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Sunday -- Still in Portland...

Well, Marilyn and I just didn't get up and out of here as planned, so we'll be heading out bright and early TOMORROW morning for the beach house. (smile) The best laid plans, and all that...

Here's the thing: We just didn't want to feel rushed to get packed up and ready. And we didn't want to be driving down there in the dark. So what's another day?

Yeah, that means we'll be decorating our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, but so what? For some people that's a tradition! I can actually remember times when we were little kids when we did that. I don't know why. (Maybe Mom and Dad couldn't afford a tree before then, or something... There were times we were pretty broke back then.)

Meanwhile, we're having another nice day here at the Portland house -- and on vacation!!! It's fun to goof off and do nothing! (grin)

We are thinking we'll go get our nails done, though. We do need manicures and skipped it last weekend (surprise!).

We watched the 2010 movie "The Company Men," with Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones. Really a quality film -- and the ending was excellent! And then we watched the 2003 film "," with fave actor Aaron Eckhart, plus another solid cast that included Hilary Swank and Stanley Tucci. (I also loved Delroy Lindo as 'Braz' and DJ Qualls as 'Rat' Finch. Plus it's good to see Alfre Woodard doing her thing... smile...)

So, Henry seemed to be getting a cold (or whatever cats catch that is cold-like) yesterday, sneezing like CRAZY. Both Marilyn and I immediately decided he got the germs while at the vet, because neither cat goes outside where they could be exposed to anything! I was praying like mad in the middle of the night that he'd be better today, and happily he is. There's no way we're ever dealing with emergency care for either cat again (Henry barely survived the treatment that last time, two Christmases back) -- and our vet isn't open on Sundays, of course. It would be lovely if we could all stay healthy during the rest of 2012 (fingers crossed)!!!

I'm still in night clothes and wearing my glasses -- so I should go get dressed and put my contacts in. Later!

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