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Friends at Christmas -- So Important!

Friends are one of the most important parts of Christmas. But they're one of the most important parts of life, period! So it goes without saying that they're important at Christmas...

(By the way, that certainly includes all my friends here at LiveJournal!!! I love you guys!)

Our neighbors are our friends, so Marilyn and I consider it important to do something for as many of our neighbors as we can. Today I was able to go over and visit with June and Jim, who live right next door (on the other side of the alley). I stayed there for around two hours, my longest visit of this holiday season for neighbors.

We took over a sock for their cat, who just LOVED her toys! I opened it and she played with a couple while sitting on Jim's lap. Then she jumped up on the table and went right to the sock and started trying to get the mouse out of the toe! When we put the rest of the toys out on the floor, down she went -- and she was playing with everything with a kitten-ish delight! June said she hadn't seemed to feel well all day long, so it was wonderful to see her happy and having fun.

June and Jim might try and come down one day next week to see us, as they've never been to the beach house before. That would be lovely!

Marilyn and I went out today to see our friend Shari (in her assisted living home). We were caught in standstill traffic at one point on the freeway (!!!) for more than half an hour. The trip took far longer than normal...

We'd gone to get Shari one of those VISA gift cards (where you can decide how much money to put on it), a birthday card and a bouquet of Christmas-y flowers, with a birthday balloon. We also took along some additional Christmas decorations, plus a bag of Christmas presents to go under the tree. And her Christmas card, of course. She seemed really pleased with everything.

Shari had bags of Christmas presents for us, too, which we plan to open Christmas morning.

Shari's roommate Jackie was there, so we visited a little with her, too. We all sat in the living room this time (rather than in Shari's bedroom, like last time). And we looked at a bunch of photos on our iPads.

We found out today that Shari got a cell phone yesterday. It seems she was late getting back from a walk she'd taken -- and the people who care for her ended up calling the police (!!!). So Jan went out and got her a cell phone and brought it by, so in the future she'll have a way to tell people if she's delayed -- and they'll have a way to check up on her. It makes great sense to me! (I originally wanted to give her my old cell phone, which is a nice one, so she could use it -- but Jan wasn't interested at that point...)

I just read my email and I had a nice note from June. So sweet!

Well, we had fish again for dinner (which we both love) -- with Brussels sprouts and cottage cheese. And we splurged and had a small slice of pumpkin pie (with Cool Whip) for dessert!

After dinner I did half an hour on the treadmill... I'm determined to slowly start working out on a daily basis -- even if it's just twenty minutes! Anything is better than nothing at all...

The cats are so cute! We have that small fiber optic Christmas tree down in the family room -- and when we turn it on they just love to be near it! Especially Colin. He'll sit in the chair that's right next to it, as if he were sitting under the tree (like he does upstairs). It's interesting that the cats like the trees to be lit up! They don't pay much attention to the trees when they're not lit...

Well, we're heading to the beach tomorrow -- and we can't wait.

I'm off to do some more laundry before bed. Goodnight all!

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