beef steak)! Generally it's nice to include partially ripe tomatoes with the other slices -- again, for a variety of tastes.

We don't fry our tomatoes in the 'traditional' fashion, I guess. I only know what we've been doing forever and a day. LOL. I guess Mom picked up the habit when she lived in the South at one point during her teenage life... But it's been a 'family favorite' ever since!

Marilyn -- trooper-that-she-is -- is currently doing the treadmill, while I type this. It's half past midnight, and we'll go to bed when she's done. She has an early morning meeting tomorrow. Hopefully June and I will walk tomorrow. (Or I'll bike.) We've had a lot of barriers to our exercise recently!

Our new budget seems to be going along quite nicely, actually! It's exciting to have it in place. The best part is facing the fun of three-day-weekends! I can't say how much we enjoyed this past one -- the first. It means Marilyn is very busy during her four days at work, but that's okay...

Well, I need to post more regularly, when time will allow. I just seem to have so much to do these days!

I hope all of my friends are happy and enjoying Autumn (heading-toward-winter)... I do try to READ your blogs, even when I don't get to commenting. (My bad!)

I miss some of my long-time online friends, though! I need to write and NAG several of them. It's been wonderful to see Michael michaelkillan get active here, though. And it now looks like some online friends I've gotten to know more recently want to try to get into the swing here at LJ. That's always a good thing!

Forgot to mention that we bought "Revenge of the Sith." We love that movie! We've been enjoying watching it...

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